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    0:16 Intro & Recap
    1:56 Wrapping the Board & Assembly
    2:50 Installing New Speed Controllers
    3:16 How Will We Power The Board?
    4:14 Hovering Test
    4:52 How To Get Started With Engineering!
    5:55 Jimmy Has A Solution!
    6:50 Making Sure Things Don't Go Boom.
    8:16 4th Hover Test - Will It Succeed?
    9:51 Cooking Eggs On A Super Hot Motor
    10:20 The Finished Board & Installing The Floor
    10:40 The Final Test
    12:56 Outro
    After Dark by PYLOT
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    Time Spender by F.O.O.L
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    Curious Cat by Cinema Life
    Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
    Horse Power by F.O.O.L & Tokyo Rose
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    She by F.O.O.L
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
    Caine by PYLOT
    Licensed from Monstercat ►
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    1. Thomas

      Why is no one talking about how smart this guy is


      JESUS 😱

    3. Jess Heald

      Would have more fun on a normal hover board with wheels to be honest🤷‍♀️😂

    4. Hewi06

      Hey Hacksmith, what do you think about an ,,Mandalorian Armor"?

    5. patrlim

      Keep him

    6. sean Versacci

      What shoes are those ?

    7. Michael Lao

      These guys are literally doing more to do this than Elon

    8. Ahmed Khurram


    9. Introsense

      Daily Dose of Internet right now: *Write that down! Write that down!*

    10. Nicolas Góis

      360 Hardflip

    11. Sookie Mote

      Can you tuck your coat in when you are near high spinning motors next time , please? :D

    12. HPATSS

      The only problem is that it only works on metal ground

    13. g h

      Make robotic watch

    14. Abdussamad AbuRashed

      You and Elon Musk would make a perfect duo

    15. Jonathan Gilmore

      careful chaps haha, if that lab coat got caught in the mechanism, it couldve been bad

    16. Carlos Barrio Uña

      Please, can you do Noisy Boy from real steel??? Thanks

    17. Akshat Panda

      11:18 I wish every boss-employee relationship become like this.

    18. Francis Cerbo

      Like the memes Respect..... Role the mission complete respect and $100

    19. Amongst Us

      If feel like thats gonna get a guiness plaque on the wall

    20. Alex Pilotin

      now scientists make it more stable

    21. WhitePlasy


    22. Dragon

      Only mistakes makes better But wtf I understood nothing he said

    23. LecTriXx Official

      In the future, he'll be making a real life bike speeder.

    24. Alex Dawson

      Cos of science Bitch

    25. Polish Alastor

      Future is today

    26. Icytower2000

      Dear Hacksmith, its time to trim, PLZZZ...... Maybe if you create an auto barber machine type thing. You know, give the occasion an extra umpf

    27. Cybear Space

      Pettition for them to hire jimmy

    28. W.C.K. is dreamcruiser1

      Retractable stands on each end of the board that keep it just below hover-height until it is actually hovering?

    29. Brad Mull

      Ha ha and they thought it was a real thing in 1985.

    30. SuperintoGaming

      Hacksmith you should make an actual black panther working gloves that pops the claws out when you pull your hand out, that would be cool

    31. 1PodsRex _

      Can you still do a front flip out of a tree?

    32. Erwin Joacquin Talosig

      Is the egg ok

    33. Hirohiko Araki

      _That’s a nice hoverboard, _*_Felix._*

    34. EYTLEG crafts


    35. Izuku Midoriya

      The main issue is its drifts away from going to a straight line, and not being fast unless you push it manually, how about adding mini thrusters, two the front , two slightly bigger ones to go front and programing it to turn using the remote

    36. Izuku Midoriya

      Does this means you have to make the entire floor out of metal

    37. abhishek bhandari

      Thats beautiful... you did it !! crazy sons of guns... brought tears to eyes

    38. Prometheus

      This is epic!

    39. IG G

      I hope his balls didn't fry in this lay on a stomach hover test

    40. Marley Zeke

      Wow subway surf

    41. Music fan

      Make a doramon

    42. Gigantyczne Jabłko

      Friggin epic. :)

    43. ANIL BALAN

      His beard is looking like a stone age man but his engineering skills are from another world

    44. Andrew Carey

      I really wish they would've used that down a ramp

    45. Jame boi

      Hacksmith will open the gates from non fiction to fiction in terms of ultimately advanced technology

    46. OJ's OJs

      if i had to guess i would say that in the order of the most expensive part of this project to the least goes as follows: #1 batteries #2 ALUMINUM #3 motor controllers #4 motors #5 magnets #6 the rest combined

    47. Cody Kleinert

      Do baby yodas pod

    48. Sweet Sugaa

      The next step is to hire someone who can use a skateboard properly.

    49. Timbo's antics

      Hacksmith team, I am in awe! Given infinite resources... do you think this can be scaled down to match the movie?

    50. Ed Rosen


    51. Fransisco Perez

      Adults:The new era and evolution of smartness just begun Me: getting an F- on the on a test with the questions be simple addition

    52. GrimmyDimmbot

      I won't be surprised if this man acttualy invented the time machine

    53. Fatal Assertion

      Pretty good.

    54. Money

      does it work when it’s not over the plating? i’ve always dreamed to roll up to school on one of these since watching the movie, will it ever be available to the public

    55. Abhilash Munnangi

      it's better to shave your bear

    56. JM Chan

      and those shoes what you put by itself is amazing

    57. JM Chan

      is soooooo good and the eggs made me hungry

    58. Shirohima Yumikira

      So we're finally working our way to getting Sonic Riders boards into reali-oh wait, wrong discussion. In all seriousness, I wonder what year they'll be able to be released in the public........?

    59. manuel matamala

      I dont know why nobody mention the new discovery from that university (or they were only a pair of garage guys? I forgot) they did a new material which freezes itself when is exposed to heat. If it is true and Im kinda sure it is true, that would be the solution to any thermal problem with that hoverboard

    60. Mark_

      **cyberpunk theme plays**

    61. Joshua Garcia

      We will be using these instead of skateboards in 30 years or less.

    62. Juan Vinicius

      ok now make a hover airhockey table



    64. Perry Zheng

      F for Jimmy

    65. pizza steve

      Wow maybe we will get hoverboards finally lol

    66. Sleepyhead2

      HimXmucheal reeves=godly power

      1. Sleepyhead2


    67. Andres Velez

      You guys are awsome ! Hi from Colombia 👍

    68. Super Duper

      So stupid °°°°°°

    69. Zane Morgan

      Alright alright, but when are you bringing in tony hawk?

    70. Wyatt_studios

      Yo maybe you should cover your entire workshop floor with metal so you can ride that around the entire workshop

    71. Nick Name

      Minimal 5 years to late guys

    72. ibrahim mahamed

      idea: I think you should make something that makes food fast.

    73. Ron

      As an RC guy myself I noticed RIGHT AWAY on that first test that the ESC's were experiencing an overdraw of amps. That wining sound is not a good sound. When you hear it you reduce throttle.

    74. slikespider e

      I got banned from discord xd

    75. Willard Baxter

      Is there a way to make a rc car that hovers that can be controlled to go the way you want it to go instead of having to kinda push it along like the hover board? It would be a good thing to try for scientific purposes. Instead of using electric motors what if you made it hydraulic actuated motors that way there is a buffer to take that resistance. You can use a nitro powered rc car and use its motor to power the pump. Or use the existing drive train to move the magnets with a stand alone system to put the brakes at each wheel to control the final output speed for better control. I am bad at explaining what I mean so maybe you'll kinda get what I'm trying to say and can run with it. You can make a mini Lola or DeLorean that could actually hover

    76. george spencer

      When will it be possible to have enough power to gain speed and lift higher ?

    77. TJIconer

      Hovering over a plate WOW 🤗

    78. Bryton Reed

      Maybe you can get self lesting shoes, a jacket like that, a shiny cap like that, and that hover board.

    79. Lordmonocr

      First they make a lightsaber... now a hoverboard... what is the batmobile next? with engines to make it go fast and actually go far in the air?

    80. Jk Jensen

      Sensationalizing and rewarding working late and on weekends is not cool.

    81. RaWr0wKeY

      That's really underwhelming, sadly disappointing compared to your other builds.

      1. RaWr0wKeY

        @Hacksmith Industries Yeah but it's been done back in 2014 with the Hendo Hoverboard, with what looks like better performance. It's been almost 7 years. Physics yes I understand but you'd think it would have progressed further by now given that it's almost been a decade.

      2. Hacksmith Industries

        Welcome to the reality of physics man... even accomplishing a 2cm hover is a lot more than many attempts on this project. I'd consider it very successful

    82. Will Barclay

      The motor controllers didn't support a current limit?!

    83. jay del

      STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    84. Adam Niedobecki


    85. Random Dude

      all they needed was a new floor...

    86. aintnofruity

      That shit barley hovered i thought he would be 1 foot in the air not 1 centimeter

    87. GamesBrothers

      Hey can you do hover board from fortnite

    88. Michele e i Rettili

      That is actually dope! I really wish somebody put in more time and money into this to actually make hover parks open to public

    89. Abdoul

      Damn these people are smart asf

    90. Daniel Richards


    91. Ethan Devorak

      its just a skate board without wheels

      1. afekOwOgamer

        yeah... it's a hoverboard, not a jet plane.

    92. Adam Rose

      Bro you guys are honestly doing more then just making awesome stuff from movies. You’re legit making that kind of futuristic stuff possible. Making a real hoverboard is incredible and I just wanted to let you guys know man. Good job!!

    93. Ade Karbbelin

      That's an ancle breaker.

    94. Kite tenjo [gallade knight/toshiki kai]

      Now we need the delorian

    95. Milo Blake


    96. art bell

      Not impressed

    97. noah j

      Why didn’t you guys just use really strong magnets with the same charge

    98. Jonald Smithon

      Damn, I remember when it was just James and Ian in the garage, and now they have a full staff and warehouse helping to inspire future engineers out there. Awesome to see how far they’ve come.

    99. Craigx71


    100. Jesus

      Already, someone told me they had a hover board.