Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles | Millennial Money

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    “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary takes a look at how real estate investor and CSsel star Graham Stephan handles his money. The 30-year-old earned more than $1.6 million last year and saved about 99% of it.
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    Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles | Millennial Money

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    1. CNBC Make It.

      Will Kevin smash the like button on Graham’s finances? Let us know what you think below.

      1. Steven Newton

        @Sunny N 😂Asana?

      2. Sunny N

        @Steven Newton NSA aka asan or aassaaan is still YOGA!

      3. Bystronicman08

        Stop begging for likes. It's pathetic.

      4. Riki Rikin kanayin

        And he never said he didnt buy quality gucci LV prada is nothing but over priced crap and no one is asking his oponiion what he likes because again hes old and bald i dont wanna look old and bald....

      5. harvey sp


    2. 1k subs before quarantine ends

      Kevin be like: watches are better since you can wear them Graham next video be like: How to wear money

    3. 1k subs before quarantine ends

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="288">4:48</a> did he just walk out of a store with coffee

    4. Matt Adam

      look at his girl omg

    5. Cherm

      am i the only one who found this depressing

    6. Aswin Bhusal

      Dude spends 220 bucks a month on the gym? Is the squat rack made of gold?

    7. XSCAPE 2030

      YES , YES , YES ... I LOVE THIS GUY !!! .... OMGOD SHOW THIS VIDEO TO LOSES WHO DRIVE CARS AND LIVE IN HOUSES THEY CAN'T AFFORD !! ... They also live off of their credit card purchasing designer labels just to show - off to others so that they WILL BE PERCIEVED as above or better than another !! This guy is the real deal , making ALL OF THE RIGHT MOVES as he accumulates true wealth !!! He is going places for sure ... would love to see his portfolio in another 20 yrs .... bravo 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    8. Hemp Rope

      Why not just live somewhere besides LA so you can get just as much with less money?

    9. DD X

      Dude is rich cuz of youtube

    10. morgan ghetti

      I was ready to not like this guy but he won me over.

    11. andy parham

      Ooh look at me I save money by not buying Gucci brand clothes

    12. M arrizon

      Graham. The richest poorest American.

    13. James Bradley

      If you dare...

    14. Limpuls

      This guy really wants to talk about the algorithm

    15. Ignatius Cartwright

      I watched Graham and learnt how to invest. I am almost in the millionaire bracket, been investing since 2017. In 3 years I can boast of more than half and a quarter million in profit from a plethora of investment in currencies and tangible assets. Also stock holdings in my portfolio are for the most part well to do. although all under the guidance of Meghan an advisor in Minnesota who directed me to allocating my funds properly. I made so much profit in 2019, and reinvested a lot of it. and it paid off during the lockdown, still adding money biweekly to my portfolio while she helps me properly allocated my funds.

      1. Ignatius Cartwright

        @Stay Bullish she says she offers advice, but sadly as she had told me, she gives preference to those seeking brokerage services more than those seeking financial advice. I also learnt she has a host of clients and takes the time to evaluate a client before getting him / her started on her social trading network.

      2. Stay Bullish

        @Ignatius Cartwright usually I disregard recommendations like this but seeing she is certified intrigues me to make contact, I want to pick her brains. 🧠

      3. Zoe Smulders

        @Ignatius Cartwright I appreciate your thoughtfulness to share useful information like this with those looking to put their money to good use by investing in the stock market. I looked her up and found her broker report and a website in her name, must be hers? I wrote her via her website email, will wait for a response.

      4. Ignatius Cartwright

        It is best you reach out to Ms Meghan yourself. her full name is Meghan Paige Villanueva, she stays in MN and works with Ameriprise, a brokerage and financial services company. You can look her up online, all her details can be found via google search.

      5. Günther Stephan

        hi son, how do I contact this Meghan? Must be fabulous to have someone do the job of managing your portfolio. Please reply soon.

    16. Grace Kelly

      "I always believed I was gonna be a millionaire" dude straight up stole Waren Buffett's quote lol

    17. David Jarcos

      As a beginner, avoid trading by yourself and start trading with a professional trader like Mr Jacobs. I can guarantee you’ll definitely make sizable profit.

      1. Rigboss

        all these comments are bots

      2. NC Priscilla

        Great stuff. I’m elated to see other investors of Mr Armani Jacobs. Started trading with his platform while vacationing in Canada and rolled over my earnings to increase my profits. Genius.

      3. Brian Rodriguez

        Oh my gosh. Gracias. I have $1k and I hope I can invest this with your financial advisor. I’d prefer he handles my trades than experimenting with my money myself

      4. Ramoz E

        I count myself as a successful trader because i follow guidance from Armani. I just made $1,153.35 within a fortnight of trading with him. on my third investment and my portfolio has grown steadily.

      5. David Jarcos

        @Henderson Waters He’s at

    18. Cwise85

      Wow, I was thinking it was more difficult, even for 1M+ subscriber creators, to make money after the adpocalypse.... That's why so many have started up merch and Patreon

    19. John Kim

      85% of his income comes from making videos for CSsel. What am I waiting for?

    20. S. White

      You know you're cheap when you refuse to buy a collander to drain the spaghetti...

    21. S. White

      Realtors are thieves, grossly overpaid and none of them know anything. Buy direct from owner.

    22. Benjamin Hogervorst

      Why is this dude a millennial with four credit cards totaling $1550 in fees a year? If he really does make that much, he doesn't need stupid credit cards or he could pay them off in time.

    23. J.B

      Common sense

    24. Michael Bogart

      Did this guy name himself mister wonderful? If so that's the best thing I've ever heard.

    25. Sharan Ravigopal

      lol this guy als a 29 yr old man a Kid

    26. darkprince56

      Can a poor person such as myself, working a part-time job, earning $10 an hour get started in investing and actually make some money? How?!

    27. Isha Locke

      Kevin - Cars ARE necessary where I live. Pshaw...

    28. Filmtastic

      Great video

    29. darkprince56

      I didn't understand at all in the beginning what he said how he's basically living for free using the city's tax code

    30. darkprince56

      I make about $800 a month and live with my mom at 30 in Housing… I cannot fathom earning that much money, as he does, ever. 😳 I went to college and in six years I have failed to get a relevant job to put my biology degree to use because no one will give me a chance.

    31. SharpTheDemon


    32. A Google User anonymous

      "So many ways to transport yourself these days". Say that to COVID-19.

    33. Jac A

      if they last forever why do you have 25 of them aha

    34. Michael Vonhaven

      Holes in Kevin's head

    35. Joe Beltran


    36. Ethan 547

      HE FINALLY MADE IT 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    37. David Zzz

      I'm not saying you should live like a rock star, but why make all that money if you have to be that cheap...I mean frugal.

    38. Vangel Kukov

      😂 135,000 a month from youtube 😂, 15,000 from real estate. My office is my garage, I eat off brand soft cheese 🤣. Take investment advice from this guy?

    39. Laurence Tarquinio

      Bro graham u boring asf but respect for the frugality 😂😂

    40. سيف العامري

      cnbc gave him a uno reverse card

    41. Togapower

      How do groceries only cost you $200 a month wtf

    42. Cody Wanserski

      when ppl realise "make it" only is "make it" if 99 other ppl dont "make it". This is america, you can get rich as long as you keep others from getting rich. If everyone were to "make it" and the other 99% werent opressed, "making it" would be above the poverty line but everyone would be the same wealth. and nobody would be rich. seems nice right? but this is america wherw only the rich think its fair.

    43. pavy415

      Lol the millionaire 29 year old guy " I buy the cheapest of everything because I don't want to scrape by" lolololol so funny and I'm here living on 50k a year thinking to myself you wut mate???

    44. John Rivers

      What a useless video for people who have a realistic income who try to save money.

    45. Duncan Ngeene

      Hi hiiiopyttrew

    46. RuyBlas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="610">10:10</a> thats a great point - cars are a big cost. Subbed! (to Kevins channel ofc)

    47. cyfromearth

      This is awesome! Saw Graham’s first CSsel video a few years ago when he had under 1,000 subscribers. Cool to see Mr. Wonderful commenting on his life.

    48. G P

      *except when housing goes down usually everything goes down with it.

    49. smp3161

      Let's go on a boat ride, killer.

    50. Ian Cardenas

      I think where I went wrong was college. Perhaps I would have found my way had i been truer to myself and given myself compassion rather than heart palpitations.

    51. O. G.

      Another nebbish in the vein of Ben Shapiro....figures they would figure out figures. LOL

    52. A.D singh

      Some people chase money to live easily but end up forgetting how to live

    53. jessica james

      That's my boyfriend.

    54. Chancho’s World

      It’s not Kevin aka mr wonderful..... it’s mr wonderful aka Kevin

    55. ExopMan

      He casually brings up becoming a billionaire as if it's an option ...need a lot more than CSsel to get there.

    56. ExopMan

      Wow, I expected his income to be dominated by real estate (by the way he's introduced), then we see <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="436">7:16</a>

    57. it's everyday 風呂

      i only know Graham from his stock market advises. never knew he did real estate.

    58. BigAnimeTiddies

      If the suit lasts a lifetime, Kevin, why do you need 25 of them? The clothing take is a poor one.

    59. DelvisW

      Sounds like Graham is getting rich from making CSsel videos about getting rich. Genius.

    60. Ari Entyse

      I don't want to hear a THING this man says. Especially after what he said to the ladies from the Lip Bar. He should still feel stupid about that, along with dismissing Ring.

    61. crazylova91

      Ok being smart about your money choices is good...but then if he barely spends on anything, then where does the rest of the money go? I mean average people living on an average income go out to eat and buy a few things every once in a while...So he saves a bunch of his money and keeps getting a good amount of income...does he ever get to live? When I heard him say he indulges every now and then and goes out to eat, I was expecting some fancy restaurant. lool a McDonald's dollar menu is def NOT an indulgence. Not sure I'd want to live that kind of life. If I did have the right stream of income and some money put aside, at least I'd travel a bit or do something I am interested in...not too sure about skimping on everything especially with that kind of revenue.

    62. Win Win

      BS Kevin

    63. sennadasilva11

      Kevin o'Leary who killed a woman in a drunk boating incident.

    64. False Feathers

      Eeeeey I live on his 1% lmao, but not by choice

    65. Johnny Joseph

      Lol $60k for a house.... yeah I'd be a millionaire too if I bought a property that cheap

    66. 021

      kebin o leary is a demon

    67. L.

      somebody believes that he is got 80k per month from youtube? .... oh man, people are so naive...

    68. Coyote Rx

      Essentially he just had a parent that let him leech for a few years while he jewed it out.

    69. nojh,jnljkvg hgdk6uv

      "This guy is living proof that initial capital from your dad and wealth gathered from nepotism connections in overspeculated real estate is more valuable than a college degree"

      1. JediNxf7

        maybe he should run for president

      2. Chris Hardin

        What capital from his dad?

    70. Soldado do slug

      I was close to lose it all & this system saved me *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*

    71. xjellybeans x

      I love you graham!

    72. humanze

      I'd like to smash O'Leary's face. So punchable.

    73. arthur

      how the turntables

    74. Paul Taylor

      You don't like transportation gee was it the boat thing maybe....

    75. Behind the Brand

      Big fan of Graham, congrats!

    76. Kyle Nelson

      So he's a CSselr with a side job as a real estate agent lok

    77. Mshojat

      So he saved 60000$ in like 2-3 years? I'm guessing it wasn't all money that he earned himself unless he was earning crazy money. _"so he's really figured out the algorithms"_ *no.* You can maybe understand some things, but it doesn't mean you can exploit it. Most of getting a following on CSsel is blind luck. Yes having good content is important as well, but for every 100 people with good content, you're not going to have even close to 10 of them having a large number of viewers. When it comes to getting _millions_ of views, that's even more luck related. Also the only reason his house is free and car is free is because he makes so much money (has to pay so much tax) tha the tax write offs are free money..

    78. susuilu

      nope, i like grahams approach to clothes 100 per cent. sorry, kevin - but graham knows what he is doing. he does not need 25 same suits.

    79. Devin Koray

      This is awesome. Question, who manages his investment properties considering he has so many?

      1. Devin Koray

        And how did he pay for the repairs on the Investment property to flip them?

    80. Lewis Cowles

      Kevin seems quite unlikeable. The tax thing is why we have a tax crisis. If you're in favor of dodging lots of taxes, especially if you promote that publicly like Kevin and the millionaire child, you deserve the guillotine. You're not part of society, so go sell to others outside of it and don't take from it, or GTFO