Ruination | Season 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends

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    A king returns. All he touches turns to ruin.
    Video created in partnership with Digic Pictures.
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    1. Lemming Overlord

      Why does Lucian’s cadence sound like he’s trying to do a Solid Snake impression?

    2. Tim B.

      Funny how they still make trailers for a game that died years ago

    3. Arvi

      POPPERS Poppy otp here :D

    4. Sheran Hanel

      Lowkey Arthus vibes

    5. Visza

      Q: Summon 100 zerglings W: Teleport to enemy champion E: Steal enemy champion's stats R: Take control of 3 enemy champions until the end of the game

    6. Mark Joseph Jocame

      I think i just saw the unite symbol. Maybe they're all gonna team up to defeat viego

    7. Lucid Artz

      They could made something like avengers and solo animation films if they want to.

    8. Jon Glover

      Everyone’s that’s watching and not knowing what’s going on 😣

    9. Blood Reign

      So much potential wasted on a MOBA game, RIOT should consider making an open world or story-driven game. The lore is just so amazing, just imagine being able to explore the world of Runeterra. Or at least they could make an animated serie, I'm sure they'd make good money with that.

    10. Morgana Jax

      Wow this cinematic is cool🤍🤍

    11. Nas Shadow

      That show senna need a buff

    12. Kempdog

      Vayne Poppy reminds me a little of LOTR with Legolas and Gimli.

    13. Liv Spencer

      ''we dont run from darkness we light the way'' WAKANDA 5EVER

      1. Liv Spencer


      2. Liv Spencer

        ACAB 1312

    14. Sachin

      Where is Jax?

    15. tokyo

      report Darius for griefing.

    16. Evans Fariña

      Si pusieran al menos la mitad de lo que invierten en cinemáticas pero en el juego seria uno muy grande.

    17. benjie ksodododod

      why her gun bigger than her husband:?

    18. Ne hAz

      What a cool name of AG AME. XD luving it trully xd

    19. Morvic

      And I ask where is Mordekaiser in this?

    20. Evad Aniraloc

      Ah, hello, good to know Karma and Poppy has their own spotlight. 😘

    21. JacksTip

      Lucians wife is a baddie tho 😍

    22. Gian Hendrace Paguia

      this animations is better than the season 4 wrath of the gods of the seven deadly sins

    23. MrBossWizard

      League of Legends featuring Dante from Devil May Cry series

    24. Ricardo Andrade

      Things got hard for Arthas after the events of Frozen Throne.

    25. Axel

      I still think that senna return made lucian lose his purpose in lore...not linking the direction riot is taking

      1. xD

        They still have purpose. Fighting Mist.

    26. TheWoodOne

      sad that they did ruined king some soyboy croped shirt and all that anime style bulshit. Missed oportunity for a very cool loooking champ.

    27. Caca Dian

      so, who is the queen

    28. Clifton Despanie

      Dope as ever They should have they’re on series 📺🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫💫💫💫🍿🍿🍿🍿let’s Go

    29. Poki Doki

      Cmon we all know this a scene from the movie that will be coming out in 2098

    30. Gon

      honestly, league would make a pretty good rpg. Or a total war franchise.

    31. Dust Gremory

      Samira es una vieja xd

    32. Irpan Maulana

      Need movie 😭😭😭

    33. IaMmEsSiNgBoY

      He's in pursuit for his wife for years what a simp

    34. Jon M


    35. Bradley Carmont-Heketoa


    36. Tom Danks

      I swear this is lookin to be an avengers movie.

    37. Mertcan Arslan

      Dies anyone know what the Icon/Symbol in the end is 4:25 ?

    38. Tom Danks

      2:27 vayne lookin a little like pulse

    39. Tom Danks

      I swear this looks like its leading up to a team up movie.

    40. enzeetee

      what's the point of all these cinematics if it's literally the same map but with new banners

    41. 뮤닉이

      Where the f is sett

    42. Airrr Cloud

      Mordekaiser: ok come to my dark room and have fun, ruin king🔨

    43. Rodereck Azir

      Why Riot stay playing games with our hearts like Guess when we kill off the only Blk cpl in the game lols!

    44. Joseph Diaz

      Wasn’t senna white?

      1. xD

        Lol No

    45. QwikSlash

      this sucked compared to last year

    46. Matias del clan Uchijja

      el diego xD

    47. Aksanti Tshimang

      DO you guys ever wonder if her cannon's light or heavy??

    48. Mindful Music

      Bring Poppy back to life.

    49. JTF

      nice we got virgil in the game now

    50. cloud atlas

      Ach? Bei League of Legends gibt es eine Story XD

    51. DDTime

      This animation already saved 2021.

    52. Sethraxus WWE

      DEAR GAMERS!!! We are introducing Mordekaiser's thinner brother that learned his old R from him back in times long past (I mean just look at Darius it's kinda similar) 😄

    53. SMB 96

      What do you think about head trauma? Karma: 2:15

    54. HighLanderPony

      Kinda cool but was it ever explained why L&S has to stop V from getting his way? Why can't they just let him do it?

      1. HighLanderPony

        @xD Looks like the opposite is true. He gets angry and sends shadows on people when he doesn't get his way and calms down when he does.

      2. xD

        He will bring Ruination to whole Valoran.

    55. Ang Typ

      Where can i found this Melodie? 1:02

    56. Ang Typ

      2:44 god What happen to her ? She is losing her mind

    57. BigBoii DeX

      This was so beautiful.

    58. Riccardo Boscolo

      Imagine if they had to call mordekaiser for fight against Viego...and bring all the fight in a CINEMATICS 😍

    59. crist li

      Viego reminds me of the tv series once upon a time who The character named rumplestiltskin

      1. Skkora D boy

        what? those are 2 completely different things

    60. YAGGA

      Please gt shaco movie

    61. Buğra Balkan

      I would like to The Hu(group who made sw fallen order's music) in LoL like pentakill

    62. Fade Rizen

      1:00 I'm trying so hard to remember the soundtrack's name but I just can't figure it out

    63. MagneM 171

      Castlevania times

    64. Antonis Saridakis

      the cinemanatics are very good..Riot never dissapoint us.. Imagine if there were a movie cinematic like avengers end game..

    65. PentiQu

      Is this like reference to lich king for wow?

    66. Jeremy Nachtman

      Just make a movie already. You've got the money. And whoever makes these knows what they're doing.

      1. Dominic Foster

        problem is the lore is shite so a movie would have a shite plot

    67. Inter Stellar

      All Law/ Allah = God ... Jesus / Je suis ...Happyness / health and infinite abundance 🙏🏿🤲🏿🙏🏻🤲🏻✌🏻✌🏿 ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 100 years of light ++

    68. The Count

      This is just the taken king expansion for league and I love it

    69. Pislaru Mihai

      make a movie already

    70. CrazyW0nderland

      Nobody is talking about how Karma could destroy King's control all by herself.

      1. Alexander

        @CrazyW0nderland Yeah, Karma's Power's are insane.

      2. CrazyW0nderland

        @Alexander i Know, but everyone is ignoring her power, just talking about Samira and Darius, Vayne and Poppy etc..

      3. Alexander

        Karma is very, very powerful. But because she's Ionia she also believes in the Balance and Harmony of all things.

    71. BiggestTheRig

      my mans only wants his wife back

    72. Senpai

      Where tf is the Easter egg

    73. K닭갈치

      Please. Please do not change the lobby profile. Users talk about anything. I hate it because it's like a Chinese game. No one wants to change.

    74. K닭갈치

      진짜 부탁이 있습니다. 로비 프로필 테두리 번경하지 마세요. 유저들은 하나도 뭔하지 않습니다. 다들 중국 게임 같다고 싫어합니다

    75. Smirk pie

      If you think Viego can destroy the world think about Ryze's runestones from Call of power Video that can literally bring destruction upon runeterra

    76. Who Cares

      Is this new big fella, big brother of A A Trox

    77. TheFurybolT

      My son. The day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name, wait

    78. Ethan Xed Manalo

      Let's just Wait for moonton mobile legends bang bang ti copy this trailer

    79. 78億只1快樂有罪

      world of tan'

      1. 78億只1快樂有罪


      2. 78億只1快樂有罪


      3. 78億只1快樂有罪


      4. 78億只1快樂有罪


    80. Alexander Pashov

      LoL will never die!!!!

    81. serdy ximi

      Funny how Lucian sounds like “Ramirez, take down that enemy helicopter!”

    82. Marian Negoita

      Everyone: DMC vibes Me: Castlevania

    83. andrip

      weird looking lich king

      1. serdy ximi


    84. C B G

      LoL: *Upload some video* Asians: " *interesting* "

    85. avm J

      *Dante has join the League*

    86. Wytsejo Damm

      I low key wanna see allistar W+Q into him while senna's soul is being stolen...

    87. Soarna Va

      and then the shopkeeper came to help Lucian with his another Blade of the Ruined King and Mercury's Locket

    88. Hyper

      we can understand that karma's mind is too strong. even he couldn't control her

    89. yousef salama

      why the cinematic are always better than the real game lol

    90. Krorb kill

      hard simpin

    91. Syuhada Zikrillah

      brody sister

    92. Victor Gonzalez

      Now THIS is what I want to see. More stuff like this. I finally stopped playing league after all these years but I can 100% get behind some animation and enjoy it with some nostalgia vibes

    93. Sam Lives Here

      viego is a huge simp, just sayin

    94. wp gg

      2:01 2:22 4:16

    95. Alwar Rico

      Lol animation is 1000000000000x better than Ml

    96. Dante Del Banes

      3 hour movie

    97. Ausnen

      Promo for MMO?

    98. Michael Dromes

      I wish I hadn't quit the game like 8 years ago so that I knew what's going on. The new characters look really great though and the quality of the cinematic is on Blizzard level, if not beyond.

    99. Rabbit Corn

      As a Yorick main the idea of fighting the Ruined King is amusing.

    100. Pixel3r

      samira x darius?