Markiplier Is Real


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    You've done it! You've discovered the truth that Markiplier is real after all! Also I'm done with my writing week so I'm back to making videos.
    Doesn't Know His Own Lore ►

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    1. Mindram

      Therapist: markiplier is real! He can hurt you! Markiplier: 0:15

    2. Elder Rusty


    3. Ava Dreier


    4. Liko Arreola

      God and Jesus

    5. Minecraft Master

      Fatfrog talk :Whooooo is the burp say

    6. Nick Flare

      Good Mark you better not mess this up for all of us we went this little not real thing gone from your channel but I am happy your real buddy 💣✌😐☜ 💧🕆☼☜ ☹✋✠✋✌☠ ✋💧 ❄✌😐☜☠ 👍✌☼☜ ⚐☞ 💣✌☼😐

    7. T H

      Ok is it just me or does anyone else think Mark look like a anime character with that long hair 🤣 super cute markimoo lmao 💜

    8. Amber ator

      I don’t think I’m annoying to you guys to stop with the act right now OK

    9. AmiraRobloxYT

      n i c e b r o

    10. Smile Life

      Mark is not real part 3

    11. Pikle

      Umm why does he look... animated

    12. Redcarmen_25 Carmen

      that awkward silence at the end then the "alright bye" w/ the music saying its been a week got to me XD

    13. pIZZA rulls


    14. Cartoon Cat


    15. Dil

      That’s something a fake person world say

    16. Rainbow Dash

      that was funny

      1. Rainbow Dash

        you made my day 😂

      2. Rainbow Dash

        that made me laugh nice one markiplier

    17. valkyrie

      markiplier doesnt have a voice- he has an asmr machine installed in his head

    18. Kevin Valentin

      So you're real huh...sounds like something a fake would say to convince us he's real!!!

    19. Dan Deming

      It’s been funky

    20. Jayson Knapp

      It is still there.

    21. kindra blankenship

      Love this!

    22. G is for Geetpack


    23. roman mitchell

      or is he!!!!

    24. LoboAnormal ._.

      keanu seeves soon

    25. prettywolf123

      Can we get another part of amnesia

    26. Ozzy the Great


    27. Mikołaj Suliga

      im not convinced

    28. Kate Ejiro

      Dont mind if I subscribe to mark

    29. Jimmy McGill

      I don't know man, seems kinda fake

    30. ganzoline bop

      is good to know :)

    31. Mario Dumbrique

      There’s No Mom Confession

    32. nightmare foxy

      WTF first there was markipier is not real now this?!

    33. Nick T.

      I need to know your hair care routine

    34. Subscribe Gaming


    35. wet anime


    36. EM RR


    37. EM RR

      This stressed me out so much omg

    38. Jacinth Gudetti

      I don't trust you...

    39. Manny Levy

      Noooooh I believe lixian

    40. Adore Delano’s dirty tights :D

      He is just not only real, he is my favorite CSselr

    41. Spooky806

      no way what he wasn't real but he now real but wuuuut

    42. SU s0nic

      Let me know if you guys figured out the mystery because I'm stumped.

    43. Futsan Flier

      God damn you rocking that hairdo

    44. Adam Zharfan

      Plot twist: he uses the closet doors off recording

    45. UltimateQmazing

      Anyone else think Mark is starting to look like Keanu or is that just me?

    46. Grunkle


    47. DiabolusArts

      IT'S BEEN-

    48. Bandy

      Is this an answer to Dad?

    49. Kaleb Davis

      I doubt it


      wait y is there a body in the bathtub ????????????????

    51. Caleb Rajpal

      Title: Markiplier is real Me: doubt

    52. Fireboy Hendrick

      Guys, we've been going too deep in trying to "solve" the lore of Markiplier. We gotta stop. Mark himself doesn't even know it anymore. Just check the description.

    53. Jonathan Agcaoili


    54. the random person

      My therapist: Don't worry, Markiplier isn't real, he can't hurt you. Markiplier: Oh, wait...

    55. Susan Trimnal

      the ending is toinnocent marks an A.I

    56. Susan Trimnal

      damn mark u really got people not trusting you now

    57. Ally Cat

      He doesn't age like black people

      1. Ally Cat

        @N43U N4Z okay then like black obama

      2. N43U N4Z

        Ok that’s racist

    58. pinkfedoras

      it isnt markiplier its mark fishbach

    59. Douglas the Black engine #lO ツ

      0:13 Aight bye

    60. Cool Guy

      BRO I KNEW IT 😉

    61. mad mellian


    62. piixels

      idk man that's a little sus

    63. Clownblaster

      You being real made this world so much better, thank you : )

    64. SMPandanic

      so we've been following a fake markiplier since 8 years ago?!!?!?!?!?

    65. Glurbae


    66. JustA Person

      I'm not saying that Mark isn't real, but- I am saying that it looks like there's a body behind the door that he never opens.

    67. fouoii gyhh

      “Barenaked Ladies” is the best name for a band

    68. Cristiano Neri

      unus annus

    69. SaTuRoChAn

      haha easy as it is. I'm real ö.ö hat did you think you idiots XD

    70. RohoodMovies

      Your losing a sub this gave me a panic attack

    71. Zayd Elyamoun

      Mm i don't know seems fake to me

      1. fouoii gyhh

        wait he's real?

    72. Torsopher

      Oh so this was just Mark's half assed attempt to keep videos going on his channel while he's away writing

    73. Emirhan Byrk

      Hey japan markipiliet

    74. Doki Yuri

      Lol, amy doesn’t get a confession

      1. Ayaan Hussain

        Yuri you have a beautiful knife collection and you love pens :)

    75. AJBone

      Everyone just go to one think,the behind door open,but no one see that the left door open too,that mean this FAKE markiplier trying to kill the REAL markiplier from room to room,scary,maybe the REAL markiplier was not from this room,from other room,and this markiplier want to kill him,and REAL markiplier run to this room,and this markiplier know his in here,then REAL markiplier don't know where to go,so he go to that behind door,but this markiplier found him,and he killed REAL markiplier on the place,you can see the body on that room right?!?!? Waw

    76. Olubukunmi Olokun

      Markiplier's hair at its best

    77. John Mazetti

      Play more house flipper please

    78. pyro gaming

      wow holy crap i didnt know

    79. _JustAnotherKid_ 2021_

      Back door: *Open* Everyone: _Something’s wrong I can feel it._

    80. Lockwood The Scientist

      Guy... imma be frank... Ok I’m now frank.

    81. Alces Alces

      W h y. A r e. T h e. D o o r s. O p e n 😗

    82. Chillzers


    83. Rich29

      I knew it

    84. Jennifer Austin

      this is stupid

    85. Kaleb Deming

      wait he's real?

    86. The Real BigM

      Wow I love your voice

    87. dufk !

      Unis and Anas are back bet ten bucks

    88. Big Man


    89. TCG Janitor

      Keanu reeves telling us that Markiplier is real

    90. Ralph And Leo

      This better be for the lore or me I just made theories like matpat for an entire 12 days.

    91. Neonweli

      ok this may seem a bit too far fetched but hear me out here unus annus colors are black and white in "markiplier isn't real" a little bit ago in the thumbnail the lights are off and hes wearing a black shirt here, the lights are on, and hes wearing a white shirt

    92. Kaylee Ryan


    93. W.MAAS


    94. AshleyGingerAle


    95. Kale Kale

      I really exist

    96. Faris A

      He's trying to look like keanu reeves

    97. Mia Gaines

      why are the doors wide open

    98. Sam Laine

      i am so confused

    99. Pepsi Man

      It’s been one week-

    100. Liam GMD

      Doesn’t that thing in the closet look like the shadow/scary Lixian from marks horror vids