How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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    čas přidán Před 7 měsíci


    1. Linus Tech Tips

      Buy 128GB of RAM on Amazon :P (PAID LINK):

      1. Agent 47

        @Renato G. Pecli Noob lol

      2. RafaelAnimz

        @Gilberto Martinez Ikr, they're just like, 'Buy it!'

      3. Renato G. Pecli

        @Rags boyieee im here with my 2x1 GB RAM running GTA San Andreas

      4. Agent 47

        @Silentstorm360 wow thats good

      5. Silentstorm360

        @Agent 47 let me correct myself, I bought it from a miner that never opened it, so I paid used price for new ram

    2. Sign

      20years later: Pfft I have 2TB in one RAM stick

    3. Joy

      Nobody: Linus Tech Tips: apple lamp owo

    4. Ian Agustin

      6:43 title

    5. Barbara

      **2 tb of ram** Chrome : is for me??

    6. saidi koussay

      how much this costed u?

    7. Vaishnav Biju

      Linux:i opened 700 tabs me:*struggles to open 3*

    8. MrKristi

      "Try running Minecraft RTX at 64 chunks"

    9. Tagataro Lian

      bro , 2 TB sd cards exist , oh , those were ram , bruhhh

    10. William Gosling

      me: *buys a pc with 2TB of ram* chrome: 🥺 👉👈 is it for me?

    11. Marc0

      Store seller: So why are you buying this much ram? Linus: *so I can open a lot of chrome tabs*

    12. X9_Yeetus Mohetus

      I'd say... 2.

    13. Fr4st N

      Me With 16 gb of ram ) -:

    14. SourTomato

      u make me sad 4gb RAM makes me sad

    15. C0NM4N 1132

      I saw your ad for I.T. management.

    16. Salted

      "Exactly two terabytes!" Has 2.1TB

    17. leepailong123

      It would have been interesting to see why it slowed down so much even though it didn't draw that much of your total CPU and RAM usage. If we had access to the source code (:>>>>>>>) we could see why chrome behaves like aids. My guess is that it uses the "fork" method, which we know is not a great idea.

    18. Christian Young

      I think my moms phone can open more tabs than that

    19. SeekNDstroy

      *2 TB RAM* Google Chrome: Finally a worthy opponent

    20. Ronnie Jr

      If only my Chromebook back in middle school had this much ram

    21. zeer365

      Finally! I can open another program while I have multiple tabs open in Chrome! It only took 2tb of ram to accomplish this... >.>

    22. Alexander J

      This isnt enough for 2 tabs

    23. TrippleX_OG

      I have 4 sticksof 2 tb of ram

    24. pslavi

      Still not enough for 3Dstudio max running my CGI work lol

    25. ccster

      Still not as much as my mom

    26. Billy Barnacky

      When he activated Siri, he also activated my Siri as well

    27. Alex Arango

      short answer: *not enough*

    28. AKillzx

      3 take it or leave it

    29. Matthew DOES YT


    30. I can’t think of an original name

      About 3

    31. OmegaStonks Gaming

      Moms phone: you dare challenge me

    32. asd

      I dont need sleep I need answers

    33. KronicNitron

      Stil remember the day I spent 200$ on 16gb of ram in 2018

    34. KronicNitron

      If the was bakc in 2018 I don’t think it would be possible

    35. SCU Later

      Lol in 10 years, people will be like, "For gaming you need at least 8 terabytes but 16 terabytes to be sure"

    36. Diamond Dingits

      Dude exactly the same thing happened to my Siri lol

    37. Mikutochi

      The real question is how many crisis games can it run?

    38. banana bread

      Wtf I never seen the earrings before


      I was using 4 tabs while I was watching this video before my pc hanged

    40. Deepesh Gavali

      Linus : We have reached 6000 tabs. My Mom : Amatuers