NHL Highlights | Canadiens vs. Bruins - Feb. 12, 2020



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    David Pastrnak netted a hat trick to get the Bruins a 4-1 win over the Canadiens.

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      Ха-ха-ха-ха! Зачем только Монреаль взял этого бездарного придурка Кавальчука. Гоните в шею этот путинский мусор!

    2. AnDyNkA H.


    3. Kidneybeans

      This was the first NHL game I watch in person at the Garden, and what an experience!!! Just absolutely awesome!!! Pasta and the boys delivered big time!!!! I’ve been a bruins fan for 30+ years and am now planning to make many trips back to Boston to see more!!!! Excellent experience!!

    4. Doug 1959

      Chara character he is one idiot I'll tell you he's a goof. Mr. Stick man gets away with it all the time. But this time he didn't he's been doing that all his life the size of this character. He's got to use the stick like he does cross-check people over and over and over he is an ass. I hope somebody gives it to him one day.

    5. Ray Michaels

      Why does this feel like a playoff game?


      Зачем Монреаль взял этого болвана кови. Он же полный дебил ему и в КХЛ уже не играть - пора в депутаты Госдуры и путину шнурки вязать в ночной лиге

    7. CanadianGirl 26

      RIP Montreal Canadiens 🙏😥

    8. Frodo Baggins

      Petry is overrated and needs to be traded ASAP!!!

    9. Tom Brown

      A ' small person ' , ' pasta man " & an arthritic giant won't get close to a east final...

    10. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      150th comment 🚓🏎🚚

    11. Khuong Khuu

      Montreal Canadiens on TSN RADIO 690, 98.5FM Montreal, SPORTSNET EAST, RDS & New England Sports Network. SPORTSNET EAST: They Score, Pastrnak Score, 2-0 Boston. RDS Broadcaster: Le But, 2-0 Boston, Pratrnak But. TSN RADIO 690: HE'S SCORE, Scandella Score, Montreal Trail by 1. RDS Broadcaster: LE BUTTTTT, SCANDELLA BUTT, 2-1 Boston 98.5FM Montreal: Le But, Pratrnak But, 3-1 BOSTON. Sportsnet East: Bergeron Score, it's 4-1 Boston RDS Broadcaster: LE BUTT, Bergeron But, 4-1 Boston. 98.5FM Montreal: Le But, Bergeron But, Joe Biden vs Donald Trump UFC 250 ON TSN, RDS & ESPN. 4-1 Boston. NESN Broadcaster: HE'S SCORE, BERGERON SCORE, IT'S 4-1 BRUINS.

    12. Vika star

      Маршан хорош!!

    13. austin c

      marchand’s pass this

    14. apple tile

      Price loses to his goaltender opposite still another time. He reminds me of a struggling fish hoisted upon dry land. Price and Trump have something in common.....a delusional fanbase. In Price's case, they say he's the best goaltender in the world. Talk about drinking the cool-aid.

    15. Lion3000

      Ah well, the lower we finish in the stand, the better "reset" there will be... If Ch hire a hockey-operation president, 'cuz molson won't fire brgvin or julien at each 5M$ a year. brgvin can't do it, he is a reckless gambler with no plan, he got lucky with Tatar, Suk is awesome but he was not draft by that toxic clique in Mtl & price contract will hurt us forever.🙁

    16. Шамиль Садвакасов

      «Bruins» - champ? Pasta - MVP?

    17. Samuel Attias

      That's Enough Montreal. You Have Enough

    18. Олег Митин

      Шансов нет.... Как котят!

    19. Roland Tinker

      Maybe we'll just go for a draft pick GO HABS GO

    20. Appolo P

      Don't worry Hab Fans, we still have the 'BEST" goalie in the "UNIVERSE" CP, he will definetely win the next 15 games all by himself by the scores of 1-0, and will lead us into the playoffs, like he did during the past 11 years. This "GREAT PHENOM" as most French and English media "MOOCHIES" in Montreal, have called him, will lead us towards another Stanley Cup, in what year, I can't really say.

    21. marcel jenicek

      Mortal kombat: Pasta Mod:)

    22. amerocker

      The _one_ Canadien goal was a fluke.

    23. Aleek Run

      Bruins, go !

    24. Tamanvir Kalsi

      I feel bad for Price he really deserves a cup :(

    25. Евгений Онегин

      жалко Илюха не стрельнул, Бостон полюбому Ковальчука рассматривает на дозаявку перед плей-офф

    26. hulley5223

      Is it just me, or does the Bruins top winger line score 99% of their goals?

      1. Matthew Schwartz

        It's almost 50% that our first line scores. If we don't get a good winger at the deadline we're not beating Tampa, Washington, or Pittsburgh

    27. Vladimir Logutenko

      Монреаль ассист Пастернаку 3 раза.

    28. Damien Chance

      I think pasta probably could reach 50 or more goals before the season over

    29. Damien Chance

      Wow what a shot @1:30

    30. MattsARocknRolla

      Of course they leave out the cross check to Gallagher’s face that chara did

      1. Brotherhood

        Not saying what Chara did was okay. Gally was asking for it. He was all over the big man with hacks and slashes.

      2. kyle marquis

        MattsARocknRolla after he hacked him up all game? Would hardly call it a crosscheck either lol Chara mocked his little head snapback

    31. Sam Joseph

      Whats gojng on with montreal

      1. Kane Garvey

        Not much.

      2. TheBlackLeafs9

        what do you mean what is going on ? its regular habs , 4 years out of playoff in 4 years hahahah

    32. Alexandros Mograine

      Rask playing good against montreal is a nice change.

    33. mumb33

      Сдаётся мне,что хокку написал поэт на льду махая клюшкой Цену не щадя

    34. Summer Of Sam Summer Of Sam

      Pasta's 2nd goal was beast mode

    35. beantownn54

      I think Pasta will have the most goals by the end of the season

    36. alex martell

      its not even highlights its just the goals

      1. František Mohykán


    37. germain desranleau

      bruins in other league montreal canadian more ahl to nhl. please finish season soon

    38. PnW Gate

      Poor leafs...if the Bolts overtake the B's it means Boston will AGAIN eliminate Toronto...this time it won't go seven games. Leafs will be lucky if it goes 6... #1967

      1. PnW Gate

        @Robin S Funny you picked 1972...3 since 1970 ass-hat. and missed a 4th by one game last year, but will get a 4th this year. It must piss you off that they have been 1st or 2nd ALL year! LOL

      2. Skinny Timmy

        @Robin S I'm not a Bruins fan, in fact I despise the Bruins.

      3. Robin S

        Boston fans, acting as if their team has won more than 1 cup since 1972 and more than a puny 6 cups as an original six franchise. (no, I'm not a Maple Leafs fan, for you thick skulls out there)

      4. Skinny Timmy

        If they even get there in the first place

    39. JohnWicksPencil

      Pasta is LETHAL this year

    40. Юрий Н

      Just Splinter with Boston

    41. John Benedict

      Hab's defense wouldn't even cut it in the AHL nowadays.

    42. Dave Jmerson

      Easy. Bruins won the series 3/1

    43. Chuck Taylor

      What a surprise Boston won 😒

    44. Robert Merasty-McGaughey

      Way to go Kulak (1st g); then Ouellet (2nd g); then Petry (3rd g); & the 4rth belongs to the very rusty Drouin. Habs made a mistake in giving up Deslauriers. But nevertheless, play on & play hard L'habitant.🇨🇦👍🏒❤️

      1. Pat Hardy

        G2D_ CED when were u guys the best lmao

      2. G2D_ CED

        Pat Hardy Trash?! We were the Best saddly all the player are Gone So ye of curse ( trash team )

      3. Pat Hardy

        Trash team

    45. KILLERFITZzz86 !

      Congrats pasta on 40

      1. David Buswa

        Forty-one actually. But, that's alright

    46. Карина Бокарева

      Все таки Бостон сила дайте им кови 17

    47. Владимир Белов

      Пипец одной пяторкой игру зделали

      1. Владимир Белов

        @Евгений Трофимов но если думаешь маршанд, бержерон, пастарняк, то ошибаешься, вторую шайбу как забил бостон, смотрел или нет? Шайбу перехватил Шон Курали 52 номер бостона и протощил всю площадку,сделал классную передачу, но а пастарн забил отличный гол

      2. Евгений Трофимов

        одной тройкой

    48. Ludwig Von aids

      Pasta with the 🎩🎩

    49. crook drumoz

      Ive never seen a team that boring offensively.. that was tough to watch

    50. Bryan Ouellet

      Too much "pasta" for the Habs. Drouin needs to go, Bergevin needs to go, and that hideous caveman behind the bench needs to go too. Another year of injury issues with poor depth, and succouring the provincial govt with overpaid French Canadian pylons.

    51. Kevin Anderson

      filthy from Marchand.. wow

      1. An Evolving Ape

        "dipsy doodles"

    52. Выши Крыши

      Кови не бог , если все остальные спят ...лабухи ...

      1. нет подписчиков

        Монреаль что с ним, что без него проигрывает. Значит, толку от него нет нихуя.

      2. Выши Крыши

        @Станислав согласен , и со звеном тоже нужно решить

      3. Станислав

        ему надо с татаром играть и доми а остальные к сожалению вообще в ужасной форме

    53. LordRotule

      Okay ya’ll got the lesson MTL, now start tanking for real or Lafrenière is packing his stuff to Detroit

      1. Bryan Ouellet

        Detroit has already lost 40.

    54. David Burke

      Petry was the Bruin MVP in that game.

      1. Nicholas Wood

        jack mayhoff I mean they’re not but okay

      2. David Burke

        @jack mayhoff I thought I saw two Petry give-aways that directly resulted in Bruin goals. I wasn't at the game so I or the video could be wrong.

      3. jack mayhoff

        no, their first line were.. it's not petrys fault the Bruins are the best team in the league

    55. Bsoupful

      I usually don't leave many comments on hockey highlights anymore, but that assist by Marchand to Pasta was insane.

      1. Jeffrey Kaufmann

        They say its easier to get an assist than a goal but not the case here.

      2. Callum Keogh

        I had to watch 3 times to see how he even did it. World class

      3. Orange iOS

        T BZ i hate Marchand but i gotta admit it was sick. He was just tired of people remembering him his “beautiful” shootout attempt against Philadelphia

      4. T BZ

        100% agreed! That is the kind of assist you remember getting as a player when you’re older. I would think it will be top 3 ‘skill’ highlight of his career.

      5. Orlando


    56. Scott Sullivan

      Watching the habs become a dumpster fire brings me such joy

      1. Shawn Kelsey

        Bryan Ouellet dude , keep living in the past that’s why you guys never win . You don’t change the lightbulb you’ll just keep talking about how good the old one was. And as far as I know the Craps haven’t won a Stanley cup in 26 years . While they have the most they also won them back when the league was much different . In 2011 we eliminated you in game 7 and we won the cup . You eliminated us in the first round and did NOTHING! So yah you eliminated us and while we haven’t won the two cup finals we been in since then . We’ve made it much further that you have . Keep reeling yourself how good your old team was ... I bet that will help now right ?

      2. Scott Sullivan

        @Bryan Ouellet heres a more "recent" one for your memory! A little closer to the last cup win for the habs cssel.info/video/video/rayweXHQ1I1-iYQ.html

      3. Scott Sullivan

        @Bryan Ouellet And nobody expects the habs to win the cup but hey there's always next year! and next year, and next year, and.....hey im seeing a trend here! oh also:cssel.info/video/video/0omxeIfIy4d3qpY.html

      4. Bryan Ouellet


      5. Bryan Ouellet

        @Scott Sullivan St Louis being a great example.

    57. ER 7616

      Ч. Т. Д

    58. Praise The Sun

      MTL 2019-2020 Season RIP.

      1. Bryan Ouellet

        Welcome to three weeks ago.

    59. Steve Back

      The game was blacked out where I live.

      1. Swedish Viking

        So lucky!

      2. Bryan Ouellet

        Nhl66...google it.

    60. Barb Myran

      Who cares

      1. rduke325

        You as you are here posting. Otherwise you would have just ignored the video. So edgy...

      2. Bryan Ouellet