Inter 4-2 Milan | Incredible Inter Comeback Takes the Milan Derby! | Serie A TIM

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    After being down by two in the first half, Inter made a 4 goal comeback to defeat their rivals and win the Milan derby | Serie A TIM
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    1. se kserw


    2. Rangsan Perin


    3. Sebastian Davila

      Forza ínter!!!

    4. Fernandobrsp

      👏👏👏👏👏👏 amo a inter de Milão 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 🇮🇹

    5. Zaur Quliyev

    6. JaMes Underhill

      i rewatched this match. hoping Milan will win the match 😂😂😂

    7. Haris Osmani

      Ma almeno parla in italiano

    8. Jihan Amir

      Where's Ibrahimovic's face? 😂😂

    9. ricks b

      L'Inter è sempre a cuore

    10. GASPAR XD

      Inter gallina Milan cuadro hermoso


      Ilove commentator voice Steve benyar when erikson hit crossbar wonderful Steve benyar


      First half Milan second half inter Milan we are sharing both teams half half

    13. Be cool Gaming

      Maybe that's a lucky goal post

    14. Sports Highlights

    15. Harvey Rommy Rotinsulu

      holy moly 4-2?

    16. Badru Jamali

      Milan is Blue not red... Forza Inter

    17. Omar Ramm

      Sakoza pi barbra


    19. rendy ramdani

      Best come back 😂

    20. Mezarkabul


    21. Sandi Gunawan Kusika

      Ibra celebrate just like Joker movie. Btw, this is i call derby, thrilling.

    22. Add it

      Anyone notice Lukaku with his hands on his knees just before the cross 3:27

    23. Eitan Lupu

      Why we love football:

    24. ki anom junaidi brajamusti

      inter milan is best of the best, brother?

    25. Monster Kill

      I Come here just for hear the Crowd screaming Again.

    26. Dokter Fernando SpA

      Before:ibra arrogent after:ibra sad

    27. Adi Zegman


    28. Abbas Malikov


    29. Jatta

      Favorite game

    30. ExoticFb

      Eriksson 's freekick🔥🔥🔥😱😱

    31. Ansar Ahmed

      I like this commentaries oh oh

      1. schweizerbuddy

        OOOOOOHHH who about that !!!

    32. Harlie Davidson

      ter-comeback... wkwkwkwk #forzainter

    33. رياضه - FM

      Bella partita

    34. Winner Winner

      That second goal by inter was offside there's no 2 ways about it

    35. IbJZL

      If someone scores you don’t celebrate with him, you celebrate with Zlatan

    36. MDM Music

      juice wrld unreleased songwith polo g @


      What is the name of that commentator?

    38. 肥邦邦


    39. Adam Grimsley

      Oh dear Ibramhimovich got a speaking.

    40. Mehmet ALİ GÜNDÜZ

      Milan 4 Juventus 2

      1. Andres Ggg