How To Make the Perfect Coffee


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    Today I show you how to make the world's best coffee. 99% of people make their morning coffee incorrectly. This is by far the best coffee you will ever taste. Only a handful of highly trained baristas around the world know about this method. Follow the step by step instructions and you'll brew the best coffee you have ever tasted. Cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, Espresso's - You name it - you'll be able to make it perfectly after watching this video. Enjoy!
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    1. Adamson Fan

      this channel is the reason why there are famines

    2. Ehasanul Sieam

      !!Lack of education!!

    3. Alice Legrand

      0:28 MDR HOW TO BASIC 😂

    4. Blue Bloon 2


    5. Travis Walters

      What it worked

    6. Travis Walters


    7. Travis Walters


    8. Travis Walters

      Some sugar

    9. Travis Walters

      Did the milk

    10. Travis Walters


    11. Travis Walters

      Ok i grinded them

    12. Meghana Gowda

      It's so sad that people think it's a funny video. This video is so disrespectful. We in India pray before we eat.

    13. Dean Jacobs

      WTF? There are starving people around the world! What a waste!?

    14. Wavydavy 03

      You know, it’s funny but very wasteful


      Before making any video like this, please think of people who are living their life by not even getting proper foods in proper time 😒 Just search on Google that what's the mortality rate in the world just because of non-availability of foods🙁☹️

    16. Star Devonshire

      Desnecessário, serio.

    17. The World Of Cuteness

      so first of all we need an empty room ...perfect

    18. The World Of Cuteness

      you forgot to tell the main ingredient, "an empty room"

    19. TheBoy 2Hammers

      Imagine if this guy forgot to press the record button

    20. Karl the person on xbox

      2:09 mmmmm, delicious

    21. Gill Cormier

      Food waste is not cool 🙃

    22. Lillian Cook

      *British me drinking my tea* ._.

    23. Coffe Milk


    24. Tminus9

      step 6: mix u- *loud egg macine gun noises*

    25. Lucia Simple Chinese

      The coffee is crispy!

    26. Yi Ling Lin

      All are funny

    27. James Kotel

      Why is noone talking about how it says "coffee pluger"

    28. SpazTheSolo Runner

      im sorry but the voice behind the steps now just dosent feel like hes in the videos anymore

    29. Sarah

      Imagine all of the food being wasted and on the other side of the world people are dying of hunger...

    30. Gabby

      I think the eggs are paid actors.

    31. Mr Kitten

      You could solve world hunger

    32. Shrimayi Patil 9b 14

      I feel bad for every non living thing in his house 🥲🙂

    33. Lex1184 mineblox Gamer player

      I wonder how can he clean it all up

    34. eVa NaH

      WTF is he doing!!?

    35. Iman Solihin

      really dirty

    36. Giacomo Calì

      This is the guy who punches his mother after she said "Eat the whole meal! Have you ever thought about all the poor kids in Africa that can't eat?"

    37. Art Wolflife

      Not me actually thinking they was going to teach me to make coffee 😂

    38. UnspinableThefoxyboy

      Nobody: How i make a coffee:

    39. scooter boy

      Stop wasting food and more there is ppl out there that need it

    40. Beril Akçay

      *Still better than Starbucks*

    41. sam the monke man

      I like when he machine gun

    42. ju he Luo

      What Kinda Coffee Is That

    43. ju he Luo

      Stop Your Gonna Have To Pay For All The Things You Broke

      1. Lex1184 mineblox Gamer player

        Why does he break all of the things? Because he have cash to pay all of them

    44. Jacolionne

      Damn this man do be having alot room

    45. Moch Rayhan musyadad

      damn i was fooled 😱

    46. Tristan Spearman

      Imagine you have 1 year supply of food And you see this guy in your house

    47. Kanon Chan

      wasting food channel should be banned

    48. Ri Jain

      Dame so much waste

    49. Jacob Mac

      but you waist SO MUCH FOOD

    50. TRL KANEKI

      Perfection 👌

    51. Sninfin


    52. XThunpeR

      His shovel is so old that he still uses it and its still his favorite item

    53. the one two

      Hayss hes wasting food😩😩

    54. Dhaniel brioso

      This man has anger issues

    55. Eren Yılmaz


    56. Abdulla

      How you clean this house

      1. Lex1184 mineblox Gamer player

        With his hands

    57. Shravan Kumar Madiraju

      My man loves eggs soo much!!😂 But seriously, I want to see an entire video on how he cleans the mess after every video

    58. MaxgamingPlayz

      *_Carnage starts at _**_0:18_*

    59. Yuch Land

      Lets just appreciate how he ruins his house for this

    60. Adam Kh

      را كتلعب بالنعمة

    61. waffleboy 0111

      the sound he makes while throwing eggs just sounds like some fukkin machine gun

    62. Swerve

      Very informative

    63. Chonky Boi

      Why. I like this and all but all this could’ve been donated to the people without food


      dont waste food it is precious for people who dont have!

    65. TBHCreez


    66. Harya Kumuda

      Why he did that? I mean, wasting food? Just gimme that coffee..

    67. Justmoveon Gaming

      Never having coffee again !!!

    68. Lungelo Ngobese

      I really thought she was going somewhere with the video😥 Very disappointed...

    69. Huddo Hawk Gaming

      Parents in 2050: This is how global hunger started kids

    70. อาคิรา ลุ้งบ้าน


    71. your local oracle

      every time I see him on my recommended I live in fear

    72. a

      It's not even funny it's just a depressing waste of food. Disgusting.

    73. pranav v

      Ammade myraaa


      Perfect It works

    75. Như Phan Thị Thùy

      Are you cazy

    76. Moris Metzler

      F for my mum she actually do it but whenn she sees this she laughs hard hey Mom have fun to clean the mess

    77. Liam Wang

      That's Australian milk you're disrespecting there! The farmers worked so hard, but it became a mess in your hands! Most parts of Australia are already going through a drought. You'll be hearing from them, and ScoMo.

    78. Liam Wang

      So destructive

    79. The Mavericks

      Da pottamare e thalli potikunnentevpaisa you tube thannille ni oke moonjum

    80. John Melcher

      You're an idiot.

    81. OddEdd

      i know you rich as fuck..but, please.. stop wasting food.. gave it to other..there so people many that starving to death..

    82. Blue MoonZ

      Big respect to the cleaner

    83. Kenneth Laurio

      So many people in this world is starving and this stupid is wasting food 🤦

    84. The Only Markell lee

      this is terrible, people starving and there you are wasting all this

    85. Slaangor

      Haha, food waste is fun.

    86. TECK 13 GAMING

      Don't waste food

    87. Yeşim Sayınta


    88. Péter Sándor

      Don't like its video you idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. sebee pro


    90. Sugar Water

      this thing destroy my eyes

    91. Xiaomi Xiq

      Do you get sponsored?

    92. kayeliesmp


    93. MOOO

      MLG pro

    94. mybeautiful young

      This is literally just food.

      1. mybeautiful young

        Literally at 2:10

    95. Khaidir Zaraai

      I think this is an expression to tell that Starbucks coffee is overpriced.

    96. Ariel Ekapradhana N

      How can you waste that foods. Many people can't eat. But you are wasting foods

    97. 想Bright

      Imagine someone waking up to this and trying to find how to make coffee

    98. Tracker 4023

      Thanks for the tutorial

    99. The KGB

      The world: *stops time* King crimson: *skips time* Golden experience: *creates life* Star platinum: 0:19

    100. me