How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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    1. Atlantis Clay

      Who just came from meatcanon?

    2. Milo Milo

      Great for minecraft

    3. Ozy

      "How much ram do you need" LinusTechTips : Yes

    4. Wrecken gg

      LTT guy: let's see how many chrome tabs can we open. Me: I can't affort the cheapest gaming pc :'(

    5. Kamel Alramahi

      Who legitly thought he wrote RAM instead of ROM by accident...

    6. Thodo Sinaga

      Hey why dont you retry your experiment with any other O/S like Linux or MacOS.

    7. oaguilarm

      I always have had the question about if the video processing power and video memory, also has something to do when windows OS becomes slower and slower when you have many tabs and programs opened. Not just the system RAM. What about the page file size, how big it is with so much RAM? Maybe this OS it is not optimized to handle those huge sizes, and becomes sloppy.


      imagine using this to play minesweeper

    9. OveRahul Dee

      i calculated the slots even before the video started ..............2048/128

    10. Zhaxxy

      anyone else has 256 gb ram

    11. Richard Ren

      Just opened about 3500 tabs on my 128GB system, 3950x. Completely frozen on my windows system. Currently at 4000 tabs on Arch Linux with chromium

    12. testunot

      Linus in 20.02.2054: Gigabyte invents : 384627 core cpu : haha my past self i have 5 pt of ram and i can open 8.3x10^7 chrome premium apple ver. XDR pro tabs haha the future is crazy .

    13. testunot

      its insane how this looks all however its all 1s and 0s.

    14. Max Power

      Well, try open a multiple 100 pages PDF in Gimp with an import quality of 100'000% That will eat your ram in no time :D

    15. Antio

      Chrome: "The time has come, the prodigy - undefeated RAM is here... RIP brothers"

    16. The Brick Lot

      Linus: 6k tabs is the max My Mom: are ya sure about that

    17. Elon Musk

      What if we fit that Ram in a Tesla

    18. SҡʏFʏṅツ [ANBU]

      C'mon with the price of all this ram you could buy an iPhone 6 Plus with one earpod

    19. TheChosenMagician

      Suggestion. 250K $ PC. 10TB. Of course thats impossible dream on fellas.

    20. budhimr

      Linus : How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM? Google : We never test this. Me : *crying using 4GB ram with core i3 opening 8 chrome tabs*

    21. LilUzi Art/Amvs

      *I don't need sleep I need answers*

    22. Gwythyr Fitz-James O Bonkyll

      so many memory crisps

    23. AYJ _

      I love that that's like 20k in ram

    24. John Samuel

      Me(now) : Wow 2TB of ram🤩 Me(10 years from now): So just 2TB?? Even my mobile has 4TB.

    25. Nguyen 'Eagle' Jefferson

      8:46 Nice

    26. davkdavk

      Do a 1TB RAM drive

    27. H1wolfking

      Time to download some more RAM

    28. lolman 2001

      With two terabytes of ram and a two rtx 2080 ti I can run Minecraft at a decent frame rate

    29. unguidedone

      none because i dont use chrome

    30. BASHA HD

      Use Forkbomb 😂

    31. Charles Williams

      How large a virtual network can you run on that thing? That would also be interesting.

    32. sweetchaos Fox

      omg imagine creating a gaming laptop with that limited 👀👀👀👀😲😲😲😲

    33. Secret633 Gamer

      Here because of the meme. (\_/) ( ^-^) ~Ya

    34. D C

      I’m thinking around 2tb maybe

    35. Lance Zimmerman

      You should have gotten a really huge photoshop image going.

    36. bad muchacho b

      probably 4

    37. Carlos Reyes

      Next video: Using Windows 98 with 2 TB of ram

    38. Sam Goo


    39. Austi_Man66

      As a vintage Mac collector your lamp makes me sad ☹️

    40. xol xol

      try it with FlashPeak SlimBrowser (64 bit) its faster

    41. Boy10Dio

      what are you even doing?

    42. Bachelor of Computer Science [ EXPERIENCE ]

      Good stuff 👍👍👍💻💻💻

    43. Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

      Why only Chrome⁉️⁉️⁉️

    44. Toby AM

      I think Neil Parfitt could help you actually max out the RAM in a useful real-world scenario that doesn't cripple your CPU. Or I could do it since he's strictly an Apple user now? A DAW with many large sample libraries loaded is what you need.

    45. fx fouad

      my 6 gb laptop is crying in the corner

    46. Ryan Keith

      Finally! A build that can run Crysis! *At 15fps*

    47. Ryan Keith

      *HA! Laughs in 2gb of RAM* (crying...)

    48. Butters Scotch

      3:30 if you’ve ever used Skype- Linus is looking at himself in the monitor

    49. Hex iD

      Watching this video in 2030... even my toaster has 2TB of RAM.

    50. Xehemoth

      That is not a computer, that is a task god in a box.....

    51. Sergeant Z.U.C.C

      Three. Take it or leave it.

    52. Barrett Abney

      Your new office space looks nice. Kudos to Mrs. Linus.

    53. Lukasafer

      I watched MeatCanyon's parody of this guy and then autoplay started this

    54. masquerade St bernard

      When i get a job and save up can i commissionyou to amke my comouter?

    55. InSomnia DrEvil

      theres no way he can open more than 20... HOW DID HE DO IT?!

    56. dobrygraczpro :-o

      Apple: Is this shit legal?

    57. Michael Johns ICYu2

      Dats a wot o dedodated wam

    58. Rumi

      I thought uploading pornography on to CSsel wasn’t allowed, but those 128 gig sticks of ram prove otherwise

    59. Hussain Suleman

      So..What In The World Did You Thought LTT? It Would RUn Like A Potato PC

    60. ImTheFanda

      Man the only thing I want to know where you got that 2TB RAM