Legendary Fighters Ryu and Chun-Li Arrive Through the Zero Point


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    Round One: Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li Square Off in Fortnite. More info: fn.gg/StreetFighter
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    Learn More: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/

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    1. Hacuro Ikyro

      WTF I BOUGHT THIS SHIITY BIKE AND IS STANDING AND NOT RIDING FAKING WASTE MY MONEY FU EPIC GIVE M MONEY BACK! USELSES COMPANY. about ghost rider bike WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Crazy Jake

      Hey loser

    3. JAW Woj


    4. The World Wide West

      Why is everyone forgetting that apple removed mobile players from fortnite!😡

    5. Jo Villegas

      I am not gonna be suprised if tekken is next

    6. AS1RO

      Look it’s the guy from Fortnite

    7. Мистер Поггерс

      Just wait, he is gonna capture Harry Potter next

    8. Frankie MILTON

      Epic games you need to bring out Mortal Kombat skins

    9. RangerBoonXD


    10. Minor Oreamuno

      THE BEST

    11. Lel Peppa don't care

      The new Marvel Vs Capcom game just doesn't feel right.

    12. RUDY LUCIS 1970


    13. Valiantcorgi

      When did Rambo wear a karate gi? jk

    14. AYAT Gaming yt

      Hi @Fortnite @epicgames this is to inform you please if yoi cant help me please please give me a skin I’ve been Trying from 2 years still i have no skin plzzz epic games add level up reward even if we have not bought the battle pass please this is a request please @epicgames

    15. The god of fries

      Hello is this 911? Yes what’s your emergency? John jones keeps on kidnapping characters from video games

      1. The god of fries

        @sehhi vooty how am I racist?

      2. sehhi vooty

        i think this is a pog moment because you are racist

    16. -s_vvn transitions and more-

      Hey look! It’s the fortnite guy!

    17. vbddfy euuyt

      This is a groundbreaking moment and I am here for it! Gonna buy for sure :D

    18. Roberto Elizarraraz razo

      wish they put megaman x being the last hunter another epic collaboration with capcom


      Well I play street fighter on my PC and ryu is my favorite character

    20. Daniel Adonis

      In season 6 please bring back the three round burst

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Y’all knew what you were doing when yoh added Chun-Li

    21. Video games


    22. CJ Heimall

      I hope you get copyright striked

      1. swag e

        @CJ Heimall ... except they did though, that's how collabs work. epic don't just take whatever they want from other companies, epic pay the companies and in return they get to use characters and items from other games

      2. Phoebe Simon

        Do you know how collabs work? Do research.

      3. CJ Heimall

        Yea right

      4. Phoebe Simon

        Are you ok? Bruh street fighter asked and paid to be put in the game.

    23. sehhi vooty

      They are dropping tomorrow yay!

    24. VENOM

      Afik Games today I have a birthday you can make Venom return to the store Thursday Thank you bye

      1. Fûłčrüm5Ō1št

        A bit late but it’s back

    25. nehemiah bowens

      Thicker than penny 🤷‍♂️Let me know

      1. sehhi vooty

        The map of chapter one

    26. VENOM

      Bus bus can you bring Venom back to the store please thank you bus games i love you bus games bay

    27. Dylan Rattu

      gokus mythic can be the kamehameha , vegeta's mythic could be garlic gun and final flash , trunks mythic could be ki blasts and krillin could be the nimbus cloud and the extendable stick

      1. MacksDub

        @Dylan Rattu lol sorry for being an ass I just thought it was funny

      2. Dylan Rattu

        IK but its just an idea

      3. MacksDub

        Krillin never used the nimbus OR the stick that was both Goku as a kid

    28. Dylan Rattu

      Goku Vegeta Gohan Trunks and krillin can be the bosses

    29. willwyatt 72

      if you pause the video at the right time when jonesy opens the portal you will see the lighthouse and if you looked at the map at the angle that the portal opens you will see that the sand is gone in the video but on the map the sand is there and also in vid it also shows what looks like too be a metor crashed on the island. panentually a picture of the season 16 map!? dusty divot? we will have to se on march 16

    30. Dylan Rattu

      Can you make dbz the next season

    31. Hakui

      i think this is a pog moment because you are racist

    32. Khalil Hill

      The big games take it tell me and then every name is please please

    33. Joel Leau

      Supernatural maybe?

    34. FadeXApollo

      Y’all knew what you were doing when yoh added Chun-Li

    35. TTV_ KnOcKeD

      I wish they had proximity chat in creative

    36. 14 Days of Fortnite

      I love the sound of 0:10

    37. dogg01-chan

      So Wich one of them is ryu lol

      1. Fûłčrüm5Ō1št

        The dude

    38. livin life

      Bring them back They were meant to stay longer bring them back

      1. SK

        for reallll, i was wanting it to get them today

    39. M S

      Please make a naruto skin please

    40. Mehdi came play

      The map of chapter one

    41. DOOM PW

      Jonsey should kidnap amongus next

    42. Youssef Sweden

      As u see the street fighter female was wearing semi transparent tight pants

    43. Meral Meral

      Can you plsss put dimond diva unmask her face plsssssse

    44. John Davis

      They should put more people from Street Fighter, like Raiden, Mileena, or maybe Subzero

    45. Jeffy Logan

      Why would they bring the street fighter there not hunters there street fighters lol 😂 but ok

    46. •Simply cozy•

      Wil these skins come back 😣

    47. winkgaming93

      Now I'm expected to see what's gonna happen to Scott pilgrim next😒

    48. livin life

      Fix any bug and bring them back

    49. Ironsoul10

      I have played street fighter 2 for a good 1000 hours never seen this before

    50. Seppe de bruin

      Epic this is no hate comment but PLEASE STOP ADDING COLLAB SKINS EVERY 5 SECONDS

    51. Mack Lee

      How long did this last for? Is it coming back?

    52. SelfDestructiveForce

      Can you still get these skins or not?

      1. wnnalis cioov

        July 28th 4:00pm, the worlds collide here too.

    53. abdelaziz mido

      Give me the crew bundel plsease fornite if u dont i am unsubcribeng

      1. Phoebe Simon

        I get it your mad you don't get free stuff and have the same rights as everyone else it's ridiculous smh

      2. abdelaziz mido

        @Phoebe Simon shut up

      3. Phoebe Simon

        Doesn't work like that

    54. Gaming_133

      Bro I was gonna buy chun li tomorrow but it left from the item shop

      1. SK

        same bro i wanted to buy it today

      2. wnnalis cioov

        its stuipid imaging chung le holding a gun fortnite its weird

    55. Wonder BC

      Bring back pls


      Bring back SEA Server please

    57. Mario Munoz

      I get chun li with a gun but ryu?

    58. Mario Munoz

      Bring it back to the shop

    59. 박수혁

      I they take out the street fighter skin before flash is gone from item shop. Not much people bought the flash skin

    60. No se que nombre ponerme

      When will be come back? :'(

      1. Santaisblind Lul

        @No se que nombre ponerme Forreal bro

      2. No se que nombre ponerme

        @Santaisblind Lul :D damn plz release marigold before xD

      3. Santaisblind Lul

        Probably sometime before Season 6, since they just released Master Chief and Kratos, although they might release walking dead and Terminator next again

    61. Huawei P smart

      Is it me or does chun-li looking kinda THICK

      1. SK

        @Mario Munoz no cap 😂

      2. Mario Munoz

        That's why I wanted to get her

    62. FIRE PRO

      ישראל בדםםםםםםם

    63. Gabriella Fatnassi

      Me to

    64. David Ooka

      Fortnite can you please gift me the Ryu skin only that that all I ask for user is DJ-REXY671 PLEASE

    65. do.minik3192 dominik

      Nick : dominixoon48

    66. Chefspider

      Can you pls gift me fortnite

      1. xXEpic_pro_gamer_xx

        @Milan uphill

      2. Milan

        @wnnalis cioov fact this game is gonna become downhill

      3. wnnalis cioov

        And just like that fortnite is going to ruin every old game and tv/movie made

    67. Android Gameplay World

      That's cool

    68. Mylo Nguyen

      its stuipid imaging chung le holding a gun fortnite its weird

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Street fighter is sorta nintendo We got wat we wanted

    69. Fortnite the movie the rift Offical youtube Channel

      July 28th 4:00pm, the worlds collide here too.

    70. So Lit family

      Fortnite I have a question to ask u can u guys build more cute black girls on fort nite please 💕💕😔❤️❤️

    71. Ultra Black Instincts

      I really cannot imagine Ryu or Chun-Li with a gun

    72. King Noobinton

      Imagine if Jonsey went to ROBLOX

    73. Toomad

      Words cannot express how surprised I am to not see all comments being bout the girls ass

    74. Tide Detergent

      Does this end today?

    75. mohan Ponnampalam

      Dude i want an Anime skin Fortnite please

    76. Geralds Dog


      1. sokin jon

        I saw my childhood right there

    77. The Forcelock Gamer

      Wow as a Fighting games fan I honestly love the skins and I actually bought them when I returned to the game like honestly it’s super cool

      1. sokin jon

        Ryu looks so ugly bro, fortnite sycks

    78. Nuclear Sonic gamer

      Fortnight Tom Marie I will get the skin

    79. Summer Butler

      Do Mortal kombat skins the same maker as mk so and thay have done loads of 18 ratded thing so do it

    80. Nemo The Lion

      Is nobody talking about how all the sand is gone?

    81. bilishu aliss

      For Ryu's neutral special he wields a GUN

    82. Joshacool Vlogs

      Street fighter is sorta nintendo We got wat we wanted

    83. MR_Trolldier foe

      And just like that fortnite is going to ruin every old game and tv/movie made

      1. MR_Trolldier foe

        @Gavin Norris i don't use reddit lol

      2. Gavin Norris

        reddit user

      3. bilishu aliss

        epic, please fix chun-lis face. make it look look like the wallpaper.

    84. Anwar-aa

      I neeeeeed pump!!!

    85. OGKotoshi

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........OMMMGGGGGGGG.....NOOOOOOOOOO...WHY.........yeah....bout that time bro...forget that XDD see yall could've slipped with the other stuff alright. BUT THIS.... HECKY NAH...NAH NO!..... :(...I cant believe that they did the to my girl AND MY BOIY RYU...RYU DONT HOLD GUNS....HE THROW HANDS T-T this is horrible man NOOO t-t..and now here comes the fortnite ragers GODHEAD GET YOUR RAGGING IN

      1. Phoebe Simon

        But capcom asked and paid for this.

    86. klf rhdhrhrh

      the best so far

    87. IsaacSZN Shorts

      why these such strong fighters now can die to a grey ar

    88. super t


    89. wnnalis cioov

      They are dropping tomorrow yay!

    90. Jed Head

      Still not as good as smash’s FYI reveal

    91. drizxy

      Ryu looks so ugly bro, fortnite sycks

    92. G Money

      I saw my childhood right there

      1. wnnalis cioov

        street fighter is

    93. Simon KYIG

      Now put in mortal kombat

    94. Angel

      Do party hips don't thank me thank fortnite

    95. RAYZUR

      I miss this game...

    96. Noah Pascua

      this is more worse than the Uchiha Massacre

    97. Abdelwahab Moustafa


    98. David Moore

      epic, please fix chun-lis face. make it look look like the wallpaper.

    99. NickIzAnewb

      Agent Jonesy is such a cool character.

    100. DryFruit Ps5

      This mf community probably gonna add por*hub for only kids 😭😂😂