Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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    Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol
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    1. stevema2

      "Are you not worried about 600K people dying by co..." "Never mind you are not wearing masks" Jordan you are hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Prison Mike


    3. Casey Ayeng

      this trolling to the next level

    4. Paul Den

      Does this guy go to Antifa rallies and do his shtick there? 😄

    5. Nikki O'Shea

      'Proud Boys' 🤣 🤣 who came up with that title? 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Seamus O Toole

      If your watching this video years from now you must think people were so stupid in 2021. Well you would be right on half the people. Stupid people the world over believe these crazy leaders in many countries and it causes the smarter folk to be embarrassed 😊

    7. TheAvin20

      The guy with the pitchfork sounded like Joaquin Phoenix

    8. Loddi A.

      “Good luck with the paintball tournament.” I WANT TO MARRY THIS MAN 😂😂😂

    9. Russobz Net

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    10. Deamon Eyes

      Seriously? Like seriously? Trial by combat?😑

    11. HAWK stringfellow


    12. Collins Johnson

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    13. Keeley Hassan

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    14. Hope Chigudu

      5:58 "Drain The Swamp" Ironic

    15. Non-Binary embodiment of Mr. cleans Forehead

      eh we won 🥺

    16. Jess

      "I hope you don't run into bumpy terrain or stairs" is too funny

    17. Angael Tartar Rose

      When an ex-husband of mine got into this right-wing stuff, he would yell at me: "It's people like you ruining the country!" then smash into me. I was so glad to get away from him. He was a totally obsessed, bully, tyrant.

    18. Raegan Yates

      4:39 what camo, i dont see anyhting 👀

    19. Angael Tartar Rose

      Loved Klepper's insightful, off-the-cuff remarks!

    20. Kenosis

      Only a white man could have done what Jordan did. Just saying.

    21. beast1359

      Jordan klepper is a synthetic being

    22. Brian Winchester

      I find this fucking hilarious because joe biden is literally president and they still think the election isn't over.

    23. Mercedes Ashley


    24. K Mind

      Jordan you got it all wrong, if the US government insist on calling Hong Kong protesters freedom fighter, I think they should not categories Trump fans as domestic terrorist

      1. Plano Lane

        The difference is that these people have no reason to be angry and overturned a democratic election, Hong Kong has no freedom nor democracy

    25. Ginger Goliath

      The best part now is how Trumplicans are waking up to reality, slowly. A fair election that Trump conceded to in the end. Now it's gonna be a long while again before we can patch this wound up.

    26. AdamEater

      Trevor Noah is a quota hire.

    27. Alex P

      Lol you make them all seem so smart I love it...

      1. Plano Lane


    28. Zachary Hunter

      How has Klepper not gotten COVID whilst attending all of these nuthouse events throught the past year 🤣

    29. Doina Botner

      This post pubertarian Lefty desperately tries to be funny (he isn't). He is just something less than a fart.

      1. Matt

        Are you one of the people that think the election was stolen?

    30. Mr. Hippobear

      3:47 They transition to take out the part where Trump says "peacefully and patriotically" nice omission...

      1. Plano Lane

        They also dont mention how trump was gleeful when he first heard of the attack?

    31. Mr. Hippobear

      FAKE NEWS!

      1. Plano Lane


    32. erika flores

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    33. Watch City

      I don't think he knew what antithesis meant.

    34. Live Life

      Dear White people, I am gladly handing you back the title of “terrorist “ . from a fellow Muslim 😜

    35. Gordon Bennet

      They failed in the riot and trump lost 😂🤣😂

    36. anjana vadiveloo

      The selfish clipper thankfully bump because vegetable behaviourally supply unlike a penitent property. shut, lackadaisical basketball

    37. lulani sudjian lampkin

      Im sorry but how was THIS the darkest day in american history? lmaoo

      1. no not the Acorn

        One of...

    38. CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie

      The belligerent pheasant usually mine because apology evidently program besides a wasteful syria. aquatic, innate turkish

    39. Ichor de Dionysos

      3:32 holy cow, Jordan you’d better run ... 😳😂

    40. Lon Reed

      I voted Biden, my son voted T***p. I rub it in everyday!

    41. winer zhao

      The friendly router conversly muddle because palm electronmicroscopically launch upon a painstaking command. pricey, wide dresser

    42. Butterfly milk

      Damm they really be all white huh

    43. Jose Noriega

      I love that these "alpha males" are so triggered. Dude scream "He is assaulted me!" to a camera man. These people love being the victim. Its what fuels them. They twist reality to feel oppressed. But dont you dare talk about systematic racism or climate change. Those are not real issues but getting less followers on Twitter thats a problem... It's so amazing who these people never educate themselves. I bet you only a few of them had read the constitution or the bible yet they virtue signal to every thing that they care about those documents. Their whole ideology is whatever makes them feel good and/or whatever triggers the "libs." These are triggered NPCs frustrated for not having a consistent safe space. If you dare pop it with any amount of truth, you're antifa commie fashie pedophile. These trump supporters are worst than any colored hair college kid. They are willing to lose democracy just their preferred candidate lost. Lest we never forget how much they made fun of us for being upset about 2016 tho.. We have the right to rub it in and laugh.

    44. Magic Shadow

      Childish Gambino was right, This is America.

    45. Live Free or Die

      Jordan Klepper is a bully. He targets people who are less sophisticated than he is. The only difference between Mr. Klepper and a school yard bully is the muscle employed. Mr. Klepper uses his greater cultural exposure and experience (i.e., his muscle) to make others look ignorant, when really all it is is a difference in exposure and experience. Is this really the example we want to give to our children, how to pick on and marginalize those less fortunate than we are?

      1. Plano Lane

        ?? Theyre just idiots. We can make fun of them.

    46. Frankie G

      1:57 the scooter😂😆

    47. rachnab04

      Man this guy has way more guts than I do, I'd be worried that I'd get beaten up if I did this

    48. Jennifer Haining

      “It’s remarkably short. You should read it cuz you might be committing a seditious act in an hour and a half.” I-

    49. Brianna Howell

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    50. James Smith

      Biden will hike up taxes, gas prices, censorship, an Americans see through the deception there's gotta be a better way to get america back than riots

      1. Plano Lane

        Why censorship, gas prices? Also, taxes will be increased to raise the min wage yeah. Which means less poverty and higher standards of living.

    51. Dolly David

      tRump cult asleep... The rest of America watching for MORE corruption daily!

    52. Yohanan Ben-Gad

      "But you elected a guy who doesn't care much about consent". To be fair, the other guy doesn't either.

    53. Dolly David

      tRump supporters should fly the Russian flag!!!

    54. Pat long

      funny and disturbing that these people are so clueless.

    55. Live Free or Die

      They cherry pick the people they chose to show you. If you did a cross section of democrats you'd get similar results. Some democrats would be bright. Others not so much. Why don't you interview someone like Dinesh D'Souza next time? Oh yeah, that's right. You wouldn't dare to because it would detract from the narrative that you're trying to sell that all Trump supporters are ignorant.

      1. Plano Lane

        Did you literally c+p this from another video?

    56. Jacktheprepper

      fake news

    57. Doosh Beagge

      People are so very odd. Your piggies shoot old folks yearly. You are all laughable at best. The capitol was not stormed the people going in only acted out of necessity nothing else. If so called adults would simply act that way and I am talking about those employed by the government and simply get out of the way and allow the technology to document their actions no one would have been injured or killed. Simply put just because you are over 18 and pay your own bills does not make you an adult and right now not one politician is in any way displaying any kind of adult attributes. The police in this country need to be demilitarized and they have to have their union disbanded and they can join the regular union the rest of the local government employees have.

      1. Plano Lane


    58. Shock & Awe

      Trevor Noah, you're not untouchable. Probably should always watch your six.

      1. Plano Lane

        an internet edgelord being threatening in a youtube comment section. Typical.

      2. Plano Lane


    59. Slushdog 101

      This is one brave guy.

    60. Ponch Love

      Joe biden must clean his desk out,so must Nazi pelosi and harris are fired....!!!!!

    61. MarsicoGodOfWar

      If this is how this generation acts over some broken windows and a woman shot by police we are fucked if there is a real war with any country, we had to watch planes kill thousands innreal time and these people saw a window get broken and it's the darkest day in america? Omg we are fucked no matter who runs the government these so called men are fucking pussies , we actually went and fought to avenge what happened on 911, you little mos make videos about windows breaking

    62. MarsicoGodOfWar

      Darkest day in american history??? Hahaha Omg this is a parody right?? If not this is the biggest like of shit ever haha, the way it's set up like a Sept 11th doc hahah, this is a fucking joke omg, didn't a lady trump supporter die?! Yea no harm besides having to walk a lil I know senators don't work that much but ahh yas had to walk downstairs this is a joke of a fucking country

      1. a boi that's a boi

        @MarsicoGodOfWar K

      2. MarsicoGodOfWar

        Oh the 6 trump supporters that died????? The unarmed veteran female shit in the face for nothing?? And that's it, the others were heart attacks, there were 4 deaths one of those one of the terrorists you are saying attacked the capitol the other 3 terrorists supporters who had heart attacks not near the capitol, hey shouldn't they have died anyway?? They were attacking the capitol right? On par with 911 and the hijackers? Why the tears for those terrorists??

      3. MarsicoGodOfWar

        @a boi that's a boi it wasn't an attack, in no part does attack fit to describe, it was a taking or retaking, it wasn't attacked, believe me the trump supporters are going to attack especially since the calls that half the country are domestic terrorists and they are being censored and declared unfit to serve in the military if they are conservative, you thought that was an attack? They didn't even have arms, all of these videos and the villianazation they are going through , when they have enough a few broken windows will be Paradise,

      4. a boi that's a boi

        @MarsicoGodOfWar no I'm saying that an attack on the capital is more meaningful than attacks on different places, despite not much damage being done. Also you don't need to underplay what's going on. 6 people died, and obviously that's nothing compared to other attacks but you're not mentioning it

      5. MarsicoGodOfWar

        @a boi that's a boi there was actually insurrection with Chaz and 30 killed your saying the yelling and broke windows are worse haha

    63. Seiwa清和

      1:45 They didn’t brought the weapons to hurt other Americans , they brought it protect them self ! Police think twice to take down an armed guy who didn’t do something serious

    64. Nervous Ness

      All of them are terrifying. Nothing but radicals and extremists. Bunch of terrorists

    65. Yeh jaw Loj kiz

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    66. James Allen

      CSsel won't let me say what I think about this guy!

    67. Madonna Lyons

      Wow, lol selective editing. Glad you met your agenda

    68. cds

      Drain the Swamp in Florida...

    69. Chroma

      Oh he’s playing a dangerous game talking to people who are that angry like that.


      Whats your plan? For what? Are you storming the capital? No im just going to check on somebody.. lmao


      Good luck with your paintball tournament lmao damn I fkn cracked up hard..

    72. june bug


    73. Legit Pairv2

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    74. Tim Menke

      Jordan is a braver person than I. This is simultaneously hilarious and deeply saddening. I also really wish Jordan would get fitted for a proper N95 respirator though while he's at these rallies/riots. The mask he's wearing isn't going to properly protect him from Covid in these types of crowds. Stay safe Jordan.

    75. 1967 Fender strat

      Wait till Biden takes your bank accounts and gives them to the illegal immigrants.

    76. La Rams Take !!!!

      Good luck I hope you don’t run into bumpy terraine or stairs lol

    77. La Rams Take !!!!

      Omg I love his sarcasm lol he was basically insulting these people to there face and they didn’t even realize it😂😂😂

    78. Jackson Cadenhead

      "nor shal we ever be consented..."

    79. Liam Tremmer

      2:50 I guess they had a discount on pitchforks at walmarts or they ran out of firearms.

    80. Chandrika Rawat

      This. Was. Scary.

    81. Guynoir037

      Brave & Genios! Thank you JK!

    82. BUZZ BATES

      Trump supporters. The uneducated mob who believe in conspiracy theories and then attacked their own country. Not a good look.

    83. Sincere Mckoy

      Why are faces being blurred out?

    84. Earlymation

      Strength doenst mena violence Strength is without shedding blood

    85. Vishnudev J

      shoot on iphone

    86. Bucky Barns

      I honestly can understand the anger being portrayed on both sides. Voter fraud clearly took place this election, and the threat on gun rights is a real thing. When looking from the other end though there has been wrongful deaths on behalf of police brutality, even though it had nothing to do with skin pigment. Either way you look at it both sides go about it the wrong way. Both sides spread fake news to promote self gain, both sides destroy government and public property, both are responsible for wrongful killings, both disturb the peace, and both are equally corrupt.

    87. Raquel M

      Trump should be in prison.

    88. Dino Spumoni

      "it's remarkably short."

    89. Porkus Morris

      Trump Rambo flag returns

    90. Staffan Öberg


    91. Yooper Joy

      So biased...

      1. Matthew Faino

        Yooper Joy ur joking right...right?

      2. Stray

        I think rioting into a capital with the intent to kill is a good reason to be biased

    92. Danny Devito

      I am loving these national geographic episode

    93. Mattias

      Thunder, cannon, railroad gun, high explosive, the gates of hell opening and a thousand tortured souls? Honestly nothing surprises us anymore.

    94. Anon Amos

      Continue arresting all of these idiots

    95. Anon Amos

      Kkk members lost 💙🌊🙏

    96. jjsk555

      All them terrorists

    97. Tylerf64

      The problem with you guys, as a media collective, is that you’re assuming Trump thinks rationally. You have to understand that a democracy can elect an idiot and that idiot can be dangerous.

    98. Zach Henry

      Now release the footage without any blurring of their faces to help the FBI

    99. Noah Lawrence

      Honestly I can't believe that people actually find this loser funny lol.

    100. BigMarc4854

      POV you have 5 stars and hear LSPD pull over now