J. Cole Arrives at KOD Listening Event in NYC

J. Cole

J. Cole

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    J. Cole listening session for the album 'KOD' in New York City. Album available 4/20/18 on Dreamville Records.


    1. It’z D E Z Yo

      He’s so humble.

    2. Taqeem Hilton2.0

      Goosebumps when he walked on stage.

    3. Andreas Juan

      damn this video will live forever

    4. klifrann West

      A Grammy is not enough for this guy!!!

    5. principe K

      The album was🔥🔥

    6. thericekrispie

      I always get chills watching this

    7. Robbin Hatchett

      January 28th, a God was born!!

    8. I STONE I

      Damn thats some mad love

    9. Kecis Jones

      Wow 😳Love you J Cole I want to meet you too God bless you

    10. poetmm

      My favorite rapper in this era

    11. poetmm

      KOD near classic boy looking like Jesus out

    12. Baggy Jay Beats

      idk why i think j cole looks like a prophet.

    13. Derek Strickland

      starting to look like Marley

    14. Nocturnal NinetyTwo

      My dude appeared out of nowhere 😂🔥

    15. Renzi Kalaw

      J Cole should’ve said “The real is back”

    16. Témitope Obinna

      Jcole- is the real G.O.A.T

    17. Imrahil

      That entrance was crazy

    18. human observing the outsideworld

      i got goosebumps all over the moment i see j.cole arrives in front instead of backstage, very humble. Cole is the realest

    19. vishal sharma

      coleworld ❤

    20. Eli Leyba

      Lucky bastards! Lol

    21. whynot

      J.Cole:"How you guys doing?" Everyone:"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"

    22. Sovereign Moh

      J Cole the man

    23. RJDaRed Baron

      I would have fainted lmaoooo

    24. :D

      hes like black jesus

    25. self less

      Mr. Cole. Short and simple my brother, THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR VISION AND THOUGHTS. 🙏

    26. Stephen Adeniyi


    27. Alexander Estefan

      He could of been 💯 without that Nike shirt on lol

    28. MrDuelist100

      fucking legend

    29. The Critic

      I like the part in history when the population makes this quote for seeing famous people. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.”

    30. FutureScrub 15

      Fuck lil pump! Fuck lil pump! Fuck lil pump! Fuck lil pump!

    31. AimGame UK

      This is how people react to a real one

    32. ZSTO

      I thought that was Ice Poseidon

    33. Scott NoPippen

      Why he never do tht at NC ?

    34. Norbu

      I got fucking goosebumps, im fucking mad i missed this.

    35. Charlie Thurston

      This gave me mad goosebumps

    36. Marcus Butler

      The truth

    37. Black Ace Records


    38. Stelian Anonymous

      lol jcoles overrated

    39. Ledarius Thompson

      This is my Theory Of what I think of the album this includes my opinion and also facts🤷🏾‍♂️ j Cole recently became a Christian if some of y’all didn’t know a couple months ago that’s where I feel like SOME of the inspiration of the album came from in a interview in January he opens up about religion with XXXTentacion he said “It hit a point where I had to question it for the first time. I felt bad about it. I felt guilty,” he said. “For even having a negative thought about it. I went and got baptized, started reading The Bible, and I was scared as fuck. Then it hit a point in my life where I just fell off and said, I’ll let the answer come. As I got older, I felt like I got a personal understanding of what God is to me, a strong belief too.” First let’s talk about KIDS ON DRUGS (K.O.D) I dont think kiLL Edward is j cole alter ego at all I think it’s has two meanings his stepdad which use to be abusive and put him and his mother through a lot of pain it caused her to be a alcoholic and he had to see his mom go through all that and he couldn’t do anything so he turnt to drugs as a young teen and the second meaning I believe of kiLL Edward is king Edward I feel like he was talking about king Edward being the ruler of hip hop (Edward is from old English the ead means wealth and PROSPERITY( is a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune )and the (Ward means guardian) how all the younger generations rappers are all on drugs and KING EDWARD likes the way the rap game is going like when he say: “can we vibe just a little? That would be a dream come true Ain't gon' lie, just like a fiend I've been feelin' you” he wants the rap game to have a positive look on drugs. They have a conversation in the cut off it seems like Edward was trying to get him to join the bad prospective of life and in the song tidal wave where he say: “I've been wantin' you since we were little Now we're full grown and you here Do you have time just a little? I can make it worth your while Ain't you diggin' me a little? Damn it look good when you smile” Edward is still tempting this is where I fell like he is talking about kill our demons (K.O.D) as in we must fight all the temptation in our life In the song (brackets) I feel like he was talking about the tax and how Uncle Sam is taking the hard earned money of the people and using it for things that’s really not benefiting people that’s where you get the phone call with Uncle Sam and he’s asking for money try to half the million at the end of the album we got 1985 (intro to “the fall off” ) with j Cole just becoming a follower of god I thought about the Bible it equals psalms-85 The psalm begins by remembering a past when God restored the community. Now the community is struggling again and prays that God will once more bring renewal. The pivot comes in verses 6-7 with the plea for renewal and a demonstration of God's unchanging love. The remarkable poetic images in verses 8-13 promise just such a renewal. The terms used in those verses (peace, salvation, glory, steadfast love, faithfulness, and righteousness) are terms central to ancient Israel's faith tradition. They characterize God's involvement in the world to bring this faith community to wholeness in life. Which brings me to (window pain outro) You have the little girl at the end when she says: “God is tryna, um Warn-warn us or teach us a lesson that we need to learn Or He's tryna warn us of He's comin' back to, um, see us and take us home and redo the world He's comin' back to, um, have us be His children and for us to see Him for the first time so we can rejoice with Him and have our time And after we do that, He's gonna restart the world” Now king of demons (K.O.D) this where I feel like he’s gets personal and talks about himself and we all know J.cole is the king this is where he talks about his temptation and how he wanted to experience the things he never had and because of his insecurities he realizes that he still felt empty inside I feel like This emptiness is what ultimately fuels his drug problem and how that drove him to have a grudge to hurt the person who put his momma he really just wanted to end all the pain he was going through but he chased after the wrong thing to help him I truly believe god was speaking through him and using him to deliver a message to the people to tell us not to be afraid of everything that’s going on in the world. J.cole even said it him self “God was just giving it to me, like, "Here n*gga, I'll write it for you, just take the credit,"' This album was done and dropped with a music video ln 2 weeks 🤷🏾‍♂️ but aye this is just a complex theory

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    41. Ian Raton

      Cole world forever.

    42. Aman singh

      Cole world😍😍😍😍


      The Energy is reo real that i feel it through my computer god bless you cole always been a fan since i was a child

    44. Roberto Chavez

      This shit so lit hahahaha

    45. Bandit Kidz

      Jermaine Lamarr Cole, better known by his stage name J. Cole has reached Legend Status.

    46. monsoon thapa

      Legend right there🔥

    47. Solara Isabella Nolan

      He’s mad down to earth! Like he smokes enough not to take fame seriously ✊🏾

    48. sickandloose

      Damn bruh!

    49. Buttered Bread

      No phones at the listening party/concert. Like entering a time machine. All you got is your memories. Dope

    50. Tony Cotte

      Does the videographer know what audio clipping is... sheesh turn down ur levels bruh

    51. Alep Santana

      Cole world no blanket!

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    53. Dr Cap Games

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> RIP Headphone Users

    54. Johnny Wishbone

      F I R E!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    55. Life Chill

      Chill Sound Coming From Detroit,MIcssel.info/video/video/x51qlney0qGDaKI.html

    56. Kalil H

      Cole world!!! We love you man

    57. Hello !

      Are we going to get another documentary like 4 your eyez only

    58. _ Heart under Blade

      God damn that is literally right new to my school, the one day I don't show up..

    59. Buford Jinkins

      If somehow this man starts a cult I swear I’ll join

    60. OMEGA NIG

      Legend man

    61. Kevin Peters

      Ive seen plenty of celebrities randomly when i walk through the city...id NEVER get hype at all..to me its sorta like being in a strange movie seeing them pass trying not to be seen lowkey...i would have my headphones on..theyd look at me..id look at them..we both knod..then keep it pushing...

    62. Freddy Lee

      JCole is ledgend!!

    63. K.D.A.T

      Last night, they pulled on my n**** at the light like

    64. Gabriel Sotta

      "Fuck the fame and the fortune. Well maybe not the fortune."

    65. CR00K Gaming

      These videos are beautiful, man. I hope he releases more on the making of the album.

    66. V TOXIC

      Yo volume warning turn your shit down before watching

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    69. davis gaming

      U suck for dissing lil pump

    70. Amir A.


    71. Adii B

      Literally said no phones smh these people dumb

    72. KatzSandra

      it is 20/4/18 and already listened to "KOD" twice... Cant wait to purchase them tour tickets again ................................................................. PLEASE COME BACK TO NOTTZ (UK)

    73. RJC 6952

      Goat maaaaan

    74. Aaron Lewis

      The Energy is purely beautiful they cling onto every side of J.

    75. ShotByShaq

      you cant see my face but thats me at "0.17" with the ear pods in LOL!

    76. Mauricio Ramirez

      It’s Cole season babyyy!!! 🔥💯🔥

    77. Thebest401

      Lol I got that shirt he wearing

    78. Remy Boy

      The luv is real

    79. Goldmind Productionz

      They will compare u to people who ain't complete , people who never discover , made , or even touch tha surface ..... ''irrelevant vultures '' scavenging on dead artist Foh

    80. Sanele Ndaba

      Nigga's a GOD now!