Migos - Taco Tuesday



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    Music video by Migos performing Taco Tuesday. © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. L'étoile brillante Du Seigneur

      My name is José " Hola" .. Takeoff 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. drai_ bonzz

      Was thing song a freestyle😂😂

    3. chamakh starborn L.F

      Migos x lessy gang Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪

    4. big kardo

      Imagine the hate a white person would get if they did this

    5. PAX TV

      1:16 takeoff's ugglasss

    6. PAX TV

      it lowkey look nasty...

    7. Rosco

      Me and the boys at 3am when someone says toco

    8. Lucas Kassahun

      Judge: Anything? 6ix9ine: Migos filmed their Taco Tuesday video on a Tuesday.

    9. ImSham gaming

      black people can cook doe


      Time to get them tacoss from the grocery store thanks for flexing your tacos

    11. Lucas Gomes

      Look at this beat dude holy

    12. Lueva Jackson

      Wit It. 🌮

    13. Jabari Kariuki


    14. Jabari Kariuki


    15. Ender Person

      Im hungry now

    16. Kasim Sulley

      All the way from Ghana africa migos is the best

    17. YoungAspect

      At the end Takeoff want them to stop playing so they can eat

    18. The Average Bloke

      Me and my brothers when our mom tells us to make dinner together:

    19. ツS W I F T

      Now I want to do taco every tuesday

    20. fjf sjdnx

      You dont drink kool aid with tacos, thats when you pull up aguas frescas like horchata or just a coke!

    21. Eduardo Estrella Lopez

      Migos < amigos

    22. Jared Bentley

      🌮🌮🌮 😱😱😱 DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE SAID⁉️⁉️⁉️ music.apple.com/us/album/elements/1514097787

    23. markuise pledger


    24. Twitch. TriplaX

      The moment When Offset wearing a Eminem shirt

      1. Twitch. TriplaX

        @Jack Kennedy sorry i look away

      2. Jack Kennedy

        Thats takeoff 🙄


      Así no son los tacos

    26. JasperTube

      Thanks for the tutorial

      1. I am Kai

        JasperTube 😂😂😂

    27. Samuel plays

      Manger:migos new song quavo:im hungry lets a song about tacos

    28. Frankie Reed

      I love how take off is wearing Eminem

    29. Yung One

      Isn't the beginning from Cj So Cool? that " TACO TUESDAYYYYY "

      1. Junsuii

        Nah it’s Lebron, just search up Lebron taco Tuesday.

    30. Jo, The kid

      0% drugs 0%money 0% girls 0% guns 50% koolaid 80% tacos

      1. Jo, The kid

        dude stop hating

      2. Jack Kennedy

        Copied And makes no sense 🙄

    31. Faze 2balls

      Why does quavo look like post

    32. Silent YT

      My mom and my family after whooping me

    33. Juan francisco Osorio pérez




    35. Lee hustle

      OMG where is Harvey J

    36. SC Beats

      The quickly went from migos to amigos

    37. Dan Romero

      Que feo preparan tacos, wacala

    38. KWGamer

      *I can't wait for LeBron to sing this* 🔥🔥🔥 👀👌

    39. Solis kings

      Haha when offset sprinkling cashh at the end Haha

    40. LIL-MIKY 001

      Taco tuesday is good🙌lil miky001🙌imstagram

    41. Cez

      But WTF ? it is soooooo Liiittt for a music about tacos O_o

    42. Funny Alert

      take off took off

    43. Alex Zapata

      Trash ass "tacos. Lolol

    44. underrated cookie and his cutie

      Nobody: Offset:taco tuesday Quavo: taco tuesday Takeoff:where is my verse?

    45. Cristian

      Eminem shirt 🌊

    46. Harmon Raux

      Hahaha Offset looks high in the thumbnail

    47. Adrian García Sánchez

      Blueface say pasta frijoles

    48. MEGAoOF

      Me: mom can we go to the taco restaurant? Mom:we got a taco restaurant at home The taco restaurant at home:

    49. liz r

      A esa shit le llamas taco?

    50. shane nampaso

      you released this song on my birthday

    51. 成海 聖奈【なるみ せな】終身名誉死刑囚元委員長

      Quavoって目がぱっちりしてて羨ましい  サングラスしないほうが好き

    52. Oogabooga C


    53. Oogabooga C

      Low key fore but made me so hungry lmao

    54. Wappa M

      Why they using turkey instead of beef

    55. Klassic Klown

      How my parents celebrate taco Tuesday

    56. SnK Views

      Made Tacos today (Tuesday) and played this song before eating

    57. KAMREN Harris

      Quavo need to shave

    58. Ane Calvo

      This song is too short

    59. George Hainana

      Taco actually means butt in my language 😂😂🤣

    60. George Hainana

      Is take off wearing an eminem t

    61. Rayen Chihi

      Fuckyou migos funkyou funkyou fuckyou

    62. Amit Guetta

      LeBron would be proud @kingjames

    63. David Blakely

      Fernando$$$!!!!!!! Come C US

    64. mcisne21

      ive never seen someone get so turnt making koolaid buts its cool

    65. nathan barr

      LeBron is such a good singer in the first part

    66. Yung Faffle

      I blasted this song at 3am and my neighbors liked it so much they threw a rock at my window to hear it better

    67. Wiz

      Papa louie

    68. Kwiqki

      Lmao A”Migos”


      Haha i wish this song 2/3 minutes 😂😂

    70. Jacopo Visini

      Who know if Takeoff weighs in being the greatest rapper ever

    71. John Ibemesi

      Mexico would be so proud of this song!!!.

    72. Kwiqki

      Just imagine this song in Karen , Megan , and Linda voices 🤣🤣

    73. Aurelio Casillas Scarface

      This song is a big drip 👌👌👌

    74. Deri Smith

      It’s so wholesome just seeing them having so much fun making tacos

    75. Capaz De la Sierra

      Cuando sacan pozole friday

    76. Jorge Luna

      Make a song about mexican. Like coridos tumbado (natanael cano) artist/singer.

    77. Alexys Martinez

      this is fire

    78. Marvin Gerlach


    79. Phantom Uzair

      Her: I like boys who are into Hispanic culture Me:

    80. Lubila

      DaBaby would kill this beat