MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero" Opening Scene (2021)

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    MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero Fight" Opening Scene Clip (2021)
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    1. Yusuf Bilici

      1. MOVIE ART studio

    2. Tahir Temiz


    3. ゆうと


      1. MOVIE ART studio


    4. xdacacszgs

      Is this real?

      1. MOVIE ART studio

        It's drawing flipbook

    5. Trans 71


    6. Skeletor

      If they focused on the hanzo after he died and Bi-han, this could have been a lot better movie.

    7. Riyadh Daya

      I have to be honest here, I saw the movie last night and I actually want my money back 😂😂

    8. Mega Man

      They could've just done everyone's storyline separately and then like avengers join them up for the Mortal Kombat tournament, Avenger style. That way they could've just stuck to this storyline to this trailer.

      1. MOVIE ART studio

        Drawing flipbook Mortal Kombat

    9. TheRealMG

      damn, double homicide.....

    10. Рустам Рустам

      Фильм говно

    11. Ruben Rodriguez

      Well this movie can't please every body but I like it huge mk fan

    12. Angel David Guevara Ramírez

      I am Scorpion

    13. yopiee


    14. Vagatha Alastor

      Am i the only one who thought this movie was awesome?

      1. Just Gamer

        I don't think so 😉

    15. Wayne Dela Cruz

      my favorite movie.. i really love watching this action movie

    16. Laura Cruz sanchez

      En verdad existen esos movimientos la mera verdad si es así yo quiero hacerlos ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    17. José Basílio

      Maldito Quan shi

    18. josué hernandez

      a un que sea de Venezuela me gusta mortal combat

    19. Daryll W

      the movie really did go downhill after the opening

      1. MOVIE ART studio

        I draw this episode

    20. BlackGokudu_57

      4:50 The pain and sadness when i saw this. This is the most sadly part in the movie

    21. Nauvall Hanif.R

      Bangga banget sama bang Joe Taslim❤️🔥🔥

    22. Alvin Cares

      (Revelation 20:11-15)And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:11-15)

    23. Al Grosu

      I swear that some 6 years or more ago I saw this clip with him fighting , this is not new mate , and I can tell there is something different, they mushed scorpion down in this one I don't like this

    24. tankman dream

      I wish scorpion was the villan cuz his name is like one

      1. MOVIE ART studio

        Scorpion vs Sub Zero flipbook

    25. azzz accck

      5:50 the origin of he's trademark

    26. Jay D Rich

      0:38 NOW THATS LOVE notice as she giggles because he wipes the dirt off of her hand the woman he loves/mother of his kids

    27. Teresa Castro

      Ya vi la película es cebera

    28. Kemetic Production

      That game was worthless and so are all the attempts to make movies on it

    29. Stereomoon

      Мартыал Комбат

      1. MOVIE ART studio

        Мортал Комбат

    30. Aquil's Hangout

      Wasn't sub-zero the good guy?

      1. Aquil's Hangout

        @Alexey Safronov ow I see , I don't really know the main storyline since it's so confusing , all I know is the sub-zero without a mask was it? He was defending earth or something like that

      2. Alexey Safronov

        The older Sub Zero named Bi Han was never the good guy. He killed Scorpion in MK1 1992. His youger brother sort of was.


      I watched it, it's a movie for kids

    32. Grzegorz C.

      The fight scene looks certainly very nice but it seems the strategy of all the enemies looks like "hey lets run straight into his sword either with my weapon in front of me or without and lets do it one by one"

    33. Eternal Fire - TYGZ

    34. TLUG


    35. david stebnicki

      Went to see it at the theatre with couple mates all high as kite Fkn great movie Recommend to all of you

    36. Ghost Girl

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    37. Muh Jose

      Aoikiji is the best

    38. Bazza Song

      this movie was like... adult powerrangers

    39. M Nur Ma Arif

      Sub Zero 👍👍

    40. Out LaWz

      Finish Him!

    41. edgar manalo

      already watch this, this story is base in lfe of hanzo bloodline, in final scene hanzo became scorpion.

    42. David Gutierrez

      Kung lao dies Johnny cage isn't in it manos so funny

    43. Rudy Kadous

      I watched the movie 3 times on hbo max and everytime I just felt like they weren't giving scorpion the respect he should be giving, I really believe they downgraded scorpion especially being one of the more powerful haracters in the video game and in the my world.. where the hell was his Teleport? He's like invisible when he's teleworking all o er the place and whipping ass... they showed scorpions real power more in the bat in the sun mini movies when he fought the white ranger... button there credit they show cased his whip real well in the movie... and Cole should never exist it should have been based way more on scorpion he was a whatever harsher just thrown in...

      1. MOVIE ART studio

        King Scorpion ))) Scorpion vs Sub Zero drawing

    44. meriton ilazi

      one the best scenes in action movies' i thought this movie going to be great but so disappointed i would have mad it a better movie

    45. Kenshoto Ken

      Don't waste you time with this movie. Go for the Animated movie of last year...

    46. Wgleyson Souza


      1. Wgleyson Souza

        @Charming nowhere to hide I don't understand that language?🙂👍

      2. Charming nowhere to hide

        Ga bisa bahasa inggris;)

    47. Sharky YNWA

      So what exactly happened to the baby

    48. Diogo Quarenta

      Hanzo = Scorpion Bi Han = Subzero

    49. Stanislav K.


    50. Unesko Unesko

      Muzik bütün bad👎👎👎

    51. Tufan Kara

      Hanzo Hasashi

    52. Aleksandra Piela

      plot twist he is not sub zero he is Noob Saibot

    53. Mahphkn Awsum

      Possibly my favorite part of this whole movie....and kung laos spinning hat 😁🤘

    54. Jabeen Zahra

      Truly beautiful 🤩

    55. Jack Ekermawi

      Terrible movie! I mean how bad can movies get? Just watch this and you'll have a pretty good idea

      1. Alexey Safronov

        It was a lot better and more logical than 200 million Wonder Woman 1984 or Godzilla Vs Kong

    56. Art Fon

      That woman wasn't worth having a fucking line to say? No? Tellst a lot about WHOEVER made this shit!

    57. da baby

      Holy fuck this movie was so dogshit

    58. Tony Stark


    59. Alexander Alvarado

      Bad movie 👎

    60. Aleksandras Savickis

      Tekken is better :trolface:

    61. / Dimas Gens \

      Ga bisa bahasa inggris;)

    62. 00 00

      It was alright, not brilliant, why did they have to ruin it with Kano's silly jokes?, why do films have to insist in making it funny?. There is no proper MK audio just a cheesy electro version in the credits. Had potential as parts where decent but overall ruined it trying too hard. The original is hard to beat.

    63. William Timotius

      i still haven't watch the movie but why is Bi Han the one who kill Hanzo's Family ?, shouldn't it be Quan Chi ? are The Writers of this Movie make their own plot and didn't follow original plot Ed , Tobias and the Studio real stories ?

    64. Buğra Taştan

      This movie is a disgrace to Mortal Kombat Legend. Aimless story, low quality fighting scenes...

    65. Okwirisam 254

      I watched This Movie when I was High on Weed and I just love we should always connect with our ancestors

    66. RiV Uchiha

      Iam sub zero❄❄❄❄

    67. Christon Far From Home12.98

      This movie was the best

    68. Assalam Qu

      Filmnya bagus, tapi gak ada pesan moral.

      1. Samuel David

        Nonton kisah nyata aje lu kl mau yg ad pesan moral :V

    69. Leila

    70. Charlie Chavez

      The mortal combat we wish to watch 😀

    71. X-GAMEROP

      It's not scorpion vs sub zero it's hanzo hasashi vs bi-han a later hanzo becomes scorpion and bi han becomes sub zero

    72. BIG JULEZ

      He didn't say "GET OVER HERE!!!!"

    73. Haizad ice

      They really went overkill with the blood effects like ingame

    74. niduoe stre

      everytime enemy was killed im liked “fatality”

    75. Шамиль Лабазанов

      Где можно посмотреть ?

    76. ninj4stud

      Man this film is bad; really bad

    77. fernando Alonso Fontana Montoya

      Me la quiero ver toda

    78. gio957

      Killed his whole family, that's cold.

    79. Umran Ullah

      Wow looks awesome scorpion always my favourite can't wait

    80. Kairi Hojo

      this is real hanzo

    81. Yeaitsyaboi

      The way he screams Bi-Han with such vengeance is amazing

      1. niduoe stre

        This opening is just perfect. We all know this song and dance but this portrayal of it feels real to me somehow

    82. few2rock

      Great 15 minutes of the movie, rest of the movie was complete garbage. 2/10

    83. Francesco DT

      I thought Sub-zero was the good guy and Scorpion the bad guy... I need to read again the hole story...

    84. AlexandR Alban

      No MK soundtracks... that all what you need to know.

    85. Zainal Mustafa

      Punten gofood

    86. Issac Gandero

      Shout out to my parents for not letting me see this movie. They did me a favor.

    87. Wok Bang

      That chinese english translation is dead on thonks creator

    88. Jaye Andre

      This was the best part of the movie. The rest was 🗑

    89. Irfan Alvin

      Joen Taslim 🇮🇩

      1. Irfan Alvin

        @Jessica Gardner 01 Who is she?

      2. Jessica Gardner 01

        @Irfan Alvin I recommend you contact an expert @larry.martin.fx on instagram

      3. Jessica Gardner 01

        @Irfan Alvin alright, do you want to know ?

      4. Irfan Alvin

        @Jessica Gardner 01 No

      5. Jessica Gardner 01

        Have you heard of online trading/ marketing before?

    90. Tomas Carrizales

      I like the movie

    91. Hth Big

      Cut fim

    92. freesf ftrefv

      This movie wasn't as cheesy as the other mortal Kombat movies but it was still cheesy. I don't understand why nobody can get it right!

      1. Alexey Safronov

        IMO the whole MK universe is pure cheese with overthetop violence. So they didn't fail at getting it right.

    93. Eleonora Vlaxoy


    94. zeppirl

      Gotta say it was as disappointing as the first movie's attempt. Shallow characters and poor script. They tried to put this backstory in for sub zero vs scorpion which was a nice attempt to add depth but that's as good the storytelling gets in this version.

    95. Hippyhare

      I find this a little bit awkward as in all the other movies it was scorpion that was the bad guy and Sub-Zero seem to be a good guy and here it's the opposite


      Joetaslim/sub zero from indonesian

    97. Tylor Smith

      I see why he lost this fight... He forgot his buckets of water.

    98. asaknight 321

      Listen, the story line might've not been the greatest but it was pretty cool and awesome to see everyone more modernized. Especially comparing goro from the 90's to now. Sure the story line but be confusing with Cole. But its incredible that they even made this movie and I believe we should give the makers a good amount of credit for giving justice to this. Still better than the older movies in my opinion. All and All this movie is a 8.5/10 for detail, the action, and the fatalities. I recommend any hardcode mortal kombat fan watch this.

      1. Saurav Sharma

        But still it was much better than older mk movies though

      2. Saurav Sharma

        Man, the story line wasn't bad, but the direction was very sloppy, like they just wanted to complete the movie in a short time period and dialogues were cheesy and generic, music is very generic, Characters were underutilised (mileena). The fact was clear that the writees at WB were lazy and the director didn't have much experience

    99. jose cruz

      Best scene in the whole movie imo