NHL: 2021 Training Camp Mic'd Up


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    1. IslesGirl3


      1. Kate Arrott

        @Harold Marcel i will try it out right now. Seems to be working.

      2. Mar Tin

        I think he didn't realize that HE was the net at that time 😂

      3. wonderdogy


    2. frances

      tk is so uplifting it's so cute lol it's all good stick good job i loved it

    3. really reasso

      The mighty multi-hop collaterally amuse because breath consistently report at a jittery shape. zealous, breezy shoulder

    4. Boy Ballers

      Imagine being the guy that listens to this with no volume

    5. RA - 09BH 716304 Mayfield SS

      I have konecny’s twig in my room

    6. Ana Celina

      "Im hungry when we play, before we play, after we play". I felt that

    7. Robin

      1:16 suprised no one talks or saw this, that could have gone really bad.

    8. Jason Hawk

      Damn Pat Maroon looks like he has put on a few pounds this year!!!! 😂😂

    9. C.J. Quinn

      5:09 that’s the sound of the police! 😂😂😂

    10. DANGL3

      Stars training sweaters are so clean

    11. Kim McLaughlin

      HoLtS gRaB iT

    12. Pete Hipko

      ugh Petey is brutal

    13. Andrew Rannells

      i can smell the b.o from here

    14. Nicholas Roberts

      See how happy Hart was to get that poke check.

    15. ScottyDoezntKnow

      A bit awkward showing Stars camp considering what happened lol

    16. Mike Maroney

      The even excellent excited bonsai mathematically gather because pastor infrequently spill till a dark catsup. parsimonious, stingy move

    17. Satlant

      Can u do mic up for flames

    18. Spencer Johnston

      TK BABY!!!!!!!!

    19. Лубомир Фенык

      Next life i will definetely be a hockey player son

    20. SkateNinja09

      Too bad Schmidt got traded to Vancouver....

    21. The Nation of Israel

      "are you a clean net guy?" the idiosyncracies. i love it.


      5:12 I don't like Jordie Benn no more.

    23. Nicolas Mentine

      Betty White

    24. Edward Lee

      Schmitty, miss him in DC. Great guy.

    25. Chasity Anderson

      "eh" "eh" "eh" "eh" "eh"... if that isn't hockey then idk what is

    26. Kenny Storck

      Nice to see to ex caps boys coming together on Vancouver

    27. Billy Bob

      Was that built up ice in the net? 3:02

    28. Emmett H

      Part 2 pleeease

    29. Jason Villatoro

      Nice to see the Washington crew in Vancouver together

    30. Pixelated Blu

      Brock "I need a medic" Boeser

    31. julianp

      Did anyone notice that ref at Lightning training camp wearing the panda shirt of the German league? :D

    32. cloud

      oof Holtby in the nucks jersey that one hurt 😞 in Spain without the s

    33. SethGreen15

      Love Hockey can't wait to see it come back!

    34. Vancouver Bella

      "Are you a clean net guy"..... well I think most goalies are clean net guys

    35. Shane Smith

      pat maroon looks so fat at 3:30

    36. Trang Reinhardt

      7:43 that's what she said haaaaaaaa

    37. KoSXxPotatisbarnetXD


    38. Blockland30

      1:15 petterson doesn't realize that puck actually hit him lool

    39. Austin Moar

      no one gonna talk about patty gaining like 20 pounds?

    40. Mark Litvar

      Fck, I forgot we traded Schmidt to the Canucks

    41. H2G Corner Sitter

      #request 5on3 Shorthanded goals pls been watching for years now

    42. Олег Олегов


    43. 2kidsnosleep

      OMG HOCKEY!!! Yay it is back baby. Love hearing the ribbing and silliness and all the sounds of hockey👍🏻😎😁

    44. Apparently God

      Maroon out here just new glove goofin

    45. r y

      Pettersson is a meme

    46. Mike M

      I’m a Flames fan but I might be quoting Pettersson for a while here.

    47. Jack Tudhope

      Petey is so funny

    48. devxs

      “Jayson Beagle” -Elias Pettersson, 2021

    49. Brandon Mitchell

      Anyone else notice Pettersson rocking the CCM twig and gloves 🤔

    50. purple09

      Pat Maroon looking like he got that dad gut

    51. Bobby Mulligan

      Surprised the Lightning don’t cheap shot each other during scrimmages...

    52. vedicardi

      patty marroooooooooon

    53. redheron

      Travis Konecny kinda sounds drunk... all the time.

    54. Антон Крапивницкий

      Вот и всё,переводи.

    55. Антон Крапивницкий


    56. Alan Van Asch

      Since you just did clutch ot saves, what about game winning saves at the buzzer like a save that keeps the game at 3-2? #request

    57. Truman Zerse

      Travis konecny is hilarious

    58. Sikarikerho HD

      god i miss patty in st. louis

    59. Антон Крапивницкий


    60. Антон Крапивницкий

      m.cssel.info/video/video/q6tsnWLHsoela3w.html да

    61. Conz

      God I love Petey. Still can't believe he plays for my favourite team

      1. Stevey Irwin 'RAWMMA Hair Analyst'

        man I wish I had that kinda talent at anything.

    62. Drix Clan

      Season starts tmro let’s go canucks!

    63. Wingman46

      nate Schmidt's a guy you just can't hate. even though nate I can never spell you last name right

    64. DaksDominos

      GMs react to overtime goals or playoff overtime goals #request

    65. Wingman46

      Elias is funny lmao

    66. Davender Slatch

      protect Nate Schmidt

      1. cloud

        watching schmitty and holts not in caps jerseys hurts my soul

    67. SavouryLobster

      I can't see my friends but these guys get to sit right next to each other on the bench. Feels weird honestly. I'm glad hockey's back but it'd be nice if we had some consistency.

      1. Krotiz

        The difference is they have state of the art testing, medical staff and team around them all the time. They are professionals, tested, and need to be careful in order to be able to play for a multi-million dollar franchise. If they are tested and none of them have covid, why wouldn't they be allowed to sit by each other, sweat, bleed, etc.?

    68. Rod Belding

      Ive always thought HBO should broadcast NHL games micd up and uncensored, I would actually bother buying HBO if they did that.

      1. Jens95

        They'd make quite a bit of money that way.

      2. Alex Ertl

        Absolutely agree with this

    69. Adria

      9:39 This part made me laugh. I love it

    70. Anthony Amesti

      Schmidt might be my new favorite player after this.

      1. Edward Lee

        Want him back in DC!

      2. Nelson Atkinson

        @Alejandro it's so nice to see him and Holts so well accepted by the boys.

      3. T.Kai

        I love how confident and loud he is! Definitely gonna bring some nice energy to the team :)

      4. Alejandro

        He has so much energy. Already seems like he’s been on the team for years.

    71. Jacob Hallberg

      Hockey is back tomorrow!

    72. Hazy Editz

      Who’s here before 1k views

      1. O_ o

        Not me

    73. OCYT

      Wish Nate S. didn’t swich

      1. OCYT


      2. dropoff

        He got traded for picks but at least you get pietrangelo

    74. Adriana S

      “Trevor hElp!” Lmaoooo. So excited for hockey to come back tomorrow 😭 thank you for all the videos while we waited Jens you’re such a peach

    75. JustVideos

      Panda outfit on the ref? what up with that?

      1. Michael Mayer

        Official ref jersey from DEL (Germany‘s highest league). Jamie and Terry Koharski have been in Germany in 2019 for a referee exchange.

    76. ajbolt

      "It would've touched my beard but I shaved 2 days ago" - Elias Pettersson

    77. BENDYTENDY35

      Can we get a part two?

    78. Detroit

      Hope Dallas and Columbus' rosters get their shit together and stop testing positive for covid and potentially ruining the season. We play columbus next week so it'd be nice to not have the threat of my Wings getting infected lmao

      1. Duke Storm88

        @Luke Frankjeez I did not know that

      2. Luke Frank

        @Duke Storm88 27 players total in the nhl and 17 of them are on Dallas

      3. Leafs fan 86

        It was always gonna be abit of a shit show the first few weeks, especially in areas where the virus is peaking. Over here in the UK, sport has been all over the place regarding covid but the cold weather is probably playing a big part in that.

      4. Duke Storm88

        Wait who tested positive

    79. Just Chillin


    80. Hello 123

      Nobody: Gourde: SON!

      1. SpudHockey 12

        He’s a great dad...

    81. Joey Marcello

      Who’s ready for caps first game

      1. FromHere On

        I wish Chara and Wilson were on the same line so bad

      2. O_ o

        I AM, I love the caps

    82. Jack Young

      “no goal” “noooo🙅🏻‍♂️” -wiseman TK

    83. Yachtys Cypher

      Thank u for all the amazing content u gave us while hockey was gone

    84. Marcus

      "Quinn Wolverine Hughes" - Elias Petterson

      1. wonderdogy


    85. Cletus Biggum

      Hockey is back tomorrow 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😃😃😃😃😃😃

    86. Lucas Booth

      Are you sure you don’t work for the NHL how did you get this?

      1. Drew Schieman

        Literally they’re all posted online

      2. Jens95

        I don't work for them but I do use clips from their CSsel channel, NHL.com and NHL.tv.

    87. Chris Morgan

      I love hockey and can’t wait

    88. AuzzieLOL


    89. Jens95


      1. Christian Stokes

        @Mastercraft37 yes.

      2. T.Kai

        SO PUMPED !!

      3. William Nixon


      4. Anonymous

        So I’m taking a winter class and I’m so upset cuz I’m gonna have to miss some of the games but I can’t wait to catch up lol

      5. R Jeffers

        Also thanks for the NHL 20 advice in other videos!