Islanders @ Bruins 4/16/21 | NHL Highlights


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    Extended highlights of the New York Islanders at the Boston Bruins

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    1. McDavid to Boston

      I was the game woooo

    2. Ginger Marie

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    3. Andrew Marshall


      1. Johnny D

        Class act

    4. Andrew Marshall

      Trask is never at risk

    5. Unbias Bruins Fan

      Off topic but does anyone know how to sneeze on command? I haven't been able to for 1 day.

    6. askmitch

      Looked like 9 minutes of Boston highlights. Did the Islanders even show up?

      1. Johnny D

        Isles looked good in first period, disappeared after that

    7. Unbias Bruins Fan

      I feel like, right now, swayman is better than halak. He's faster and can hang with the big boys. Run with rask-swayman till swayman has a bad stretch.

    8. Go BobbyOrr

      B's fan 50+ years and know Rask can never win LSC, He does not have emotional strength and still lacks concentration at inopportune times. 2010 - 2013 - 2019? Done with him! Go Jack!

    9. Stephen Tyler

      For any Sabres fans out there, they’ve gotta feel like they just got swindled by Hall. Fawk.

    10. Adam Dolson

      Swayman's so composed in there. Really solid! Loving this guy. Glad we have him.

    11. Jack Groves

      Jack edwards is the only announcer I’ve ever heard say “a quick whistle goes against the Bruins”

    12. Harry Blox

      Sit down Rask, sit down halak there is a new sheriff in town..Swayman is a beast

    13. True Patriot

      Bruins just beat the islanders twice. They’re missing key defensemen and their two top goalies. Let that sink in.

      1. Johnny D

        Even missing those guys Bruins are a very good team

    14. Joey Parm

      Look out NHL because if they continue clicking with these great additions to the team they're going to be a beast come playoffs!

    15. Donut Squad2021

      Les gO bRUINS 💪🔥🔥🔥

    16. Kevin Presley

      I think our goalie situation is good for the next decade.Maybe a cup or two is in our future.I really love those alternate jerseys.Unfortunately I don't see any Bruins merchandise up here in New York.😖

    17. Devin Coppy

      Bruins are about to go on a huge win streak

    18. George Jones

      Sweeney made some great moves and B's will contend for the cup now!

    19. Patrick Thermitus

      And to think Pasta's not even hot hot yet. I'm waiting for him to erupt.

    20. omedua1

      Sway man did great yesterday

    21. Cam Norris

      The east division playoffs are going to make for some good hockey. Between the caps, isles and my penns. But then the bruins starting to hit their strive I am getting pumped!

    22. MisterMister5893

      Why does Jack Edwards sound so subdued?

      1. Ultra Concise

        Good question. The guy on radio (NHL app or 98.5 The Sports Hub) is really good. Makes the games exciting.

    23. Harris Foster

      This kid Swayman is GOOOOOOD, Hall get 8 million on 4 goals. The Sabres GM is a moron. Hall wants to be extended by the Bruins..of course that will pay for this over rated fool.

    24. Bagel Master

      Swayman is a legitimately good goalie

    25. Rusty Cuyler

      Hall Gettin that spark back LOVE IT!

    26. Matthew Hall

      I'm loving seeing the bruins goalie depth. No one is guaranteed anymore, sway looked much more confident compared his two games, vladar looks good and halak and raask aren't done yet. I'm not a super raask fan but he came back looking good too.

    27. Robert Wells

      Thank you Buffalo!!

    28. Jay Hill

      This boy in goal look out rask your job is in jeopardy but we still love you too

    29. the roman

      What a game Go b's

    30. Lemon Poker

      Swayman giving off some serious Tim Thomas vibes the way he moves in the crease!

      1. Jason Long

        Great comment...I saw that as well

    31. CW Gmoney

      They had way more sog

    32. CW Gmoney

      The islanders should of won that

    33. Jimmy Macheta

      Swayman looks so solid, like he's playing in NHL for 10 years already.

    34. tokenparade

      Sweenius. The Bruins are now a top contender.

    35. filmovydivak


    36. Cameron Cole

      Hall looks happy to play hockey again just sayin

      1. Cameron Cole

        Get real management I feel bad for em wasted talent

      2. Johnny D

        @Harris Foster Buffalo wasn’t forced to sign him lol

      3. Harris Foster

        Sure he stole 8 million from the Sabres, a head case NOW he wants a multi year deal from the Bruins and will be stupid enough to over pay him

    37. Midgeti

      This is the Sway

    38. xI uk 0W7V3R Ix

      I tell you what the 3 new acquisitions are looking great but as much as I love the rask/halak tandem I starting to love how swayman is playing. He been outstanding in every game I've watched

    39. Juraj Bubniak

      Whatever happened to Islanders ?

    40. Jitesh Ramakrishnan

      Swayman is playing great

    41. The Truth Hurts

      For first time in years the Bruins are looking like they have two lines that can score. If that third line can get going and the fourth line continues to play the way they have been they will be tough to beat in the playoffs.

      1. The Truth Hurts

        @Carine S Rangers won today if Bruins choke they could be caught. They have to be careful

      2. Carine S

        @Ansley Moncrief Zoller no it's not they are six point ahead of new York and 8 points ahead of philly

      3. Ansley Moncrief Zoller

        If they make it there. It gonna be tight.

    42. Ron Wilkin

      I'm mean say what u want about his attitude hall has incredible skill

    43. Doots Cat

      Who the heck is Swayman?!!

    44. CR2477

      Sway is legit

    45. Anthony Emerson

      Jeremy Swayman is really really good.

    46. Sam Kalkstein

      The fact that boston can roll out a third line of Coyle DeBrusk and Ritchie shows just how good they are. The completely dominated the islanders over the past 48 hours, and they're still missing crazy defencemen! Gryzlek and Carlo make this team even scarier...

      1. Unbias Bruins Fan

        @Mike Scattergood We pummled you 2 games in a row decisively. You should be shaking in your boots. No scoring, not enough depth, easily expolitable defensive system.

      2. Scorch Neely

        @Mike Scattergood to be fair we haven't been owned by the islanders you guys only beat us by multiple goals once, all of the other times have been 1 goal games. Actually you guys beat us 7-2 but all of the other games were definitely not dominant.

      3. Brendan Fox

        @Mike Scattergood someone’s nervous

      4. Mike Scattergood

        Bro settle down. They’ve been owned by the islanders 90% of the time this year. Islanders have been too hot not to hit a rough patch. We will see come post season.

    47. Michael Muniz

      Once again the spoked B rebuilds on the fly! Management is as good as the team!!! Playing for the logo on the front of the sweater not for the name on the back!!!

    48. John Browne

      Three new Bruins additions fitting in seemlessly. Give GM credit.

    49. Joe P

      Sway kept them in the game for the first period... could have been over after 1

      1. tokenparade

        Already a crowd favorite too. Won't be long until we hear 'Swaaaay' after every save. The sense of renewal in hockey is one of it's best features - just as one player approaches the end, another comes along and we get to do it all over again.

    50. Sleepless N.Y

      Swayman is the man 💪 T hall 2 goals 3 games

    51. Yt Bbbhhk


    52. bigfella422 b

      Watch Krejci's numbers now, he has never had a true goal scorer on his line except when Bergeron has been injured.

      1. The Truth Hurts

        @Harris Foster if Kejci had the wingers Bergie had most his career he would be well known today as an elite player.

      2. Joey Parm

        @Harris Foster stop embarrassing yourself and go back to playing fortnite smh

      3. John Killeen

        @Harris Foster 712 points in 949 games for the regular season, 115 points in 145 playoff games... and most of his career he's been on the second line. But yeah he's overrated

      4. FIFA244

        @Harris Foster Keep telling yourself that

      5. Harris Foster

        Over paid, over rated and soft for years..SEVEN MILLION dollars...a joke...

    53. Hushoo

      Where did Swayman come from? What a beast.

      1. Adam Bull

        @Brendan Fox Bruins drafted him in 2017

      2. Breaking Point

        Third Alaskan born to ever play in NHL

      3. Brendan Fox

        Played at UMaine until the B’s drafted him this year. He was the best goalie in the NCAA last year.

      4. John Browne

        Superb, award-winning college goalie and very good in AHL.

    54. Pavel Osovets

      The Bruins announcer is such an annoying POS. Complaining about everything. Nice win B’s. PS: get a new announcer

    55. MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness

      The fishsticks have to be losing on purpose

      1. Johnny D

        Lol yup

    56. Billy Joe McAllister

      The Bruins organization year after year assemble a great product out on the ice, why I'm a fan.

    57. Jon Lee

      I love it when the ball pin-pucks

      1. Justin Lokere

        Or when it creates a Juuuuicy Rebound?

    58. Chris Mac

      I know nothing bout hockey but Bruins, u made me a fan today 👍🏽🤑

      1. Unbias Bruins Fan

        That's great you're getting into hockey! It's a great sport!

      2. Killerbeast 2508

        Glad to make you a hockey fan 😁

    59. Tobias Wilcken

      Sway man is looking solid

    60. 24JAEC48

      gg islanders i actually thought we would lose again

    61. Augusto Silva

      Let s Go islanders

    62. Mr. Blutarsky

      Isles did not play horribly lol. They moved the puck and took advantage of mistakes. If that's the type of fans NYI have...damn that's awful.

    63. mshat18

      Jeremy Swayman rafters.... too soon?

    64. 2buxaslice

      Jeremy "The Save Man" Swayman. He's looking good. Also, apparently all you have to do is leave Buffalo and you become good. Unless you're Bjork, then you go to Buffalo and teach them how to play lol. Really happy for Bjork though, wish it could have worked out better for him in Boston, glad to see him putting up points.

    65. New York Bandwagon

      Hall now has the same amount of goals in his 3 games with Boston as he did in his entire Sabres tenure🤦‍♂️. What a surprise, a player starts playing as he should be once leaving Buffalo!!!

      1. Unbias Bruins Fan

        I want most buffalo fans to be happy, not the ones on twitter

      2. tokenparade

        He's also playing with David Krejci, one of the most underrated creative geniuses to ever play the game

      3. The Truth Hurts

        That’s to bad for Buffalo I kind of like them but I like the Bruins the most 😎

      4. New York Bandwagon

        @Metal_Mike_666 🤣🤣🤣 only 5 months or so left!!!

      5. Metal_Mike_666

        Just hang in there & wait for Bills football 🙏

    66. Ultra Concise

      Great job by Pasta, lifting that shot. Not as easy as it looks. (As evidenced by the 3 or 4 Isles shots that might have gone in if they were a little higher)

    67. JJA1987

      Swayman for Starting Goalie

      1. JJA1987

        I’d rather have someone who doesn’t choke

      2. Breaking Point

        @Carine S As good as he’s played, he won’t be the starting Goalie in playoffs

      3. Carine S

        Why do you want a rookie to be a starter in the playoffs with zero playoffs experience instead of someone with great playoff numbers and playoff experience makes no sense don't get me wrong he should back up but I don't know why he would be a starter

    68. Don Tonberry

      Rask is in some trouble, this Swayman kid can play goalie.

      1. McDavid to Boston

        @Unbias Bruins Fan I want him backup for rask for one year. Valdar gets one more year to develop In providence

      2. Unbias Bruins Fan

        @McDavid to Boston I'd rather have swayman in right now. It only helps his development and he's the better option rather than halak. It's better for the future, and for the now.

      3. McDavid to Boston

        @Unbias Bruins Fan do we want swayman in right away when he's done or do we want halak out and swayman backing up rask for one year. And then rask leaves swaymans the starter with vladar backing him up

      4. Jonathon Hoskyns

        Hopefully playoff hockey more important stanley cup finals.. rask along with terrible refs cost us the blues loss. Not even gunna go into the blackhawks .

      5. Joey Parm

        @DEMON TRAUMA I'm seeing the opposite, he's challenging the shooter and more times than not he's in position. Breakaways..long shots..tracking etc...

    69. Bruins Fan63

      The 3 new acquisitions look great on Boston!

      1. Harris Foster

        Easy, its only three games

      2. Breaking Point

        @Maurice Richard Hall can be careless at times with his passes

      3. Maurice Richard

        That Hall trade made them so much deeper. The 2nd line is now very good, and Lazar is a good depth piece

    70. Johnny D

      Good game Boston fans. Y’all look great since those additions.

      1. STec

        Classy, gg to you as well 🤝

    71. AppleGuy

      Hall: “So if I play like dogs**t the whole year you’re telling me I can get traded to whatever team I want? 🤔”

      1. Mr. Blutarsky

        @ortofoncape and he REALLY needs to deliver this time

      2. ortofoncape

        @Mr. Blutarsky either way Seguin/Hall at the time I think a lot we’re hoping to get Hall... it’s nice to have the chance to see what he can do on the bruins even years later

      3. Mr. Blutarsky

        @Jack Groves LOL nobody here offered an opinion on why the trade happened. Learn to read.

      4. Jack Groves

        We gotta couple GM’s in comment here. There’s no point guessing why trades happen there is so much behind the scenes that makes all the moves make more sense. These guys are like moving their families and kids going to new schools, so 90% of it is not seen.

      5. Mr. Blutarsky

        @John Browne corection: some of the worst teams plural! Hall deserves more than a break, he deserves to show he can play good solid team hockey. Fans seem to think his name alone gliding down the ice is good enough for 50 points all by itself.

    72. Nystrom 23

      Don't judge your team because you beat us WE SUCK..we will lost next three games to Phily rangers then Washington ...nobody can score Nelson can't hit open net..

      1. Johnny D

        @Mr. Blutarsky lol same

      2. Mr. Blutarsky

        @Johnny D lol. I'm more of a Bossy fan but it still cracks me up to hear that

      3. Johnny D

        @Mr. Blutarsky lol ya i heard it the other day actually.

      4. Mr. Blutarsky

        @Johnny D I was at a NYR game in which they weren't playing the isles and the rangers fans STILL chanted that lol.

      5. Johnny D

        @Mr. Blutarsky Lol I am, it was a joke

    73. muhammad issop

      bro all three pick ups got 5 point already lets goooooooooo!!! Hopefull lazar will get a real one soon he is such a grinder, he totally energized and changed that line. imagine frederic lazar wagner ooooouuuuuu!

      1. CR2477

        No way you play freddy over kuraly. Kuraly is miles better defensively and a valuable penalty killer. Also, much better skater

      2. John Browne

        @Breaking Point If you think young Frederick is a liability you have no idea about hockey. None.

      3. Breaking Point

        Frederic& Wagner suck, esp Frederick who is a liability

      4. The Truth Hurts

        I think Kuraly is getting a bit nervous now. I kind of like Frederick better bc he’s a better finisher and he drops them with anyone.

      5. Unbias Bruins Fan

        @John Browne Completely agree

    74. Tomas Pinard

      Hall really finessed the whole league

      1. Jayus

        @zzFatigue I wish

      2. Jayus

        @zzFatigue I’m 62

      3. zzFatigue

        Guys Jayus is 13 years old max, this is child abuse

      4. Jayus

        @Sean Paul F-W I’m a lightning fan btw, but leafs are my 4th fav

      5. Sean Paul F-W

        @Jayus noticed you edited your comment from “Leafs are better” to “Leafs are higher in the standings” 🤣 way to support your team pinkhat. Typical Toronto fan

    75. Johnny D

      The one good thing about Bruins kicking our asses last two games is that it’s closing the window on the Rangers season

      1. Johnny D

        @Stuart McNair Flyers window closed a week ago. Rangers ain’t catching Boston.

      2. Stuart McNair

        You mean closing the window on the Flyers

    76. Jim Malachowsky

      The Islanders have not played well since the trade. There is such a thing as team chemistry. They better get it together, and soon, or it's going to be a very short post season, if there is one at all.

      1. Unbias Bruins Fan

        @Jim Malachowsky That is true, but trotz is a great coach, he'll snap them out of it. You guys do have some tough matchups, but facing the sabres will give you confidence.

      2. Jim Malachowsky

        @Eye See That was a nice run by UCLA, but that's also the exception, not the rule.

      3. Jim Malachowsky

        @Unbias Bruins Fan With only a dozen games left the Islanders have enough of a cushion that making the playoffs should be no problem, but you don't want to go into the playoffs not playing well with your confidence down.

      4. Unbias Bruins Fan

        It's gonna be fine, teams jump hurdles all the time, you guys are elite and have the tools for a championship. Hope we can meet in the postseason though, that'd be a great matchup

      5. Eye See

        Yall trippin did u not just see UCLA win out after losing there last 4 games of season it dont matter when you get to playoffs

    77. C

      If the Bruins can beat the. Caps on Sunday that would be huge. Three game winning streak going into a three game series against Buffalo

      1. Bruins Guy


      2. Christian COLARUSSO

        You and if we beat the caps it will be 4 game winning streak

      3. Mikail Bhimani

        buffalo playing good hockey right now tho

      4. Lemon Beats

        @Killerbeast 2508 ya true and seeing as we beat an extremely good team well in both games, we probably got a spot and could go far with full health

      5. Killerbeast 2508

        @Lemon Beats I don’t think our offense has been a problem these last couple games. Only thing that’s kind of concerning is the power play but I’d rather be good at 5v5 scoring than on the PP

    78. Ned_ Plays

      Let’s go bruins

    79. C

      Hall Rielly and Lazar look amazing. Also great job by Swayman picking up his first career shutty

      1. Scorch Neely

        @fungeneer yeah 100% I just wanted to mention that.

      2. fungeneer

        @Scorch Neely yeah but I wouldn't feel as comfortable with either of them backing up Tuukka in the playoffs

      3. Scorch Neely

        @fungeneer You also the other 2 goalies to choose from so we're stacked in goal if there is ever an injury.

      4. fungeneer

        And that first period was no joke. He made some big boy saves for sure. The kid is showing a lot of potential between the pipes, but I'm extra impressed with between the ears. Only a handful of games at the highest level and he looks cool and collected out there. That'll be very welcomed come playoff time if Rask gets Rask-ish or needs a day off

    80. Ian Kingston

      Swayman more like Swagman. He earned that shutout.

    81. Edited

      Swayman out here flexing on everyone

    82. Devilbubs0207

      hall is actually so smart

    83. Brenden Auger