Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk



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    Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

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    1. Darkfoot

      Tony's words were surprisingly inspiring, glad I watched through to the end

    2. fatHLetic

      250F sauna is normal here in Finland, you guys should probably just get used to it, nothing weird about that

    3. Tom Stiles

      Not only does Tony Hawk still look young but he still sounds young. I feel like he's gonna be 80 with the same voice lol. Like it's not gonna get old and raggedy like a lot do

    4. hope stevens

      lazy masquerade

    5. zijuiy wttuy

      Joe: Did you ever try the Iron Neck? Tony: I've tried it and it's a bit awkward... Joe: You should try it

    6. bigtre3rd

      Senegal has a populace of 16 million, and as of May 21 a death toll of only thirty related to the virus

    7. Antonio Padilla

      Tony hawk is the All Might of our earth

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        I was just like, "he looks like tony hawk"

    8. Carlos Caro

      Tony Hawk rules!

    9. mzondi1970

      I have been around skaters most of my life I'm 50 I don't skate anymore but I still ride BMX and I'm just blown away how they're still like a wall between skaters and BMX guys. I remember when they poke fun at Tony Hawk for his style back in the day during the Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi and other skater days I've always liked all of them and respected all their styles. I'm glad he stuck with it the world needs a Tony Hawk to represent whatever form of sport there is. Like Michael Jordan Ayrton Senna xcetera

    10. Sky Warp

      Tony hawk is the type of guy to give his chick a ride on his skateboard

    11. David Florez

      So all i had to do was check the pro box?

    12. Siderico

      Cordyceps Militaris has been the best supplement I've discovered, I used to get horrible fatigue and breathing problems when trying to run, and now I just can go for hours without getting winded.

    13. TimTheTechie

      Did Tony cuss once the entire interview?

    14. MoahGentle

      Perseverance,talent,hard work, humbleness. Inspiring man.

    15. MrRevCytosis

      I just recently watched a thing he did, where he was david spades stunt double before he had a growth spurt and damn it don't they sound so similar

    16. Josh Richardson

      Get rodney Mullen on the show

    17. Rich Wilson

      Don’t think Joe realizes he’s talking to a legend.

    18. Mike Fu

      Tony Hawk sounds like Edward Norton

      1. Deep hug

        This legend is a guy.

    19. logan swartz

      When the race war starts and I gotta kill Tony Hawk: 😕🙁☹️😣😖😢

      1. Deep hug

        Great interview, Tony seems like a very honest dude.

    20. Luis Soto

      Shout out to Jon Jones for helping keep the 505 clean

    21. Eric Anderson

      Park and street skating is way more Exciting then vert to watch. Vert is kinda boring tbh you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a thousand times

    22. jj Diah

      Next on the show should be Rodney Mullen

    23. Thunder Life

      I was just like, "he looks like tony hawk"

    24. Zeus Fitter

      If he owned a house then why need to pay rent ?

    25. Mark Green

      That video game stole a year of my life.

    26. Felix Mounsey

      They didn't include vert because they couldn't make a women's vert teams apparently. I get it. I'm upset vert is not in the Olympics but it just isn't as popular as street, and vert doesn't really have the street culture that is also popular today.

    27. Aleta Kling

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">01:14</a>:05 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">01:04</a>:27 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">01:02</a>:38

    28. Nicholas Daigle

      52 turning 33 lol

    29. King Kench

      Ant Hawk is so cool

    30. Solve Everything

      When is he going to invent the hooverboard?

    31. Solve Everything

      He didn't do a kick-flip in the studio? Disappoint.

    32. J.A.W.

      Bonds Brigade!!!

    33. Ingeniero Terraplanista

      Great interview, Tony seems like a very honest dude.

    34. Skeleton Cartel

      This legend is a guy.

    35. RaisedFistPropaganda

      the GOAT

    36. Rudy Bankhead

      This is cringe as fuck... tony deserves a interview where the host actually ask questions without sounding like a noob

    37. Daniel Gallop

      Tony Hawk Pro Skater PS2, one of the best games on the platform

    38. OG MOGLY260

      Love your Videos Joe wish we could get some pro soccer players on here!! you ask the best questions!

    39. Harris O.M.O

      If i could buy a house in high school id look that good at 50 too.

    40. Contrary Mary 2

      Its poetry in motion. Everything in sync.

    41. extreme__relaxation

      Tony Hawk fucking rules, what a good man

    42. Jerred Smith

      Now can we get Rodney Mullen on? My life will be complete

      1. Doc Holiday

        Best skater that ever lived in my opinion. Tony is fantastic. But Mullen is impossibly good.

    43. David S

      CONGRATULATIONS Joe Rogan on your $ 100,000,000 dealnwith spotify, and full creative control! Way to take a stand for freedom of speech!

      1. hen ko

        skateboards haven't changed a whole lot in tricks, the old skaters are used to how everything on their board works the way it does: the wheel bite, the way the board reacts to

      2. hen ko

        breaking it.

    44. donte wikman

      He should get Matt Hoffman on !!!!!!

    45. Karena Garcia

      Tony Hawk Pro Skate was goated

    46. Julian Rodriguez

      I'm 40 next week and recently started skateboarding again.

    47. Cody Cruz

      Mind reading is the subconscious ability to since intent and advanced mind reading translates the intent to what feels like word, and form sentence structure through vibration

    48. Peter Sharma

      You should connect Laird Hamilton and David Goggins. Would love to hear that podcast.

    49. Paul Vair

      What a breath of fresh air this man is. I don't even skate and I would consider him one of my greatest childhood heroes.

    50. Christian Gonzalez

      Let's get Hakeem Ducksworth on here!!!!!

    51. Brandon From Oz

      love love love!!!!

    52. Logan Okeefe

      the sand gone now ;)

    53. vygas

      can we get rodney on the podcast too?

    54. Tyler Morgan

      I bet celebrities are loving wearing masks in public so they don't have their identities exposed they're able to blend in with regular people I bet that something you miss as a celebrity

    55. SMOKE 505

      It’s been the opposite for me. People see me not wearing a mask and give dirty looks. I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t tell me what to do

    56. Luis Lopez

      3k people don’t know what’s good.

    57. Playboy TTT

      Thank you Joe, Thank you Tony. What a wonderful conversation to listen to.

    58. Andrew Snyder

      There has been a lot of changes to skateboarding as a mode of transportation, such as electric carbon fiber longboards that cost like $2000. I think there's a lot of reasons why skateboards haven't changed a whole lot in tricks, the old skaters are used to how everything on their board works the way it does: the wheel bite, the way the board reacts to their weight, how much do board weighs, how grippy everything is. Not to mention with tricks you kind of want your skateboard deck to be cheap, because you might end up breaking it.

    59. Renew AGD

      I skated Del Mar back in the day with Tony. He helped me with my airs in the keyhole. Super humble then, same guy today. I bought a birdhouse board last week. Hitting the muni park soon.

    60. Flora Nugs

      Great Interview

    61. davidmm93


    62. LatiNoble

      So when are you gonna have Rodney Mullen on?

    63. No image

      Tony is a expert at hiding his narcissistic traits, also his fear of inferiority and being judged. He masks his obsession of his need to be superior by playing him self down and propping up others in conversation.

    64. PC is BS

      Tony Hawk looks like the father of his own voice, almost like his son is dubbed over his voice

    65. Matt Campbell

      As a skater who started in 1999 this is so cool to see! I request Rob Dyrdek next Joe!

    66. Alex Talkington

      maybe laird can start sitting in volcanoes for a sauna

    67. whheaattz mayne

      i'm so happy about this interview, the dude who essentially got me into skateboarding via video games. And at 32, I'm starting again to help with the stabalizing muscles in my ankle (cruising not so much tricks at the moment)

    68. Sebastian Nowik

      I remember him in elementary school. Such a throw back

    69. Derek Dishart

      Tony Hawk was embarrassed about having a male massage therapist lol

      1. Ajax D Gonzo

        I know I would. I probably wouldnt do it if its a guy

    70. slim pickinsworld

      Tony Hawk still the man he said it all "People being rude because he had the mask on":>( Wear a mask everyone Corona Virus is still active and Tony Hawk has a family like all of us, respect mad props to Tony for bringing that up. P.e.a.c.e 2020.

    71. Zil K

      Tony should’ve mentioned rodney mullen when street skating was brought up

    72. DrewskiBTW

      i wanna know the skateboard they were talking about in the beginning if anyone could send me in the right direction. The wheels flip around the board ?

    73. Unafe Raptor

      Hemp composites would be amazing for skateboards.

    74. Unafe Raptor

      Oh by the way with this virus, it’s a simple one honestly. just wait till the permafrost melts and those Ancient bacteria and viruses are released into the world. Yay 😅 for global warming and nay for us humans. 😰

    75. Ernests Lavrinovics

      Joe "Its a strange time" Rogan

    76. Dan Arnets

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a>:15 Tony, don't lie, they already had that before, it was called Street League!!!


      That guy that gave Tony s***, is Jay Adams I'm pretty sure. Unfortunately he wound up addicted to drugs and is now dead. Jay came from a f*****-up background. Tony came from a very Jackson 5 type family. his father was the head of the competitions for skateboarding.... He actually started them!! That's a large part of why Tony got s***. But Tony has completely redeemed himself & in the process helped skateboarding & countless people along the way! Jay was not a perfect person but nobody is and I don't think Tony feels the same way he was stating a particular incident in his youth. Could have been hosi🤔 Don't know if I even spelt his name right 😂 Then again probably nobody cares

    78. Heather

      I honestly it used to be that way for every skater, you kind of went through a hazing period Until you come into your own. Basically young kids got kind of s*** on by older kids. I think that's probably helped me to not be such a pussy ! Skateboarding has changed dramatically since the early 90s when I started and it's not the same at all. Humans today of all ages don't say anything to your face they just put something online. social interactions quite f****** different people are f****** Stranger than ever now IMO This comment is actually made by DeathWishchrisreilly@

    79. brow doski

      Do they talk about how THPS5 was a mistake?

    80. O

      Tony hawk is like stale bread. I forgot he existed.