Little Mix - Confetti (Official Video) ft. Saweetie



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    Little Mix - Confetti feat Saweetie (Official Video)
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    Special guests:
    Bimini @biminibabes
    Tayce @itstayce
    A'whora @awhora

    We wanna celebrate like we in the club every day
    Got all my friends here with me
    And I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    Got this dress up on me
    So I don't need your stress up on me
    Baby, we're done, c'est la vie
    Now I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    Should've left your ass from time ago
    Didn't love me then, but now I do
    I used to sit at home and cry for you
    Diamonds on my neck, I shine for you
    Ain't blocking my blessings anymore
    Never be the girl I was before
    I'ma let the good things in my life rain down

    From the sky, drop like confetti
    All eyes on me, so V.I.P
    All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti
    Drop it down
    You're missin' me, but I'm finally free
    I got what I need, so let it rain down like Confetti

    Flashing lights, I ain't got no worry on my mind
    Know that you're mad, I realised
    That I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    So, DJ, say my name like it's my birthday
    You're just a memory
    And, boy, I don't need ya, I don't need ya
    Should've left your ass from time ago (time ago)
    Didn't love me then, but now I do (now I do)
    I'ma let the good things in my life rain down

    From the sky, drop like confetti
    All eyes on me (on me, yeah), so v.I.p
    All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti (woah)
    Drop it down
    You're missin' me, but I'm finally free (finally free)
    I got what I need, so let it rain down like confetti
    Down (Oh, la-la-la)
    Rain down (oh, la-la-la)
    Let it, let it rain down (oh, la-la-la) - leigh ad lib
    Let it rain down (oh, la-la-la) - leigh ad lib

    So my girl hit me up about her f*ck boy dude
    I say hold on hold what you say he did to you
    Caught him sending d*ck pics and a couple of nudes
    Sh*t we can chop it off and imma Bobbit in stew

    Cuz I don’t play that shit- no no
    Beat his ass on - slowmo
    Ride or ride on- gogo
    N**** I’m a Yoko Ono
    I’m an artsy b*tch
    U gonna miss these lips
    Now I’mma have to slap yours wit my swavorski tips
    I’m a cancer baby but I got Scorpio ways
    Credit high on all MY cards top one is my face
    Getta pedi in my tessie ya there’s plenty of space
    New it girl on the block they all copy and paste
    Face on Halle body on Chloe
    Ain’t giving you a chance imma give it to ya homie
    Mood on petty
    So promiscuous
    How u getting to the bag when u ain’t getting this?

    From the sky, drop like confetti (yeah)
    All eyes on me, so V.I.P
    All of my dreams (all of my dreams, whoa)
    From the sky, drop like confetti
    You're missin' me (you're missing me)
    I'm totally free (I'm finally free)
    I got what I need (I've got what I need)
    Director - Samuel Douek
    Exec Producer - Francesca Woods
    Producer - Joseph J Goldman
    Production company - Believe Media
    DOP - Stefan Yap
    Choreographer - King Oh

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    1. Max Lukeit

      everytime i hear this song i feel like the baddest bitch & start twerkin‘

    2. shivani. k

      leigh's voice in this song is everything

    3. M & M World

      This song is so underrated I wish it had like 1b views people need to focus on them

    4. • Jess •

      Congrats leigh-Anne An perrie (there pregnant btw)

    5. Katia Linares

      I can see the bellys now

    6. Cavalerie des marres et des guêtres

      BEST GROUP AWAAAAAARD GOSH the brits are finally gonna stop sleeping on them or what i'm so happy for them omggg

    7. Sümeyye

      *"Black Magic" music video has surpassed 800 million views on CSsel. This is the girls first video to reach this milestone.* ❤️🎉

    8. ocean aur

      Who's here after you know that Perrie is pregnant too? Well I'm gonna tell u this, if Perrie's baby is a boy then we have Romeo and Juliet (Perrie's baby and Khai)

    9. Rebecca P


    10. Amruta

      #3 Little Mix *BRITs award* #14 Little Mix *Hits Radio* #25 Little Mix *On Demand Entertainment* #28 *Released* on Little Mix official channel There are 4 videos of Little Mix are trending rn on UK CSsel😍 And of course *Confetti* is still trending #4 for Music

    11. L L

      Let's keep it trending!

    12. Benjoe MAGPUSAO

      Can i just ask? why there are three?

    13. James Brown

      Best British girl band ever (apart from the Spice Girls) 🇬🇧

    14. Decandilll

      Where's jessy??

      1. Barza Usman

        She left the band

    15. Izzy Bleu

      They kill it everytime.. Just amazing!!!

    16. dutch tahiti

      We won mixers


      I rather eat 20 shards of glas then sit here 1 more second.

    18. sweetmelody

      Little Mix

    19. shawn yates

      So HAPPY that they finally won best group at the brits, about time and so well deserved!!!! Congrats Little Mix/Mixers!

    20. Whitney Nyakoojo


    21. Mehjabin Tasnim

      1:56 is like camila's voice



    23. Elianny Trends

      I’m ready to start seeing a baby bump

    24. wisdomaki


    25. Cristian Berisha

      1:11-1:13 you can hear jest say drop it down

      1. barbiee thingzz

        It's lee lee

      2. x

        It's leigh

    26. Kayleigh hay

      Definitely little mix’s year

      1. Kayleigh hay

        Leigh anne

      2. Kayleigh hay


      3. Kayleigh hay


      4. Kayleigh hay


      5. Kayleigh hay

        Break up song

    27. Aly Titovets

      Can we just appreciate Jade’s dancing?!😍 First Sweet Melody, now this🤤

    28. Marcela


    29. Lisa pyzikiewiez


    30. Kaddy Jallow

      I miss jesy

      1. barbiee thingzz

        @Stream Confetti exactly!

      2. Stream Confetti

        u never commented saying u love her when she was there so i don’t understand coming back now it’s too late she already left

      1. xdorelis

        She left

    31. confetti by rythmix

      Love me like you: 47k comments in 5 years Confetti: 100k comments in 2 weeks

    32. TM2B - Sofia Gee Guban


    33. I'm not Jesy


    34. I'm not Jesy


    35. I'm not Jesy


    36. Willian Flores

      Can't wait to hear the acoustic version of this song.

    37. Holyson Riamroi

      This song is too good that I'm playing the song repeatedly n set the instrumental part for my ringtone 😁😁

    38. Riyana Yesmin

      The fact that lerrie dancing like that while being pregnant.

      1. Santiago Betancur

        @Riyana Yesmin oh true sorry haha

      2. Riyana Yesmin

        @Santiago Betancur exactly , Perrie+ Leigh Anne = lerrie

      3. Santiago Betancur

        both of them perrie is pregnant to :)

    39. Çh ahînez

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    40. Çh ahînez

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    41. John Michael Eapinosa


    42. marsyaa z

      I feel like a proud mom watching them breaking the record as first girl band to win Best British Group. Seeing two of them walking on the red carpet with baby bumps also hits me harder!!

    43. Chloe S

      Wheres the 4th member?

      1. barbiee thingzz

        @Π । Celeste । Π she left because of mental health . :)

      2. Π । Celeste । Π

        She left to build her own career

    44. Vivienne Bieri

      So wait - let me get this straight: They were four, then three, went back to four and are now five. Math is crazy!

    45. Jade V

      I really want Confetti to reach 30m views in less than a month just like Sweet Melody

      1. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

        We can do it🤞🏽. Let’s just try to get this to 15 million views this week.

    46. TAL H

      Wait I just realized Perrie’s belly is real here

    47. Júlya Gonçalves

      now that I know they are pregnant, I can tell a little ... almost nothing

    48. Amit Lynn

      In 04:16 you can actually see the Leigh-Anne is Pregnant and she still did the choreography !!!!!😍😍😍

    49. Iván Reino

      Im so proud of them

    50. Prachi Todalge

      This is Little Mix's month. You can't deny it

    51. Irish Levy

      How much vi*ws are we getting everyday?

    52. Irish Levy

      Mixers, can we get 15M before this mv turns 2 weeks? 😩

      1. Iván Reino

        I think so

    53. Irish Levy


    54. Daisy Adenia

      It was a lucky I could walk 10 minutes every morning when I was pregnant. And these ladies can dance like this when they're pregnant. I guess I'm really not fond of physical exercising lmao

    55. M K

      Yeah Best British Group!

    56. _&

      I still can't believe they won best British group!! Aahh I'm so proud!!

    57. _&

      STR3AM GUYS!!

    58. Habibe Idrizi

      Jade : Also i'm sure he ( Lenny ) is wearing a wig ! at 3:04 make me laugh so much :D

    59. Jovel Llono Jr.

      Little mix is the best girl group

      1. Jovel Llono Jr.


      2. Jovel Llono Jr.


      3. Jovel Llono Jr.


      4. Jovel Llono Jr.


      5. Jovel Llono Jr.


    60. Mariam K.


    61. Kandice

      I love this song much I cant take it!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    62. MariKuna

      So our weekly goals are 5m views 10k comments 50k likes Right?

      1. xdorelis


    63. Andreza Costa

      Pq só tem 3 integrantes?

      1. LM5 MIXER

        Jesy deixou o grupo em dezembro

    64. MariKuna

      91K to 12.2m 891k to 13m Will update after 3 hour cuz well I'm going to shower

    65. Samantha Kuppan

      Love this song keep it up sweetie and little mix♥️

    66. MariKuna

      891k to 13m

    67. MariKuna


    68. Alex

      They didn't lie when they said "We write the history pages" in Gloves Up

      1. Irish Levy


      2. _&

        They really didn't:)))

    69. Habibe Idrizi

      Now, i'm just looking for Leigh and Perrie tummies... But i admit that J-Dog captured my attention too

    70. Ana Eliza


    71. Irish Levy

      Queens of acoustic are back

    72. Irish Levy

      OMGGG We’re getting an acoustic version of confetti in two days!!! I CANT WAIT! 🤩

    73. Ana Eliza


    74. Ana Eliza


    75. Ana Eliza


    76. Ana Eliza


    77. Amandhi Nimnadhi


    78. LM5 MIXER

      from the sky drop like confetti

    79. Bubble Girl

      Zayn dressed as a girl now Perrie dressed as a guy. I love that accidental ref :) (Before I get any hate I mean nothing rude by this comment, I just thought that it was funny)

    80. Bubble Girl

      You can tell that Perrie is pregnant, some of her outfits and angles actually just highlight it. Leigh Ann though, couldn’t tell. Wow.

    81. Jernsber Saleh

      I'm cancer baby but I got Scorpio ways

    82. sala

      Congrats girls🎉Best British Group!!

    83. Gymnastics aloud

      Since some mixers found out about some legendary girl groups yesterday here ill recommend their popular songs: 1. Spice girls: Wannabe, 2 become 1, Spice up your life 2. All saints: Never ever, Pure shores, Black coffee 3. Sugababes: Push the button, about you now, Round round 4. Girls aloud: Sound of the underground, The promise, Something kinda ooh

      1. Just Me

        Thankfully as a mixer I knew them before

    84. Zehra Bal

      BEST GG

    85. Gymnastics aloud

      12, 095,595

    86. Gymnastics aloud

      Keep streaming

    87. Gymnastics aloud

      500k gained yesterday YALL WTF

    88. Sümeyye

      Str3am for 15M!!!!

    89. Sümeyye

      Str3am harder mixers

    90. IdrilCalaelen

      Love the baggy clothes

    91. Carol Ndela

      Me: watches confetti 1000 times *Leigh- Anne is pregnant Me : watches more times *Perrie is pregnant Watches millions of times till Jade says she's pregnant

    92. R0main

      love love love

    93. R0main


    94. R0main

      my babies

    95. Adinda

      Why is jade..i mean dog so handsome😂

    96. I'm not Jesy

      History Makers

    97. JoAnn Flores

      Congrats Limix... 🤩🤩🤩

    98. Alexandros Tarchanidis

      Str3am Harder Mixers come on

    99. I'm not Jesy