J. Cole & Miguel @ Barclays - Power Trip

J. Cole

J. Cole

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    1. Rapper Woodz

      Miguel is funny ash😂

    2. Greatest Ever


    3. Julia Escobar

      i don’t think i’ve heard a chorus live this mf good. miguel u deserve a grammy

    4. ninjAdollChumChum

      Still one of my favorite song and performances 🙌🙌🙌🙏🏻💙🥰

    5. Lina Rose

      I just love this live version and Miguel vocals with his extra ass and it’s perfect

      1. KArim Karimin

        Extra what??

    6. Be.Smooth Tv

      #DREAMVILLE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

    7. Justina Sinclair


    8. fried IT

      ITS been 20+ years now and sagging is still a thing, i think its time to change the fash.

    9. Shasleka Gilliam

      Miguel so extra bruh..... And I love it

      1. non ya

        prince vibes

    10. klifrann West


    11. Chastity B.

      Love Miguel’s voice.

    12. solus

      that look cole gives miguel at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> got me wondering if the song about miguel 👀

    13. Wonder McThunder

      Underrated live performances

    14. Sergio Carrillo

      Miguel is short😂

    15. Problem VLOGS

      Now they both have dreads, still my two top 5 artist.

    16. Zoe Sutton

      I love how they look like they're actually enjoying performing.. some artists just look bored when they perform. love this

    17. blatinoboi05

      Had no idea that Miguel had those crazy vocals in him!

    18. Brandon Lingstuyl

      I like that Miguel grabs j coles arm and shoes his big butt to the audience that's the best part of the video

    19. walter harvey

      the energy when cole walked up

    20. Vanessa Chavez

      this gave me the chills

    21. naturezoo

      migs killed this! should've sang it like this on the record!

    22. Shady Blogger

      They should've done all I want is you tooo

    23. Charkree Busayapoka

      not sure if migual performed with nas haha

      1. Makaveli _Hun

        +Charkree Busayapoka truuu :D

    24. TheMizzPia

      Miguel is killin me.

    25. May11flower

      Im in love ......with this song:)

      1. Better Late Than Broke


    26. Kayla Pearse

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> hurt right in the heart

      1. 5-in-NY

        every time.

    27. Killa Magnum

      J.cole is 6''3, so yh cole is just tall, miguel is just average lool

    28. CJ Stonin

      God if I had miguel vocals lol. The songs I would be comfortable singing in public lol

      1. Justin Edwards


      2. Justin Edwards

        Love ❤

    29. Xenia

      i love you

      1. KingdomCameUp

        Xenia Seekircher thank thank you

    30. David Del Angel

      Dame j.cole saggs hard Lmfaoo cx

    31. Ricky Ticky

      deep down inside, they want each other

    32. Andre Taylor

      Miguel goes hard...but he sounds like 'trash' live

    33. it's time to be brave

      Two talented artist, this is what I'm talking about

    34. Hilda Gomez

      Next time j. Cole is in the tristate area I'm there idgaf

    35. Regina Scholey


    36. Jayshree Viranna


    37. La Veda

      love this

      1. KingdomCameUp

        Laveda Lardydell this probably don't love you though

    38. ax 41

      Miguel is on fire!!

    39. Yoohoo_dabeschocomilk

      Wear j cole get that jacket im diggin it

    40. Windowinyourmom

      J cole probably was laughing when miguil went on his knees lmao this niga gay

      1. newera 19

        Windowinyourmom lmao

    41. bob miller

      Miguel is amazing..

    42. Liz Santos

      Miguel Is Just Plain Awesome •••

    43. Stephanie Young

      ALL I WANT IS THEM!!!!!

    44. Leslie Rivers

      The Best!! Simple as that!

    45. Josianne Clarke

      I would never sing with a nigga who tried to kill me! LOL

    46. kharaka


    47. raquel xo

      I wish the song was more like this live performance

    48. Pretty Gayl

      j cole

    49. 3OD17

      watch who you calling short nigga I'm 5'6!! lmao xD

    50. Arley Hernandez

      J Cole is 6'3 people lol.

    51. remy

      Cole 6'3"

    52. Cherin Tilbe

      J COLE is one of them rappers, that can rap live!

    53. All Business NothingPersonal

      Does anybody see Miquel dick print! All I can say is dame

    54. 1allidoiswin

      love them both but when Miguel drops down to his knees, its kinda weird lol

    55. Lumari

      you're right though idk why people thumbed you down lol

    56. latrevious armour

      Pure talent

    57. Dux

      the born sinner album is probably his best album so far this is a masterpic song in the time of wack house/pop/new age so called hip hop music this realy is uniq peac of art it has a soul and a lyrics that has a meaning i can say miguel and j cole are the potential savers of rnb and hip hop music i belive they will bring back good old music to music industry

    58. Sha

      that DJ has a suicidal tendencies shirt on. if he's actually a fan of the band, that's respect to him.

    59. iRezmaa

      They fucking killed it

    60. latrevious armour

      Dat brotha J Cole got swagg

    61. herbet plum

      least he isnt legdropping anyone

    62. Ocean

      DJ look like Schoolboy Q lol!

    63. Kwaku Mason

      Leg drop

    64. Cheri


    65. SuperKiao

      Where can I get that jacket J. Cole is wearing? its fuckin dope!

    66. Michael Ireroa

      Take Care is better than So Far Gone though and much better than anything before. And even if you don't think so, the quality drop from The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights to Cole World is pretty stark. I don't give a fuck about your most talked about rapper.

    67. BASKETBALL3437

      You lost the argument right there by saying Drakes last album was better than his mixtapes! WOW DAWG COMPLETE NON SENSE! YOU LOST! Just because you did not like j.cole's debut album it doesnt mean everybody feels that way! He was the most talked about rapper in the game when his debut album came out!

    68. Michael Ireroa

      Lol, what is this nonsense? Just random stringed thoughts? You acted like sales are all that mattered in determining the quality of an album. They aren't. If they were we'd all be saying Lil Wayne makes better music than Nas. So sure, labels do tend to get in the way of the quality of albums, but guess who released an even better album than mixtapes barely six months ago: Kendrick Lamar. Even Drake's Take Care is better than So Far Gone. I don't care about the rest you listed. They all suck.

    69. CollegeJesters

      "Damn you're so tall, what team do you play for?" "No, b*tch I'm a doctor!" LOL, J.Cole!

    70. Walt Clyde

      3 weeks later and my comment is STILL goin strong & it wasnt even a comment it was a "Reply"..Let me school you on the world of hip hop..DONT EVER COMPARE A FUCKIN MIXTAPE TO AN ALBUM!!...Labels & artists do not want there mixtape to sound like there album cuz that ruin's sales!..Whats the point of making an album if your mixtape is the same quality? MIxtapes are free of style & not mainstream it's underground & not an album! Ask Drake,Ask Tyga, Ask Wiz,Ask Yelawolf,Ask MGK!!!!..

    71. Michael Ireroa

      How do sales equate to quality? His last album was weaker than his two prior mixtapes. Going Gold has nothing to do with that. Love how everyone is voted down that comment because it's the truth.

      1. Luis V

        Michael Ireroa then he dropped 2014 and 4yeo which were his two best albums

    72. Jasmine Bella

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    73. DessyPea

      Perfection ❤

    74. niaz kilam

      the dream team.

    75. MiissMajda

      I LOVE this song! And these two together, it is a PERFECT duo! **check out ME singing on my channel. Thanx

    76. Jimmystarr21


    77. ATL8U

      Link to the album please? anyone. . COLE WORLD! !

    78. So Suze

      Incredible!!!! I had the pleasure of attending J Cole's concert... best concert I've attended thus far

    79. datswassup07

      I never thought Id say Cole was sexy but he kinda is. His rapping voice >>>


      I wish they would make an entire album together, I love all the songs they do with one another.