Ryan Getzlaf - Zdeno Chara 30.01.2018

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    1. Geri geri

      Chara, is a bis Pussi

    2. Pavel Solařík

      To je ale sráč!!

    3. Pali Prekop

      Ou Ryan u're so lucky that refs survived U ;) otherwise new facelift would appear right ;) be man and ask Big Z for a fight not slash him from behind like a kid.

    4. scott kline

      Ryan couldn't get away fast enough, Man up BOY.

    5. Santini47

      Jack Edwards is such an A=hole. People get turned off by his blatant homerism. For the record, Chara sucks! Can't skate, can't stick handle can't pass. He has a hard shot sure. His only real skill ,which isn't a skill at all, is getting in the way with his size and blindly rimming the puck. Being a freak of nature should't get you into the HOF.

    6. Edfiki86

      Regina charm

    7. Ed Gerak

      Waiting for the next 6foot 9inch dude to learn how to skate. Then Chara will have will more practice

    8. Veleicema Johnson


    9. Michael Hannify

      Can’t stand listening to that little dink Edwards

    10. Jacob Huish

      ‘Cheap Shot Chara’

    11. FrankTheTank8

      Getzlaf always been a bitch

    12. RIČI SVK

      Getlaf zbabelec

    13. Denis Vlasov

      Chara is fucking dirty player, wish he can join us in boxing training

    14. rachman1noff

      Edwards: "chara is hot"

    15. Frost E

      Chara the big pussy boy

    16. guy

      i'd fight the ref after that if i was getzlaf, holding me back allowing chara some free shots

      1. Justin Sullivan

        ref saved him and Getzlaf clearly had no interest in fighting. He made no effort to get past the refs to Chara. Lmao pussy move.

    17. Chris Lake

      Jack Edward's is such a bitch

    18. 313 bootboy

      Can't tell who I dislike more....Getzlaf or Jack Edwards

    19. Tristan OLeary


    20. Faze_Maty

      To byli den mych narozenin Dík ZDENO CHARO

      1. Pavol Melega

        Na moje narozky ani jenom nehrál... Taky díky Zdeno😄

    21. Alex Musat

      Chara is acting like a kid

    22. Elvis Lintalu

      Comes a day when this tall chara will be beaten to ground and no standing anymore

    23. Tom Cola

      Save Getzlaf? Lol gtfoh Chara can't throw hands he wrestles

    24. stevejh69

      There is NO player in the history of hockey that fans want to see a career ending injury to more than Chara. I want to see that cheap, dirty prick stretchered off the ice and never return!

    25. 4orrcountry

      Oh gee...I didn't realize that was you, Big Z! Getz is a fraud physically.

    26. 4orrcountry

      Getzlaf is SUCH a fraud as a fighter. Good player, but he's not genuine physically.

      1. Eric Moran

        pardon me? wtf are you saying

    27. Jokerimies

      Chara, you mad bro?!

    28. TN

      Wouldve loved to see getzlaf fuck his ass up chara almost fell on his ass but got saved by the boards and responded late so the refs could save him

    29. Radoslav Chyzny


    30. Radoslav Chyzny

      captain Canaka(Getzlaf)-Slovakia(Chara) WM 2012 ,Look all

    31. Ian Chambers

      God I hate this guy, "saves getzlafs face" man shut the fuck up

    32. M S

      typical canadien reaction the whistle blows, and you attack enemy player...then get cover by the ref... really pussy hockey style...

    33. Ricky Wright

      And the announcers begin their Chara orgy....

    34. matt2beirish1

      i mean chara would prolly fuck him up, and getz wasnt exactly seeking the fight, but if the refs were not there getz woulda 100% gone chara, the cheapshot with punches of that level is a lil too much though. if i can remember the game both teams were taking runs, its always like that with the ducks vs bruins, both teams like to play aggresive big heavy games.

    35. Vojtech Mikloš

      skurveny getzlaf

    36. Zachary Campbell

      did chara say eat shit at 0:49?

    37. MrSeaneboy

      Getzlaf is to good to waste his time in the box. And although ALL commentators are homer's the Boston boys do it best...always laughable, always predictable

    38. Jozef Krpelan

      It was obvious Getzlaf is a cheap shot, he does it through his entire career, he was afraid of Chara from start, proves how he started backing from Chara right after cheapshot slashing him and no interest to take off gloves, he went to hide behind refs but it backfired for him because the linesman held getzlaf pinned while chara punched him, its not called cheap fight from Charas side, that was simply karma for Getzlafs actions

    39. Josh Moberly

      Chara is a beast. Led his team to a cup in his prime.

    40. Robert white

      Hack Chara in the leg, get bopped, hahaha.

    41. Feedback4Utoday

      Chara body check to his head (ref missed)... Then ref gives Gets the extra 2. nhl has worst refs!!

    42. Johnny Paintball

      I fucking hate bostons announcers

    43. Boris Čarný

      Getzlaf suck's...

      1. AquaxQc

        Jesus Christ choose AK47 fuck off, GETZLAF AND DUCKS IS THE BEST

    44. Phil Enlokey

      That guy is 6'9 and only weighs 250. He'd def lose a fight with someone his own weight. You Boston fans dickride the fuck out of him lol.

    45. Unsanctioned_Buffonery

      charas a big fucking queen man, I've seen Getzlaf fight out of hockey and he's a fucking machine, Chara would drop like a stone.

    46. The Prophet Nick Carter

      I found where all the Bruins fans hang out.

    47. riku luoma

      Imagine chara with 6cm penis. Isnt it nonsense?

    48. Kevin Buffington

      Lol. Really chara. What a puss. Can only take anyone while reaching over the ref. Lol

    49. FreeDa Green

      chara sucks.

    50. Thomas12345able

      Už by měl Cháru někdo sundat. Nebaví mně koukat na to, když se proti Chárovi někdo postaví s poraženým výrazem. Když chtějí sundat takový hovado, tak musejí být důraznější.

    51. Ondrej Mega

      Chara would kill him

    52. Vern Rutley

      Watch the fight with Scott Parker Character gets killed.

    53. BootlegFightVideo

      Linesman so stupid. Why bail out a cross-checker running his mouth off a clean hit? He was too slow to drop his gloves on a skirmish he started?

    54. Will S

      Maybe Getzlaf realizes that it's not a fair trade off? Maybe a no name 4th liner, but you don't want Getz to be sitting for just Chara lol, Getz has way more value on the ice.

    55. Slava Shehovec

      Хара - молодец!

      1. Pavol Melega

        Руские тоже молодци...🤗😉

    56. Andrew M

      Chara’s a bum

    57. willoie scot

      isn it just me..or.. do the linesmen get in the way of Chara every time??? Even the refs have been known to keep him from fighting.. still the biggest and meanest junkyard dog in the NHL and YES Getz is a very lucky man

      1. Šimon Ďuriančik

        willoie scot if linesmen werent there... Getzlaf would go home in an ambulance

    58. EDW1N 4

      Referee protect Chara once again ! How you spect Getzlaf throw punch when the ref is in front chars the idiot

    59. Charles Evers

      Awful the linesmen jumped in like that


      Hate when refs come inbetween a player when Chara wants to go. You either fight him or dont bother. Sick of some players in the NHL hiding behind refs. Getslaf shoulda fought him. The guy is like 7 foot on skates, so what... learn how to throw them. Not everyone is Tie Domi throwing them with Probert. But what are you afraid of? Fighting is decreasing every year to a point where it rarely happens but in my eyes its bad for the game. We all want speed and skill but the hated rivalries and the tenaciousness of players is going. Its turning so soft, no one even hits much anymore. Its an embaressment for fuck sakes!

    61. mexicanamerican21

      Pussy ass ducks cheap slut cunts like their mothers

    62. mexicanamerican21

      Fuckig pusys ass reffs

    63. Ry97 TV

      Can I use this video plz


      Chara throwing punches in bunches

    65. schifferbrainz

      Getzlaf wants none of that.

    66. ducks4life

      Chara is still the biggest queef in hockey. Looks like sasquatches down syndrome brother lol

      1. Vox90

        ducks4life That’s not nice

      2. ducks4life

        Chad Johnson better than your fake ass picture lol.

      3. Šimon Ďuriančik

        ducks4life ah yeah... be a Duck

    67. Gls

      Getzlaf don't poke the Grizzly bear!Luckily he learned his lesson and survived:)

    68. wildlife T-shirts

      Love hating Chara. What a goof.

    69. Blaine Gerein

      Chara is toughest when a ref is there or when jumping on someone's back. Such a chicken shit.

    70. Andrej Hanzlík

      vecny rypak a provokater a zakerak getzlaf

    71. Jaysy101

      Getzlaf is such a pussy. HE wouldn't drop the gloves with Nurse last year. Bitch move, stickwork king.

    72. Raymond Flower

      Charas just big. Any time he fought Laraque he fell down right away because it was actually going to be a fair fight.

    73. Learn 2 Swim

      Getzlaf shit himself

    74. V P

      Getzlaf was scared ? He ran behind the refs ?? Getzlaf instigated the fight and ref intervened and gave opening for chara s shot .. I'm no ducks fan and I like both player but you bruins fan can exaderatted worse than an 8 year old girl ..

      1. GoBlue576966

        Hahaha, Andrei, Chara threw five punches before the refs could get between them. Getzlaf was trying to turtle. He got in two punches before the ref got an arm between them.

    75. SpiffyGonzales

      Lol fake tough guy Getzlaf gets rekt by other fake tough guy Chara

    76. Adam Dolejš

      Chara is not hot, Chara is the biggewt piece of shit in NHL

    77. Cary

      Chara hit was late. Cheap. I remember a guy in 2011 named Rome from Vancouver who got suspended for a lesser hit.

    78. wildwilllis1

      "A pretty good chop"... these guys..

    79. Lukáš Peroutka

      Chara je primitiv

      1. HOKEJ

        Ti sa asi nerozumies hokeju ze

    80. Matt Aikema

      Fuckin Boston Bruins...just a bunch of cheapshot fuckers. Backward ass town

    81. david taylor

      There are a lot of people in the world I don't care if I piss off.... Chara is not one of them

    82. ttttiiiimmmmgggg

      Worst broadcast crew in sports.

    83. Steven Haste

      I honestly don't mind the bruins, I don't have a favorite team I just enjoy watching every team play the game, it's awesome! BUT.... I can NOT watch the bruins play, jack Edwards is such a biased, annoying idiot that his commentary literally ruins the whole game, it's honestly fucking embarrassing like dude, come on, your job is to call unbiased games, and provide nice commentary on a great game. Dude gets me so mad he's an idiot.

    84. WakeTheDead300

      Should have been a call. And should have been a fight. Refs fucked up both

    85. Nicolas Lahky

      Seems like slovakian losers still have sekeras injury in mind lol

      1. Šimon Ďuriančik

        Do you know Da wae?? Because you're not Slovak... right ??

    86. Den Kulich


    87. Philip Engblom

      I hat chara

      1. Philip Engblom

        Jaroslav Karaffa ok no problem

      2. Philip Engblom

        Kev F no

      3. Jaroslav Karaffa

        Philip Engblom I hate you

      4. Nicolas Lahky

        *hate. You missed e. Now e is mad at you. Look what you have done.

      5. Tits McFunnyBalls

        Philip Engblom do you glove Getzlaf?

    88. Petr Zidek

      chara is idiot

    89. Dizzy McSpud

      Chara is a bitch

    90. marcpgl

      Those commentators are fucking idiots.

    91. MCham08

      Shut up..chara would've hugged...u guys at like the big goof can fight

      1. Boston

        Look up Chara vs Koci

      2. Tits McFunnyBalls

        MCham08 hug not good. Hug be bad.

    92. Maximus Decimus Meridius

      Getzlaf nearly Got His

    93. Sven Granlund

      Getzlaf just pooped his pants...

    94. Antoine Gagnon

      Someone can chop the head of chara please ?

      1. Nicolas Lahky

        Antoine Gagnon why not you Mr tough guy??

      2. Tits McFunnyBalls

        Antoine Gagnon go for it. Put your big boy pants on, get on a ladder and have at em.

    95. Dawud Charlton

      Chara taking cheap shots, only Boston Bums like this bafoon on skates

      1. Josh Moberly

        I've liked him since he was a Senator. I always thought he was a beast.

      2. Tits McFunnyBalls

        Atley Meow you tell him. Go BRUINS!

      3. Atley Meow

        Chara was at a fund raising event all day yesterday for kids with cancer and has won the Norris trophy... he also barely ever fights... so not sure what you're talking about..

      4. Dawud Charlton

        Kev F wow original and grown up, you know about fruit cakes being raised by your Dad. Wouldn't say that to my face tho. Easy being a shit talker behind a keyboard

      5. Tits McFunnyBalls

        Dawud Charlton says the fruitcake with the Superman logo.

    96. gee boo

      That old dude in the back his face reaction he just looks stunned

    97. Zdeněk Charvát

      Chára je proste cuuuurak madarsky

      1. Ivan Jánošík

        Do you know Da wae?? Nieee speedy 1 nie ty

      2. Nicolas Lahky

        Ivan Jánošík ja??

      3. Nicolas Lahky

        Speedy 1 keby si apson vedel nieco o hokeji.......

    98. Dan H

      Chara will get whooped by buflyien < spelt wrong?

      1. Dan H

        willoie scot dude watch Neil and Chara fight... If Neil could take him then buff can!

      2. willoie scot

        BUFF cant fight are u kidding.. Chara would kill him Ever seen him fight..likes to hold on drop people with sheer size that is all

    99. Илья Аренкин

      Уебан этот чара

    100. Steve Pouliot

      Jack Edwards having another melt down go away you P.O.S

      1. Tits McFunnyBalls

        Steve Pouliot noooo. You gotta keep Jack around. His comments are hilarious.