Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Faeem Ahmed

      We all clicked cuz of Megan fox.

    2. Bea Gabrielle

      megan fox doesnt age bruh dafuqqqq

    3. Jimi Hendrix

      I have a few tickets here bud

    4. ThEkOnArTiS 868

      Reminds me of 2000’s music videos

    5. Univ.s Fell

      Megan fox looks like she still straight out of 2014 again

    6. Classy Subs


    7. uwu Rabbit Senpai

      Kind of a lame video tbh

    8. Luke Vern

      This ain’t my cuppa tea but I watched it while I drank a cup of tea just to see Megan 🔥🤣👌🏻

    9. Maximus Augustus

      I came to see Megan not this idiot, never heard him before now I know why, he sucks.

    10. Bloopy


    11. Lu ga

      This emo blonde princess dissed em for real?

      1. wiseguy 26

        Stuck in 2018 still I see.😆

    12. Gabe Scriven

      Omg quarter chub but an innie instead of an outie lmao

    13. Shannon Hoadley

      I love this song ❤️🔥❤️

    14. eSports Bulgaria

      The billboard is rigged against MGK. This video got 14 million views and the spotify version got 8 million for the last week of May. That's close to 10,000 units which was enough to put him on the hot 100 and that's without counting other platforms and pure sales. According to billboard data the songs from 91-100 all have less than 5000 TOTAL units.

    15. Brendan Fisher

      "In my yead, in my yead" I wonder if this is a nod to Tom DeLonge.

    16. Andy Slick

      Fuck this a good song

    17. 77 Azama

      Megan Fox is Perfect!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

    18. The Word Of Sean - Sean Hill

      So this is where the dead goes! Eminem has a lot to explain hahaha

    19. Krezcely Borja

      If Megan Fox ties me up and drags me around.. i would literally thank her the entire time.

    20. DuRag Dan

      I used to never like Mgk but honestly I’m looking forward to this album, he’s gotten so good and unique I guess, nobody does this anymore and he’s tryna bring it back

      1. wiseguy 26

        @qopoy dnon He never stopped rapping tho. After Killshot he dropped a rap album in 2019 called hotel diablo. He also has always dabbled with rock music. Em won but rap devil slapped him so hard he was forced to respond. Also he's been rapping all quarantine.😆

      2. qopoy dnon

        It's funny to see how em destroyed his rap career and now he has decided to move his ass to another genre.

    21. Karolina Jagusiak

      Super Mgk 🖤 !!! Pozdro z Polski . 🥰🇵🇱

      1. qopoy dnon

        So... MGK is Avril Lavigne now?

    22. Robert Przybylski

      Feel 15 years younger while listening to this

    23. Deejay Lee

      Man I bet Sam whitwikey is gutted he lost his fox

    24. Jimi Hendrix

      The visuals the music the TIMES you are the real deal complete all around musician

    25. Mr.Renken

      This sounds like Travis Barker on the drums. Very Blink 182 feel. I dig it.

    26. George Zebold

      Okay awesome song but can we talk about how megan fox is still hot as hell and hasn't aged a day!!

    27. christian Urethemanstan

      Copied blink 182. 100%. Gay.

    28. Blellow

      Enjoy your money 😂

    29. Luis Ahumada Jr.


    30. cry bit


    31. Brandi

      I really love this video. I'm down with the pink tape and Rock and FU candles! I'm awake!

    32. Angela Galan Martinez

      Everything about this video is hot

    33. Jefe41510

      How does someone as beautiful as Megan Fox just exist in this world, I don’t fucking get it.

    34. YouTube User

      This song sounds even better at x0.8 and x0.85 speed. Try it!

    35. Jason norman

      his new emo vibe, is a vibe~

    36. Sydney Faulkener

      So... MGK is Avril Lavigne now?

    37. teen bandits

      It's funny to see how em destroyed his rap career and now he has decided to move his ass to another genre.

    38. Lauren Elizabeth

      MGK is a GOD this brings me happiness during Quarantine. I needed to feel like it was early 200's again when shit was good music.

    39. robert goza

      This videos epic💯

    40. Jayla Smith

      I thought they broke up!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    41. Swarik Ramperthab

      Eminem killed this guys career, that it resulted in him starting to make rock music

    42. Bradley Hetrick

      Another view bitches!!!!

    43. Rob McD

      The best film clip since Foo Fighters Everlong , Keep Killin it MGK

    44. Justin Colville

      The most beautiful woman who’s ever lived @meganfox💙

    45. crazydenae

      Boy does a couple of songs with Travis Barker and now he thinks he's in Blink-182

    46. G-Tech Medianet

      Avril Lavigne

    47. JustAMadHatter

      I think he finally found his niche... this is way better than his rap! And yes, Megan Fox uhhhhh... still gorgeous as ever!

    48. Mia Wallace

      I heard about MGK from Megan Fox, no shame. Now I stan!


      Lmfao imagine having to change genres because eminem destroyed you so bad you're no longer allowed anywhere near rap 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Andre Lukiss

        Eminem had the better diss, Mgk had the better song IMO though. I do prefer Pop Punk Mgk over rap mgk though.

    50. Mark Willoughby

      I like this mgk

    51. n k

      Feels like green day playing it!! Just listen with eyes close!! Jesus

    52. Ice Man

      Eminem destroyed this guy's rap credibility so he became a pop rock singer loool

    53. Carrie Gibbs

      They are together now.

    54. Jihane guitar

      The best of the bestest 💥💥❤️❤️❤️

    55. JCole Vlogs

      I am loving music like this rn please release more like this!!!

    56. Kaleb Ivie

      When TF are these new songs going to be released

    57. Leah Confrey

      Reminds of blink in all honesty, it's so goodddddd !!!! I love this vibe ❤❤

    58. APECK618

      damn megan still a fine woman

    59. Kosta Romanidis

      Eminem destroyed MGK’s rap career so this is what MGK is now

      1. Wilda Beatz

        dbs3008 5 Stans: BinGe

      2. dbs3008 5

        He is an amazing rapper if you don't think so please explain what you listen too? Guarantee it'll be eminem, if so please give a reason why mgk isn't good

      3. Amanda Finn

        What he is now is still good, rap or rock he's fucking great!!!!!

    60. Николай Иванов

      Если здесь есть русские объясните что стало с MGK. Это не хип-хоп. Это какая то дичь. Почему он стал делать такую музыку. Какая то Аврил Лавин

    61. BLM Too

      Shouldn't this of dropped in mid January or something?

    62. Sketch Art Gaming

      Damn...Eminem slapped MGK so hard he transferred to a different music genre lol

    63. Ocean Zenn Fam xo

      She was even in Eminems video clip love the way you lie lol didn't these two have beef

    64. Colten Herrera

      Eminem literally ended this man's whole rap career. Mf had to find a whole new genre because of it😂

    65. Boldizsár Oláh

      From rap devil to this wow

    66. Mary Jaaane

      gooosh I need more music videos with Kells & Megan

    67. Mary Jaaane

      play it over and over again every day😂❤️

    68. ikarus007

      ok kelly now u got me ... damn ...

    69. J Donner

      Lame af

    70. gon producer

      Where you gonna have your next concert man plz if it's possible can you make it at Cincinnati ohio it would b my dream my fav artist make Pete Davidson's go with you there I would lmao

    71. lockerzstuff93

      Love your new shit MGK... Seriously feel YOU in this new direction.

    72. Felix Askestad

      I don’t really like mgk but damn this song is actually good🔥

    73. Leo O

      I just have to say it: Wtf is up with MGK's hair? I'm just laughing :-D Did he get a perm? Or does he use a straightener normally? That hair should have it's own Insta :-D All of this is coming from a place of love. I absolutely love Colson. Just saying. Before people start with the death treats.

    74. Leo O

      She's always been one of my girl crushes. But sometimes she does something with her face that makes her look like one of those real housewives that are 50 but they're so full of Botox that they look like 30 something. It's hard to explain. I love her and she's so pretty! Maybe she's got that look when she's not being herself. I often think she's even more beautiful when she has almost none makeup on. I remember when she was very young like 18 and used little makeup and she had freckles. Omg, so beautiful she's with those freckles!

    75. R.E.P. Entertainment Mr. Rodriguez

      What the did ememin chase the rap outta him?

    76. Sheldon Saenz

      He had to switch genres to escape Em lol

    77. HavrenXD


    78. Samuel Kitrel

      camera guy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a>

    79. •young.cherry•

      After all these years Megan still the hottest women too ever walk the earth.

    80. Shelbys GT2014

      Megan Fox did the same thing to MGK that EMINEM did lol 💀 him