Iron Man’s Stark Industries Arrives In Fortnite


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    The center of much super activity, the high-tech Stark Industries is now in Fortnite. Explore this esteemed complex to gather loot and maybe even meet a Hero (or Villain)…
    In v14.10, the Stark Industries Update, the famous facility emerges from the Rift between worlds onto the Island - along with more super-powers and special mode to show your might.
    The Stark Industries Update assembles even more powers to add to your arsenal. Summon a blow to your targeted location with Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, fire energy blasts and boost into the sky with Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets, and more. Powers will rotate in core modes on a routine basis.
    The Nexus War intensifies in the Stark Industries Update, introducing an upcoming new mode to showcase your abilities. Join other players in Marvel Knockout, a spin on Operation: Knockout that sees your team utilize super-powers to be the best team in the tournament bracket.
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    1. Ruby Ramirez

      Happy birthday fortnite

    2. Illmatheus154

      Hi, I'm Brazilian, but I'll still give you a happy birthday Fortnite 😀

    3. Jovano Bates

      This game is basically EVOLUTION although id never played it becasue i have never had any gaming consolea *sigh*

    4. michelle bouchard

      You should make doctor doom good

    5. Aaron Space KID

      I got the iron man!

    6. Rotriel Bentumo

      I play on iOS so I can’t play :(

    7. arthur gameplay


    8. arthur gameplay

      A yole

    9. 髙橋あきお


    10. Thunder

      Pls bring back endgame ltm

    11. FF 37


    12. Hamza Wael

      I like the song


      Like the comment if you want the Dare devil skin to appear in the fortnite store

      1. Ailsa Ni

        It only been almost 2 weeks and there already a new update, wried

    14. Allen Jones

      So you guys know when wolverine comes on September 30? That’s actually my birthday!

    15. J. H.


    16. Set-In Arena

      😱😭😭😭😭😭 where is Fortnite ??!

    17. Syed Rizvi


    18. Syed Rizvi

      Epic games: Hey everybody we made Ironman a bot because we know you are Me BrUh even my baby bro can kill him😲

    19. Syed Rizvi

      This is super cool🥇

      1. yasio bolo

        Fortinite mobile lite

    20. Syed Rizvi


    21. mike bowden

      Sure wish I could play

    22. Ernesto Garcia Lagunas

      Yo ya me enfrente a airoman y está difícil de conseguir sus abilidades mitikas

    23. gamer3423

      Everybody ready for the sweats to be out

    24. walter Simmons

      🙀Toby Stank???🙀

    25. Cap Blueberry

      Fortnite needs to make a shield wrap! I was going to make it but I don't know how too. But if fortnite makes a wrap epic please say something so I can know because that would be cool. And if you know how to make fortnite skin and wrap ideas please tell me and make one because epic needs to make a fortnite wrap.

    26. 1ksubs Before2021?

      This sucks I’m sick of pistoles and I hate marvel change this or a quite this STUPID game

    27. lol lp

      Please put this in creative

    28. Tjaart Van Der Walt


    29. Freddyand friends1983

      It only been almost 2 weeks and there already a new update, wried

    30. Big Smoke


    31. Jaime Marina Del Camino

      regalenme skin porfi si no mi cas se va a romper folimping1 asi me llamo en fortnite

    32. Oof gamer Oof

      Me: looks at this Trailer Also me: crying b/c I can’t play the new season b/c I play on mobile:(

    33. Epic Munch

      Transformers season

      1. Энди Картошка

        @qopoy dnon ok bro

      2. qopoy dnon

        Please bring back the old map

    34. Dcl 3.0

      Fortinite mobile lite

    35. Carrot Boi

      Save the world help me buy the new battle pass

    36. DragBlaster

      This reminds me of season 10 when everything is unbalanced

    37. Trickshot Nerds

      Free Jarvis

    38. oiuet souiu

      I don’t get why more people go to stark industries instead of dooms doormain. Where’s my doom squad at?

    39. zontix marchan

      Great know if I want to go to somewhere else there is gonna be nobody there and if I land there 30 virgins already have a pump