I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 4 & 5

Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan

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    7 days. 1 penny. day 4 and 5. 0 fricks left to give.
    learn more about CTFB ► www.centraltexasfoodbank.org/​
    watch my gaming channel ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_RSg...
    support Front Steps ► frontsteps.org/​

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    1. Iris Rosales

      Omg that’s me!

      1. Mélida Baca

        IRIS! What’s your Instagram?

      2. Angie Finnerty

        love you iris!!!!!

      3. YasYasTR2009

        HELOO IRIS!!!

      4. Iker Medina


      5. Dr Dim


    2. Ateebchamp

      0:47 Ryan: "It's below 50 degrees" Europeans: ...

    3. Prof Uni

      The montage was amazing! It was very calming ☺️

    4. its a lie2 - Brawl Stars

      This man livin in a quarter of his wallet

    5. Jacob Cantarero

      you got to come to boston mass revere pls

    6. Jacob Cantarero

      he is the best

    7. JaydenPlayzGamez

      1:35 that’s 3 words

    8. Doom Slayer

      Survive on a penny but my smart phone is the reason I made money . I’m sure that phone was a penny

    9. Ultimate Redstone Inc.

      #1 on trending nice

    10. Destiny Prince


    11. zach rivers


      1. zach rivers


    12. zach rivers


    13. Elijah Miller

      That Mayo busen busen

    14. Pam Abels

      Ryan aching after riding a bike for a few days All Dutch people: am I a joke to you?

    15. zach rivers

      happy birthay jayla

    16. Asher Wise

      I donate $1000

    17. crispydanger

      hes meeting people and making friends by scamming them

    18. Thomas Kelleher

      you have to buy an electiric LAWNMOWER

    19. FootballW _


    20. Trevor Carter

      You said 80 NOT 88

    21. LikeWhat Games

      When I see my own car in ur video

    22. Geometry Dash Gaming


    23. Zoran Jatoi

      Quinn what are you doing

    24. no thankyoy

      man what a world

    25. Mohammed Azad

      The series title should be " Living off of Junk food for a Week"

    26. Roblox Giveaway channel

      Iris got 4 k subscribers from this wow!

    27. Tunes & Tracks

      Yooooooo! #1 On Trending!

    28. Paul Schumacher

      Happy Birthday Jayla!



    30. La Man behind ze slaughter

      Idea:I survived a week without mcchicken

    31. thebeamnguy

      is it just me or is ryan's background music amazingly catchy

    32. Sugar Fidgets


    33. TwentyOneFrens

      I just have to think about how Ryan couldn't brush his teeth the entire time

    34. CraftMatt Gamer

      Awesome U reached 10,000 donation!

    35. Ethan The Jedi

      bro ryan that thing outside of mcdonalds was so cool

    36. Seif Ashraf

      happy birthday jayla🤍🤍

    37. SwatDaSkipper

      I wish I could live off mc chickens lol


      Where is the what are you doing quinn

    39. Lisa

      ruben is a legend bc my name is ruben!!!!!!!

    40. Janaysiah Dina

      we found iris's comment, but did we ever find quinns comment??

    41. Brett Pharand

      omg it is

    42. Swipe Lego

      This guy could become a millionare if he did a one penny challenge for like a year

    43. Dalia Samir

      Quinn what are you doing

    44. Cocos



      love your videos

    46. alal asas

      ز زززط٨طز٤وزووض

    47. cheese mouse

      I will miss Quinn giving you 20 dollars

    48. Jennifer Chrystian

      everyone in your town seems like really nice people except for the guy that tried to rob you

    49. D real Ghoul

      Ruben is a bloody legend

    50. Pokemon TCG Time With TNJ Fun Free

      I didn't expect to find Iris in the comments this fast lol

    51. Joe Delilli


    52. Mason Fay


    53. Joe Mama

      He should have a ice cream conpany

      1. Joe Mama


    54. sydney gervais

      What happened to that girls Quinceanera

    55. Bubbles popped


    56. Valdas K

      People that comment more than 3 comments are cursed to die like me

    57. y

      If he just dropped the sodas, I feel like people would've felt bad for him and helped him, and maybe buy a soda on the way.

    58. Speed Maen

      Random girls at 7:55: oh are they free? Me: there’s literally a massive sign on him saying 1 for $2, 2 for $3

    59. Red Wing Basil

      With a penny...this all happened. Wow

    60. guessVFX


    61. Cindy Shapiro

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. Sexy Man

      How did he do that?

    63. Hayden Wolf

      Jayla is turning 15 less goo happy birthday jayla

    64. Mr.Turtorial

      look at this

    65. Mr.Turtorial

      sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh s

    66. Anime QT

      My Spanish teacher played this video during a spanish class and we had to answer comprehension questions about this video in spanish cries

    67. Joe Mama

      11:34 bro that was sick!

    68. Gamer Pig


    69. A person

      1 on trending babyyyy

    70. Zaina  Alnashmi

      Can you do this season again i cuz I love these kind of vids ❤️

    71. Tin Chak Xu

      But you used your phone every day and that costs money.

    72. Itsyaboi

      “Omg you got blanket so you not die off coldness you are so much cheating”

    73. stablez父


    74. a cheese with internet access

      1:35 “two words”, “lets get it”

    75. FaZer YT


    76. me


    77. ChristianPlaysYT

      If u get 1k dollars dont forget quinn

    78. bilisan

      so he didn’t go to the quince? 😢

    79. Alex Duffus

      ryan: two words: lets get it me: that sounds like three words to me but i could be wrong about that

    80. just a non-binary with ADHD

      well parents say you cant survive on fast food- cant watch to prove em wrong

    81. MalteMRM

      2 words ¨let's get it¨ (LMAO I mean I thought it was 3 words

    82. Emily Bright

      Did you go the the quinceanera?

    83. ChaoticOreo

      hey! anyone know what the intro song is?

    84. Weird Frisk!

      YOU FORGOT Quinn my guy... 🤦

    85. tim van Londen

      Wat cant i Find u i live tehere

    86. KyR1z3

      omg no body cares!

    87. The Traveller Kid

      Ryan: This camera is so nice Me: There is a reason the phone is so expensive

    88. Jean Francois Lajoie

      In that video

    89. Jean Francois Lajoie

      How do you bike with one hand.

    90. The Lord Nar

      1 Trending

    91. Vbog Legend

      My mom: McDonalds is very unhealthy you shouldn’t be eating there all the time Ryan: 👁 👄 👁

      1. Waffle :0

        Why did you like your own comment lol

    92. Breezina

      This bro on 1# trending you deserve this bro

    93. isub

      U should put diet dp on the front so ppl can see it more

    94. ImDePro


    95. DiggY DiggY

      what if he gets 1000$

    96. HelloItsVG

      I am here to end world hunger! Hope the donation helps!

      1. CRISツ

        WHAT, BIG FAN ITSVG ❤️

      2. benn george

        YAYYYY vg

      3. Roy Is Your Boi

        HII VG

      4. VSlimed Codes

        @Unspoken Yeah

      5. VSlimed Codes

        @Mohamed Yeah

    97. Alpha ERROR

      at 1:35 he says "ok two words lets get it" isn't that 3 words?😵

    98. the one

      you are robing ruben my guy

    99. naserddine djamate

      That 1 guy was like never talk about sprite in front of me

    100. Ahmad Bhatti

      1:36 he said 2 words but he said 3 let’s get it