KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) [Official Video]


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    Little bit little bit
    I Need a little bit of patience
    Coz we be going through changes

    Polo G
    Ah, ah no patience i’ve had enough.
    Spent too much time through these phases, it’s just not adding up
    Felt all alone on those stages.
    Wanna get my passion up,
    It’s over, pack it up
    Don’t walk away from me.
    When the night falls, make the right call.
    Or she’ll be gone forever.

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Need a little space to slow the brain
    I don’t really wanna feel the pain.
    Seen a lot of shit to make me hate
    I don’t wanna hide until it’s too late
    Feels like i’m gonna break

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Bridges burning, i won’t let you get to me
    Tables turning i don’t need bad energy
    Now i’m learning, lying bout our chemistry
    No returnin,

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com
    Directed By Troy Roscoe - : troyroscoe
    Co-Directed By Nayip Ramos - nayipramos?hl=en
    RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/
    BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

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    1. ItZback2Lobby Ugo

      Imagine being a CSselr and thinking you can take on anyone and anything and also thinking your a top rapper! TRASH at boxing and music just like every other CSselr


      Warning ⚠️ do not watch my first CSsel video

    3. depLOREable

      And Logan said his music career wouldn’t get anywhere XD

    4. Brandon R2d2


    5. Smukeliso Msomi

      I thought the nigga be capping bout polo g being on this track

    6. Kixify

      I can tell polo g didn’t want to be in this

    7. BigDongDavo

      I’m not usually a fan of new American rap but I really rate polo g. He has potential.

    8. wiisen x

      ksi's verse was actually good. wish polo g had a longer verse tho.

    9. i am a weirdo

      This is so good🔥

    10. Darrie Mcgowan

      Man went from punchin logan paul about to be a chart topping machine P. S ksi gives this a thumbs up bro fuck the pauls boom

    11. Malachi Cooper

      Ksi your verse was pretty good yung blood verse was bad

    12. craig boi

      KSI. Autotune master no talent. Just money.

      1. craig boi

        @Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist not into his "rap" shit. He's clever wat he does tho.... Gets every popular artist on his tracks

      2. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        Nah listen to beerus or domain he only auto tunes when he needs to sing

    13. [1234 9876

      This was WAYYYYY better than I expected

    14. Adityam Bhuyan


    15. bidgick

      I thought polo was cool...

    16. craig boi

      Àbolute banger KSI shite but wat a business msn.

    17. catherine hartshorn


    18. Banana Monster Gaming

      This should have been called YUNG BLUD ft ksi and Polo G

    19. Jay Gatsby

      I hear this on the radio everyday.... I hate it so much

      1. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        Fr? That's mad annoying

    20. Andreas Najdovski

      It's mad that I hear this in all the bars and cafes in my place

    21. Kamil Makowski

      Buy shiba Inu

    22. helloiamdenie

      0:32 hello 2:58 bye

    23. N K

      bruh, opening is everything, it's like getting up in the mornin, Polo G, we cool

    24. Mahdi Goku 7


    25. Cardz Fortnite

      Best song ever

    26. ZAYK

      i feel this isn't the beat for polo g

    27. meme ruler

      Polo g needed a longer verse

    28. sapfits

      Polo g + fatneek = 🔥🔥

    29. Rico Leyba

      Ksi looks like pheonix from valorant LMAO

    30. Vuvu Wamengwa

      Ksi. Sic music video

    31. Lilliann Tavete

      This is such a VIBEYY song

    32. AJ FIFAHD

      Y’all really paid polo g for that weak ass short verse lol he didn’t even acknowledge this song damm

    33. Dylan Ricketts

      Fairs to ksi it's a banger. Those who grew as he did rate this and rate yourself

    34. ASK

      Best playback speed is 0.75x🙏🙏🙏

    35. tyler wilson

      Ksi is honestly a good artist

    36. Fate

      looking like akatsuki members in the thumbnail

    37. Kasey Cooley

      Dear ksi my dads friend is going to fight you in boxing Mach not klick bate

    38. Lag To Win

      i dislike everything about ksi, but this song is lit

      1. Cat With A Gun

        lol what do you dislike and why

    39. Frosty_ Retro

      Love this song

    40. Flamey Lols

      Respect to Ksi my man always pulls through

    41. wolf gaming

      KSI really should be just become a full time musician and get rid of his other channels because he makes better music than videos onestly the music he makes are usually bangers like this one

      1. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        @Vedant Panse I don't know man the music from KSI is getting better and better I'd rather let his music career grow

      2. Vedant Panse

        @Jamzy 33 nobody will like him that's what makes him different and that's why we love our fatneek we don't care if he's mainstream or not I would rather have him give up on music over leaving youtube

      3. Jamzy 33

        For real I believe the sidemen are dragging his potential like he needs to focus on his music and how own channel and forget about those pointless sidemen videos

    42. Sean Safford

      This song is so good!

    43. Kevin

      I really need patience now ..... Great song!!!!! :)


      Song is good but like I don’t really like to because this style of music is not polo g and ksi, both of them are like rappers, not like rock artists.

    45. Branden Hartley

      why does yungblud sound a little bit like roomie official in this song

    46. Nathz gaming

      the hair movement of blud is smooth and when blud and ksi are on the platform blud hits his bat and there is a crack that looked legit

    47. Aaron Mooney99


    48. Old KSI Videos

      This got more views than Addison Rae's song somehow.

      1. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        People probably tuned in on rae just to check it out thought it was bad but came back to vibe with this song

    49. Κωνσταντίνος Τσέκας

      polo g needed a bigger verse

    50. DBM sk8ters

      trash song

    51. pet man up

      Red nose headass KSI

    52. pet man up

      You look like chuck e cheese and I blit like a facebook symbol 🤣🤣🤣 KSI

      1. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        Atleast he can still look down and see his d fatty 🤣🤣

    53. Zion Morgenstond

      It's very underrated

      1. Do Nathan

        nah it ain't. Polo G said this song was number one in the UK

    54. lite

      Bro I thought polo g was the white kid

      1. Do Nathan

        what! Polo G is black lol

    55. Cooper Crook

      Polo g ksi yunngblud are amazing and me and my big brother are huge fans of ksi

      1. Do Nathan

        well I'm a huge fan of KSI and Polo G. Also what country you from? I'm from the US

    56. DragonLatz

      my teacher said your pretty

    57. MoNkE mAn

      Why did this make me cry 😭🥺

      1. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        Probably cuz this got like a nostalgic vibe

    58. Decin06

      Almost 21 million in 2 months!

    59. Ahmad Niazi

      This man is nothing without features

      1. Do Nathan

        Lemme play show you some KSI songs without features, or where he bodies his verses. Check out Killa Killa, Tides, Houdini, Lighter, Really Love, How if feel, Domain. KSI can do good and decent without features he just gets em cuz they chart higher and they help him in certain aspects of the songs

    60. Game BoEs

      LOL YUNGBLUD chillll😵

    61. Quentin Tatum

      This is fucking trash

      1. ΔDV DELTΔ

        @Do Nathan yeah but when you put your opinion out there on the internet you got expect hate, especially when you're hating on the song

      2. Do Nathan

        @ΔDV DELTΔ it's his opinion. Doesn't change the fact that he's a hating asshole tho

      3. ΔDV DELTΔ


    62. The Joestar Killer

      Polo g was just too good to be in the whole song

      1. Do Nathan

        lmao and KSI was too rich to waste any more of his money on Polo G

    63. Game Explorer

      everyone hating on the red guy

      1. Do Nathan

        @Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist agreed. KSI and Polo G my favorite niggas rn

      2. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        @Do Nathan I think it turned out fine but yeah ksi and polo would've been a whole lot better

      3. Do Nathan

        cuz he took took too much of this song. I wanted it to be just KSI and Polo G

    64. Xahier Constantine

      How do you get polo g on a song like this

      1. Do Nathan

        what's wrong? You don't like this instrumental? Polo's normal beats are so generic

    65. ItsTwoki

      w song

    66. Baraka Mandi

      Polo carried

      1. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        @Do Nathan ah I see

      2. Do Nathan

        @Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist don’t mind him. Polo G fanboys say this on every song Polo G be featured in

      3. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        Lmao he wasn't in this song long enough to carry sit down 😂

      4. Do Nathan


    67. Ismail Allali


    68. niilo

      why is polo g here i don't understand

      1. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        @niilo ksi isn't great but he's definitely not sh1t jj polo and yung blud are friends of course that's not the reason why he did the feature the real reason is cuz it's a paid feature again it's how it works it doesn't matter whether the artist is bad or not if it's paid it's done

      2. niilo

        @Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist well that's a noshit but the thing i was trying to say WHY did polo feature on such a bad song and with a shit artist? yungblud and KSI, polo has been off the charts for a long time so i don't get it why he would feature this...

      3. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        @niilo yeah it's how most features work

      4. niilo

        @Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist that's what i thought also

      5. Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

        Paid feature

    69. Janine Herbert

      2:14 iykyk

    70. noahfrr

      k so when's the good verse coming?

    71. Lily Mai

      Plot Twist: PoloG had Covid so he had to go home 😔💀🤘👎✌️👊

    72. Vexxo.

      Wow how did Yungblud carry the fatneek on his back I'm really impressed

    73. Fernando Sosa

      Guns N Roses

    74. ƒızκú

      that autotune dude

    75. Makeda R


    76. Spoofy

      5/10, tbh ksi, your singing isn't too good, yungblud? Wacky hair you kinda look emo, and sound like one. Polo g was alright but not the best, yungbluds singing sounds... Different... In a bad way. He rhymes patience with changes and changes the word 'changes' to changurs. Edit:Also ksi barely sings in this.

      1. ΔDV DELTΔ

        @Spoofy अद्भुत होना😇🕋 stfu, making a whole essay . just take it easy kiddo

      2. Spoofy

        @ΔDV DELTΔ also having 140+ hours on all different types of genres doesn't make you a lyrical genius, it doesn't make you the king of 'knowing what sounds good or not'

      3. Spoofy

        @ΔDV DELTΔ I never thought my opinion mattered, your putting words into my mouth that I haven't even said, I'm giving my opinion about it, if you truly didn't care then you should've moved on with your day instead of trying to look for attention by starting on how no one cares when you clearly want to make an arguement about it, which shows you care. I'm not trying to make a point either, opinions is something someone chooses to believe, with or without people hating on their opinion is completely up to the people thinking their opinion is bad, you can't add an opinion right after you say 'no one cares for your opinion',at least type an opinion of yours without the stupid comment to share your opinion aswell, I'm not looking for people to hate on my opinion I'm looking for people to share theirs on how they see the video as but clearly every opinion doesn't matter.

      4. ΔDV DELTΔ

        @Spoofy if you think no one cares for your opinion, THEN DONT SHARE IT, because you won't be making a point! you must be an idiot, why? When you put your opinion out on the interent your confused to why "hey why am I getting hate?, i thought my opinion mattered" when guess what, EXPECT HATE WHEN YOU PUT YOUR OPINION OUT THERE! NO ONE CARES

      5. Spoofy

        @ΔDV DELTΔ all right chill out no one cares for yours either I'm just sharing my opinion I know no one is gonna care which is why I don't care what other people think about my opinion.

    77. kabukikid Brook

      Even polo is a good singer omg

    78. kabukikid Brook


    79. Emiliana Susena

      No puedo parar de escucharlo, me encanta 🖤

    80. sid green

      Wackest shit ever

    81. Gucci gamer channel

      I love ksi

    82. Bakuzade

      wow this is fire🔥 easily KSI best song

      1. Spoofy


    83. Joshua Porter

      Ksi in this song: 🤐

    84. Prisca Thomas

      I understand.

    85. Paulo PIRES TEIXEIRA

      ksi hair looks like a mountain in the thumbnail lmao reddit DO IT

    86. codeofsamurai

      KSI legit got Hisoka to agree for a collab !!!!!!! hahaha amazing fr

    87. AW8_cliPz

      This song bangs in 1.25 speed

    88. Clark 1205

      YUNGBLUD looks like a Dr.Seuss villain.

    89. TCT

      polo carried

      1. Tank Man

        20 seconds? BAHAHAHAH

    90. john kronk

      when ksi almost doesn't apear in his own song

    91. It's Gracie Games

      Polo G verse = 15 seconds KSI (JJ) verse = 50 seconds YUNGBLUD (Dom) = 2 minutes 🤣🤣🤣

    92. JJL

      I Can’t believe that KSI actually sung instead of Rap. It’s really not his thing aswell

    93. Jason Venson

      Garbage!! Tight jeans/makeup and auto tune equals trash!!

      1. ΔDV DELTΔ

        Lol your just a basher with no taste! Go somewhere else you muppet, POINT IS NOT MADE

      2. Dill Pickle69

        Listen to jake pauls music and it will change ur mind

    94. JT Games

      Ksi you make me proud of where I’m from 🤙🤙

    95. Zebroose

      Now we need that KSI x Miley Cyrus for some country

    96. Isabelle Davis

      amazing song love it so much can live on it

    97. Redzone

      The Yungblud verses is for sure the best verse

    98. Kostas Saridis

      dat 3 like does not much like 3 totaly diffrent people

    99. ztechblade

      Polo G had a 37 second verse 😂

      1. Weird Entity

        u mean 15 seconds lol

    100. Evan James

      I think ksi like yungblud more than polo g