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    I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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    1. AnthonyPadilla

      come back next week for *I spent a day with ICONIC GAMESHOW WINNERS* -new episode of this series every single week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.

      1. El Robloxero :v

        @Leah Cook shut up bichaa

      2. Chair

        i found this super interesting and educational, thank you for doing this video

      3. Alzahara Ibrahim

        Where the merch at

      4. Connor

        Can you spend a day with ADHDers, please, Anthony?

      5. Idk Lumity I guess?

        Can you spend a day with people who suffered due to police brutality?

    2. ChanCeNecK

      I´m glad you didn´t call it "wondrous" world of kidnapping survivors this time!...

    3. ChanCeNecK

      Sophie & Virginie...

    4. Lennox Sommerville

      Wait.. do I have tinnitus?? The intro just straight up made my ears ring and the volume wasn’t that loud

    5. dude comehere

      i just finished watching jans documentary on netflix and its INSANE.

    6. Emotion Select

      The people who think that four days isn’t enough rare just assholes

    7. {Moon_Storm}

      All of these pedophiles disgust me. They all need to go to hell. No. Accepions. They should not be existent in this world, and you do not KNOW how mad I am at these disgusting people. I am so happy for everyone that survived these incidents, and I feel so BAD for these people. I am 10, and I have NEVER been this mad in my whole. Life. Anyways, I am just really happy for the people who survived this.

    8. Jazzy Gacha シ

      Why would they release them like that? The stuff that they did, can break people. It mentally, and physically hurts them. And it’s sad to also think that they don’t even learn after being released. *What. The. Heck?*

    9. FluffyPomPom

      bless the man who saved the second girl. if he didn't, she might not have been here with us today.

    10. Ryan Reed

      Anyone else super creeped out by the big sloth head?

    11. Ryan Reed

      Holy F... I have chills. I am so glad I don't have a daughter. I'd never let her leave the house lol

    12. Lilli Marie

      Me 5 minutes in: dam this is heavy 🥺

    13. Veteran Weeb

      Yes best way to enter the room ever

    14. alma Bautista

      The Jan case is on Netflix

    15. Ruthy Monique

      You can watch Jan's story on Netflix "abducted in plain sight" !!

    16. Jessicuh Ann

      Damn dude this made me sob. It’s such a crazy miracle they came out of that.

    17. skaberchlyn

      19 days are you joking me

    18. Erika T

      The both of you I’m so sorry you didn’t deserve that I love you and I’m glad your free and okay today

    19. Emma Heras

      why am I watching this while home alone?! I'm scared now.

    20. Retro

      The old ladies story is so confusing to me.

    21. GirlOfMusic

      I like how u just crash through the roof like its natural

    22. Direct

      I got 5 amber alerts in the past 24 hours in my city. What is wrong with people?

    23. Allison King

      Anthony padillia? more like anthony portilla (sorry there needed to be more happy comments)

    24. SecondBestOlive

      I can remember being five or six, and in this store I couldn't find my grandpa. So I was wandering around, and I ended up running over to someone who looked like him. They took my hand and tried to lead me out of the store, and I realized it wasn't him. I started freaking out and screaming and my grandpa ran out and got me. Later we found out that person had stalking charges against him and was planning to kidnap other people

    25. ashlyn young

      I remember hearing a story very similar to the older women's, I believe I was watching Dateline, or some show like that with my mother. These stories are insane, as it could happen to anyone.

    26. Isabella Duncan

      I watched Jans story on Netflix I think, so sad.

    27. Naj Renchelf

      How were they able to tell these stories? Revisiting this for the sake of raising awareness of these stories is... admirable!

    28. Naj Renchelf

      The self proclaimed “best interviewer” obviously has the best fans, Anthony! 😉

    29. Kaitlyn Simpkins

      Dude I just realized that Jan has her own Netflix documentary. It's called abducted in plain sight.

    30. Mikui

      this video got boring within seconds. also your toes are too salty

    31. blueWATERmelon

      The reason I watch these is to understand the traumatic experiences these people had, it helps me better understand the fact in what my safety is and how to keep it. These women are so brave.

    32. Matraca Roose

      Is this the Jan from the Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight?

    33. daciadaaci

      wasn’t jan’s story on netflix?

    34. C T

      I was groomed when I was 15 years old and I worry so often that the man who did it did it to someone else. I didn't want to go to the police about it because I didn't want to be downplayed or criticized. For the longest time, I blamed myself for getting myself into the situation. Downplayed myself saying it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, it wasn't grooming, whatever. The amount of self doubt you experience is huge.

    35. bouytt guyt

      my partner to tell him what happened. Ive had nightmares on and off since about what could have happened that day and he didnt even get kidnapped.

    36. Pilar Wong

      People saying “it was only four days” is like one person saying “I was murdered by knife” and someone else saying “ oh that’s not bad at least you weren’t killed with slow acting poison that’s way worse” like no both are murdered god damn.

      1. bouytt guyt

        couldve happend to me, it fucking terrifies me how this actually really happens to people and im so bloody lucky to be here today unharmed

    37. Carla De Sousa

      You’re doing such awesome work, Anthony. These women are so unbelievably strong to overcome what happened to them.

    38. Hannah Willis

      I just want my offender in jail. Seasonal depression just gets worse knowing that it could be another little girl

    39. かさま•kiyoshi

      It’s scary how he’ll be released at the time on her birthday. Idk why but being kidnapped is scary and when you want the time to go fast and it just gets more and more slow

    40. Ghost Dog

      The way you worded the title of the video is just weird.