My 50 Cal Exploded

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    “Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
    In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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    1. Kentucky Ballistics

      Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

      1. Paul Alejandro

        I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

      2. theyetirulrs

        That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

      3. Fanie Smit

        Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery

      4. Tim Meijerink

        We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland

      5. Trogdordog04 Smith

        Kinda suspicious 2 of y’all having 50s mishaps . Glad you are still with us.

    2. Lukas Zum

      4:25 the explosion

    3. Graeme Bath

      Strongs bud love your clips

    4. TeamTwig31

      the safety goggles malfunctioned

    5. Nathan alexander

      If you ever needed proof that guns are dangerous here you go

    6. Pine boi

      I fired weapons before but I'm not super in depth with the whole community in the lingo so what does it mean when a round is hot?

    7. Don Love

      Shooting ammo of questionable origin ? Really ? And your giving shooting advice ? Sorry you got hurt but education costs eh ?

    8. Clinton Dieter

      Demo Ranch sent me. Definitely lucky to still be here. God blessed you!

    9. Matt gaming s

      Omg I feel so sad

    10. Super

      Damn the hell did you survive that?

    11. Tracker Buckmann

      This seems to happen regularly.

    12. Pretty Vacant

      Glad you're ok

    13. Ståle Mahoney

      that is one hell of a accident, if it is not to cold of me to ask, did the bullet hit home on the hydrant?

    14. Nephi Silver

      I'm running out and buying safety glasses now I'm not going to shoot without safety glasses..🙏

    15. Nephi Silver

      Sorry I didn't mean to cuss : (

    16. Nephi Silver

      Holyshit Scott thank God you're alive 🙏 I'll send the Mormon missionaries right over to your house 🙏 you can use a priesthood blessing 🙏

    17. Payton cole

      This looks like spiked ammo or faulty cartridge in my opinion. I'm glad you are ok and recovering quickly.

    18. Alec Skriloff

      Feel better man. Sorry this happened to you.

    19. John Doe

      Damn big bro! That was bad, glad you're doing well

    20. Dakota Olivier

      April 9th is my birthday

    21. bhaskar debbarma

      You are very lucky because your protector your Dad is with you. Glad to see you alive. Be careful and be safe.

    22. skitnado25

      This is the best gun safety video for anyone exploring different ammunition and what to do when injured be shrapnel

    23. Bálint Nyulászi

      That safety glass saved his eye. It must be a high quality product because the thing that broke a skull to pieces only shredded it and the pieces of the broken glass dindn't even go in his eye.

    24. Backyard mower racing

      I talked to my stepdad about this and he said is 2006 when he was deployed they actually had to git rid of all these rounds Because there was to much power behind them and they were deemed not safe and they sold them.

    25. A

      Take care brother, get well soon

    26. laws2ewun1t

      Did anyone else tear up during this? This is my first exposure to KB I came here from Demo Ranch. So thankful things played out the way that they did.

    27. Donald Starkweather

      God works in mysterious ways bro. Sometimes he takes you without notice, other times he gives you a reminder that life isn't guaranteed and it can end at any time. Almost dying changes you, makes you see what's truly important in life. Some think it's money and power, when it's really happiness and loved ones that truly matter.

    28. Geir Erik

      at 3:17/3:18 something is flying forward when you "cap" the gun....could that be an issue for what happened? I am glad God protects you.

    29. Mike 4.1

      Glad you are alive. Powerful words when you mentioned focusing on your kids.

    30. Anthony Freeman

      While watching a video by Matt @ Demolition Ranch, I heard about your injuries. I’m so sorry this happened to you & I’m glad you are acknowledging God’s healing power. Stay strong & be safe.

    31. Show Bread

      Stop while your behind or next time you can put a fork in it 🤨

    32. Riccardo Abbà

      Hope you will be as new in short time. Greetings from Italy.

    33. Castigador

      Man I'm more than happy to know that you are doing fine, after watching your neck I got chills, I can't believe that this actually happened. I hope you are recovering well man, stay safe please. 💪🏻

    34. Clint Kennedy

      Glad your ok, never fun seeing someone get hurt.

    35. Alex Peters

      Jesus Christ god bless 🙏🏼

    36. Dracy

      Your a miracle walking! Thank God..

    37. Seagal's Best Movie

      Almost like this could of been avoided completely.

    38. Striker One

      Glad you are fine now :)

    39. Mathias Karlsson

      So hello! My name I Mathias and I’m from Sweden! I’m a hunter and I’m using a Carl Gustaf 30-06 for game and a Great Browning for skeet and trap! That’s about it! We have strict gunlaws in Sweden any your Chanel is the works of my dreams! All the guns you shoot is just epic! Love your work! Get well! Because people like me need you! You test all the guns I need to test but can’t! Love you and your Chanel Scott! From Sweden with love! 🤗

    40. MrSindicatedSyn

      Omg man! So glad you are making a full recovery. I still can’t believe what I just watched..... Wow. Prayers for you and your family brother.

    41. Alaa Ali

      holy crap !!! glad you are ok and i hope you speedy recovery


      Woow god is good 🙏🏾

    43. Alexandre Molina

      Scott, I'm wondering that maybe you could wear some additional protection when doing more dangerous stuff. Maybe a bullet proof vest as a basic and when shooting powerful calibers in stunts, perhaps activate the trigger from a distance, preferably behind a polycarbonate barrier. Maybe this is too much, but really try to do a risk analysis before shooting, considering what can go wrong in each scenario.

    44. Gianny Crazy

      it got revenge for the torture test edit: that must hurt

    45. Julia Quance

      Well done Dad And the Thumb.

    46. merqury5

      I wonder if those doctors had some war experience, because that is straight out of bad scene in a bad place. Well done all involved, especially dad who stayed cool.

    47. O Karlsson

      You have a star in Heven and we love you from Sweden. Be safe and live long. :)

    48. AuthenticAutistic

      I've never wanted a 50. Caliber firearm, and now should my mind change I know what gun not to buy and what ammunition not to buy.

    49. Kevin Xin

      I don’t even know you and have never watched any of your videos. I am so happy that you fought through everything and made it. Thank you for sharing with us your experience and it must have not been easy for you to go through all this again. Best wishes to your children, your wife, your parents and yourself and be please be careful!

    50. Steven Arneson

      There is no god you where lucky , who paid for your surgery?

    51. Christopher Carrillo

      This is the first video I've seen of this channel, however I support you nonetheless. God bless you bro, and we're glad you're here ❤️

    52. TIME

      why did this happen? why did the weapon malfunction?

    53. that native just native

      when i got shot in the chest ...... all i did was think 💭 of my KIDS . it does work to pray 💬🙏🏽.45cal in the right lung 🫁. came in sideways. it missed my eating tube feeding tube stop before my aorta. The x-rays on my wall CSsel. if u want to see my bullet it’s stuck in there . nice story u tell it well .... people who don’t believe in god wait till ur in this Situation .

    54. REIGN's World

      Damnnn dude this is the first time I’ve seen one of your vids but glad you’re okay and Dad was there to save you! Hook him up with something extra special this Father’s Day! 😅

    55. David McCracken

      He's Mello.. but not Yello👍

    56. Ravi


    57. that native just native

      DEADY. SHOT . TO THR FACE N I WONDER WHERE THE BULLET WENT . u got a nice 👍🏽 cut tho

    58. Shane Clegg

      Buy colt

    59. Buford t Justice

      Mate if i were you I would go buy a lotto ticket because you are real lucky.....well, you were that day.

    60. Danny Coon

      This is good lesson, DO NOT USE TRASH GUNS. That gun is not made for anything but basic ball or hunting ammo. No way in hell you shoot military grade ammo. That would not have happened to a Barrett.

    61. Ben Bollivar

      What did you mean when you said the round was hot. And damn I can’t believe you made it i think you might be the luckiest man alive, I was getting cold chills listening

    62. 420GO₦ZALEZ


    63. ですえっち

      I unconsciously hold my neck throughout this video

    64. Nicholas Diehl

      We have good people down south

    65. Jim Flores

      WOW! You are so lucky. Very glad you're OK sir.

    66. Justin Ebright

      Just glad you are ok man. That's the main thing, cause when guns go boom they don't always do so as gently as you walked away with. Count your blessings and enjoy the little things, cause they're what are most important right now. If I had to guess, I'd guess there was a problem with the sabots on those slap rounds. Could be an issue straight from the manufacturer.

    67. Nicholas Diehl

      God bless you I am a Kentucky citizen

    68. Kian Gill

      Just keep fighting bro

    69. Eric Gonzalez

      This makes me think of that saying I've heard "folks" say before.. Play stupid games you get stupid prizes... lol

    70. Sunny Listo

      Bro wtf 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    71. Grant.

      yo dude people are posting ur clip on graphics website (gorish and stuff)

    72. Carlos A Bula Morales

      Thanks to God you still with us. Pretty Nasty accident. My friend here ask if there an extra measure steps that you put in place to avoid or minimize this kind of accident like Using a Bullet proof jacket when fire cal 50 or weight those ammo first trying to detect any different in them. Take good care of You and I hope you still have fast healing.

    73. Ike Reckart

      Dang buddy. Talk about close calls! Happy you're healing up good and that there isn't any serious permanent injuries

    74. rob witham

      My youngest son and I love your channel, we’re glad to see you’re doing well!!! ✌️

    75. Andersonsljr

      Is a miracle is alive....... Uaaaalllllll.......!!!!!!!

    76. JoeMoe Moe

      Good lord man! Looks like you nearly ended yourself. Wow enjoy life you got a secind chance! 😁

    77. Westin S

      What is meant by a "hot" round?

      1. Kent Twohey

        A very powerful round on accident or on purpose just a round with a lot of extra gunpowder

    78. csyloslichard

      Glad you're "ok"!

    79. Mr. Wumpus

      I just wanna know how much is the medical bill

    80. V_Pebbles

      4:22 Your Welcome

    81. Jimmy Romero

      Glad you made it out of that brother I can sure relate but again amen God is good your job is not done on this earth 🙏🙌..

    82. DESNO

      God is good

    83. Jeffrey Murray

      Man to see that in super slow motion and see that gun blast apart. If it weren't for the fact it nearly killed you, that would've been awesome

    84. JohnWick KOBK

      Mate you are a Legend and the fight for the kids is what kept me going really hits home geez 🙏Bless to you and your family

    85. Sekay

      I just discovered you but im glad you survived, you are lucky to have a dad like that

    86. Volt 101

      There shouldn't be a single dislike in this vid... 👍🏼

    87. BancroftOutdoors

      The only thing I can relate is I got really bad scope bite and almost broke bone and I was bleeding intensely. I get what you mean by being former LEO you just go into this mode of taking care of the issue. Like a robot. I actually used one of my daughters diapers I found in my SUV and applied pressure as I headed to the ER. I’m really glad to see that you made it through this freak accident. Us at the demolitia aren’t done with you yet! 👊🏼

    88. Caidon Lish

      Thank god for the glasses

    89. Dougjar

      What does he mean by the round was extra hot?

      1. Dougjar

        @Fred Bloggs daamn good to know thanks for the reply

      2. Fred Bloggs

        Powder overload. That's what you get for using rounds from unknown sources. He should know better....well... he does now!

    90. TGPot

      Man, I'm glad you're OK. Let's hope you heal soon. Looks painful as hell.

    91. Lefteyeofgia

      Glad you survived

    92. Hezekiah Hudson

      God was there with you that day don’t ever forget it!! Glad you’re still here

      1. Fred Bloggs

        @Friendly Sperg I don't use Reddit, I am asking a simple question.

      2. Friendly Sperg

        @Fred Bloggs Go back to Reddit

      3. Fred Bloggs

        Why didn't it prevent the explosion then?

    93. dave stratton

      Yo I personally don't watch too many of your videos I'm more of a demo ranch fan but this popped up in my feed and I clicked on it and dude I'm glad to hear you're okay that's some scary s***

    94. Oneplay Playone

      This things u dont see in games ir in simulators

    95. Mac Waters

      Thank goodness for all the medical professionals/colleagues that saved your life!

    96. Skate is life

      Just the fact that your not scared to come back an explain. we’re all glad your okay bro. stay positive

    97. Akuma Codm

      The 50. Cal wanted revenge for what you been doing to his brother but in all seriousness I'm glad your okay.

    98. Shane Gibson

      so does hot in this comntext mean volatile? or like actually heated? im assuming volatile

      1. Fred Bloggs

        Some genius thought it was a good idea to increase the amount of powder, which is why you don't buy rounds from unknown sources.

    99. Jeremy Sargent

      Sh!!!!!!!!!t you are so lucky. Really good advice to have someone with you when doing hobbies.

    100. Puck

      Nicest nurse ever!