Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands On - Better Than Razr?

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    Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip the best folding smartphone so far?
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    1. Out Cold

      I like the horizontal fold better because you could write on it and it seems to make more sense for documents.

    2. Matt McChesney

      So cutee

    3. Mr.C H

      This is some BULLSH%T, if anyone wants a REAL REVIEW go to FLOSSY CARTER, thank me later

    4. Jansen Yap

      Z Flip > Fold 2 i said what i said!

    5. Son Albertz

      Motorola: I'm the first flip breed Samsung galaxy Z: owhh Nokia 3250: you guys can flip, haa

    6. Syed Siraj Rizvi

      Samsung software sucks and hardware (Handset) rocks. Apple OS software rocks but hardware sucks. I wish I could get iOS on any latest Samsung device and call it a day. Because the apple software is so simple I will go with Apple with a crappy hardware. Samsung phone sets are sick! Android? SUCK!

    7. Harry Louiston

      The time at 8:09 fooled me, I thought that out was going to open from the outside.... 😅😅

    8. EnderStarr

      I hope there is an improved Z Flip soon.

    9. acer gam3r

      Hi Jack

    10. HaaaNoooooo

      Just found out, it isn't just a mono speaker. (5G) It also fires out of a small speaker in the top. Interesting. Why I found out? Phone had a glitch that anytime a notification came on, it would cut the main speaker in apps. Went away after I plugged it into the charger. Happened on my Note 4 years ago and had to get a replacement.

    11. Troy Jordan

      Idc about the crease in the screen i mean its folding glass it dont get much better than that... atleast right now but i like it might get it for my son and ill get the z fold 2

    12. jade

      *Cue the Amandarachlee music*

    13. David Tuaau

      This phone is in every k drama that came out in 2020

    14. stephanie lancaster

      What about a phone case for this phone? How will that work 🤔🤔🤔??? I am really clumsy & drop my phone a lot...

    15. Felipe Morales

      Razr is beter

    16. Felipe Morales

      I like turtles

    17. Skrt Reynolds

      We've come a long way from the Gameboy Advance SP y'all.

    18. YaBoiDustin

      Not better than the razr in my opinion Partially because I've always wanted a razr v3

    19. angela stachnik

      Idk what’s going on with CSsel but this is the 3rd time having to subscribe to you. Just this year. Love your channel by the way!

    20. sadgadfg

      1:12 Date on phone is my birthday February 12 haha

    21. windsweptmilk7

      im waiting for apple to make it

    22. Literal Sarcasm

      Reminds me of a tricorder

    23. Salah Alwajeeh

      Why your pants is dirty🤨

    24. Patricia Ruiz

      I’m going to wait for apple to perfect it..

    25. Paul Facemire

      This is going backwards. The whole reason we had to open up phones in the first place was to use it. Now we can use phones without having to do this. Less moving parts. More longevity. It’s a stupid product for rich hipsters.

    26. Cooking with Yarda

      Looks like a Tricoder !!


      It's so neat

    28. Väinö Mäenpää

      Why samsung copies nokia 9110?

    29. diet BOB zero

      Oh wow it’s my gba sp

    30. HaaaNoooooo

      The size is the factor

    31. Ahmad Yusof

      musical instrumenrs are haram sahih bukhari 5590

    32. Katie Botts

      let's play

    33. Vin Maxwell

      Apple will never release products like that

    34. red shield

      I can't believe you're comparing it to a trashy laser.

    35. Ali Hosaini

      Dummy idea!!!!!

    36. Cecilia Grace Dominguez Norero


    37. Tai J

      Idr the last time I used pants pockets lol

    38. ess bee

      I dont get the hype over this early 2000s style mechanics.

    39. john varela

      Got to have stereo speaks. They blew it! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😵

    40. ChaiHlEeb

      Everyone: we need a phone that is fast, lightweight, doesnt heat Samsung:GaLaxY z FlIP