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    Paparazzi · Kim Dracula
    ℗ 2414312 Records DK
    Released on: 2020-12-11
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    1. Mimi Lim

      1:48 you wont regret it by clicking that 🙃

    2. just me

      This 1:03 ^^

    3. Maxine Zuño

      I’m totally inlove lol

    4. Alondra Rodriguez

      Cool 🔥

    5. Morey86

      My new fav song

    6. cry you kid

      100 komments and 5 million views

    7. cry you kid

      99 komments

    8. cry you kid

      98 komments

    9. Trinity Mae Rodrigues

      I didnt come here from Kitty channel afnan’s paparazzi meme, I came here for the laugh

    10. Barbie Girl

      this is amazing

    11. хината тян

      😍словила краш с голоса😍

      1. W3roN SP

        краш - вылет игры, а под каким смыслом сейчас используется это слово - высер полнейший, тупые девки)

    12. Ryan velazquez

      Yes sir yes sir

    13. iosif gavril


    14. Blue hair Hobi

      Is this on spotify?

      1. farmbun

        Yes it is

    15. Nukeclearz

      I hear bo2 zombies vibes

    16. ElSwifftey

      please do a feat with ghostemane PLZZZZ

    17. Soupra Boi

      I can't be the only one feeling Midnight Club Dub Edition Remix's soundtrack vibes at the start

    18. Bhavna Devi

      Bops ZOMBIES

    19. Rasiel

      why is this top comment??

    20. P Kennedy

      Kinda reminds of marilyn manson.

    21. Edward Martin

      Here before 10M 🥳🥳 👇🏻

    22. Mr.YairoFb

      Contiene copyright?

    23. Rocky Oof

      I swere he sounds like lil peep I swere

    24. lifeline music

      his voice is everything

    25. Bitrueta Bofity

      Dis song fires asf🖖👌🤘🤙✌🤞

    26. Dakota Hinkle

      3.1 million views and only 78 comments, wild

    27. Malak Marooki

      I'm not into this kind of music but this song is fire🔥🔥🔥

    28. SpainYTClips SYC


    29. therealisticone

      he will be famous soon, i am sure🙄not our little secret anymore

    30. Ленка Николић

      im obsessed.

    31. geometryfnx

      Oh my fcing god😻❤

    32. farmbun

      Ugh im in love with this

    33. Jaanika Sarapuu

      i love thisssss

    34. High DFS

      Why does this strike me as a wanna be marilyn manson cover..?? Never gonna be, never will be and never could be. Not a horrible remake tho. Just plz stop biting marilyn manson's style.

      1. Salvador Gutierrez


    35. Chris Miller

      Oh fuck yea!

    36. jess is cool

      omg yes

    37. Tracy Rae

      New favorite song! ♡

    38. Marcin Narzeczny


    39. Adua Youtube

      That voice ?! 🔥 WOOOW ❤️💪🔥

    40. Jacque Tutty

      Yoooo this song SMACKS

    41. all dark, no stars

      IT BLEW UP. YES!!!

    42. Musolino Gaming

      Lil peep?

    43. Gabe Herndon

      I hear bo1 zombies

    44. Ema Chrvalová


    45. kaija


    46. The Gamer That's Afk

      so goood

    47. Jack O’Connell

      Black ops 2 zombies vibes

    48. Bobby Clay

      This is going to blow up 506k views right now just wait...

    49. Bobby Clay


    50. Bryson Vidal

    51. sunflower. bby

      i`m just in love!!!!! i`m vibin` rn xd

    52. B3NJAMIN P0ND

      Omg thank you I’ve been waiting for your official posting of this awesome track 😎

    53. Alasha ADAMS

      He sounds like lil peep a little but not a lot. I thought he was a woman for a second

    54. Lilith

      Yess I finally dont have to replay that tiktok video 10x in a row anymore!

    55. Chikky Nuggies

      marry me

    56. Stayce

      I‘ve been Waiting so long for this beautiful Song !

    57. xsuicidetrapx

      I heard cod bo1 zombies main menu sample :3

      1. Zachary Jaraczewski

        We all did

    58. zari

      masz talent i umiesz się ładnie drzeć

    59. Jean Miller

      It's about time this. Came out

    60. Samantha Vargas

      Omg yes I have been waiting for this

    61. Melii N.

      i've wanted this sooooooooooooooo long I'm so happy omg thank you!!! It's so good

    62. crazythumbs101

      Ik I’m not the only one hearing bops zombies

      1. Shaya

        Ah, I see youre a man of culture as well.

      2. dead by daylight nerd


      3. Goats Are Magical

        im in a zombies lobby and i was so confuzed

      4. Robbie Schara

        Hell fuckin yes

      5. Gabe Herndon

        Same here 😂

    63. Carson_edits

      This was worth the wait!

    64. all dark, no stars

      This HAS to blow up

    65. Hesean Terrence

      Iyeee I've been waiting for this Thankss!

    66. Chance Suiter

      Insanely good. This is about to blow up 🔥

    67. Sinaki Rainine

      This was worth the wait. You did amazing on this!

    68. Junior_1416

      Kim Dracula ft. GHOSTEMANE 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Brayan / Rôle play /


      2. Eve :3


      3. Ryan white

        @Junior_1416 yes my guy

      4. Ghost


      5. Karena Cornett


    69. Hubbybubby44

      YESSS!!! I’ve been wanting for this😌✋🏻💕

      1. Karena Cornett


    70. Jeniffer

      This is so amazing! 😩❤❤ Thank you for this amazing song cover!

    71. Tirzah Hacker

      here before this blows up :)


        Me too

    72. _ciel.smile_


      1. A fucking Multishipper

        @_ciel.smile_im always late ✨👌😗

      2. _ciel.smile_

        A fucking Multishipper I understand you lel...I must have seen it 3 times and I've always cried 😶

      3. A fucking Multishipper

        @_ciel.smile_ im your sister✌️ im Just crying bc it was sad

      4. _ciel.smile_

        A fucking Multishipper ..I understand you sister/brother. Hold on. You are stronger than you think. Don't be are you?

      5. A fucking Multishipper

        @_ciel.smile_... I just finished the given.....

    73. Ryan Cormier

      Kim Drac > Lady Gaga

    74. luz jv


    75. Auro Bicis KARAN

      LOVE YOU

    76. Саша Беляев


    77. SIDDHARTH Jadon

      Hey it's the best thing of today

    78. rian Ivanov

      Damnn, ive been waiting so long but it was absolutely worthy

      1. rian Ivanov

        @Marissa Sousa yeaah, or replying one tiktok like 1000 times in a row😆

      2. Marissa Sousa

        Ahh same here, I've been listening to the versions on soundcloud

    79. _sswor

      Uuu 🇵🇹🇵🇹luv u kim

    80. Environmentally Fashionable Globally Healthy

      Great start to my day to see this went up! :)