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    This weekend is the 2021 F1 Imola grand prix! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!
    This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren Renault F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Renault F1 team, Haas F1 team
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    1. MS

      I can feel him. afterall, his only passion and lifetime career almost ended for no reason last year.

    2. Clarence Teo

      He shudnt be angry cuz at the grand prix he dropped to like idk out of points hahaha

    3. royaloreca

      He was upset because he went all out on that lap, one can say, he Maxed out..... Ok I will see myself out.

    4. Nene273

      Then he chocked at the race

    5. 3MGR

      Shame his race went so poorly but he was definately built for that seat!

    6. raceboy1971

      And then the race happened.

    7. brettwrb

      These comments didn’t age well. Dude pulled a Albon and spun by himself...

    8. MrToxicSausage

      So glad Checo has been picked up by a top team, always rated him

    9. rickracer10

      This sadly didn’t age well, the GP went straight to the toilet right from the start 😢

    10. IntoTheAbyss

      11 secs is how i feel each morning

    11. Les Blàse

      He's the right guy for that Red Bull seat

    12. Migue G

      Ok eso fue muy xd

    13. Pete Mitchell

      Don’t think he knew he knew his mic was open when he cursed.

    14. RunsWithBears

      I hope Perez and Verstappen will be able to push each other to new heights!

    15. Rob Dwyer

      Imagine how he felt after the race

    16. michael seal

      Don’t worry Sergio, your already replaced

    17. Yellow TCheetah

      being second is the first one to lose

    18. Marc

      0:11 FUACCCCCK. Love this man. Hes going to do great this season.

    19. Julio Llontop

      It sound like a happy F,

    20. Zack Seven

      I guess the pressure is getting to Checo as it's highly unusual for him to make several mistakes in a race, but it's also good to see that he is adapting to car very well considering the limited amount of testing this year.

    21. Wez Marauder

      It's not where you qualify. It's where you finish the race. This genius overtook two cars after spinning out under the safety car. Got everything he lost back for the ten second penalty due to the second safety car. Then spun out on his own and finished in 12th. He has "settled in" at Red Bull alright.

    22. Tequila Sunrise

      When he said "FUCK!" after being 3 tenths off from pole, I really felt that

    23. enrique castro

      Checo Pérez Mazepin

    24. Ahmed Naveel

      he needs to be realistic about his drive with RB.

      1. Ahmed Naveel

        @Wez Marauder Red flag helped Hamilton unlap as well as change the nose free.

      2. Wez Marauder

        Perhaps his fans and a few desperate Max Verstappen fans need to be as well. Hamilton spun out by rejoined and finished a great second. Nothing comparable for Perez.

    25. Alend N

      Tomorrow is what matters he said... Checo on sunday👀👀

    26. Luke Amato

      Checo I'm so glad he got that seat, this guy has had to struggle and go through it for too long

      1. Luke Amato

        @Wez Marauder thats true but it was very early in his career and he was thrown right into the deep end, with a team that expects you to just instantly be at the peak. Since then he has been performing how McLaren would have wanted

      2. Wez Marauder

        He got a chance at McLaren back in 2013 and squandered it. There's a reason no top teams like Mercedes and Ferrari signed him for many years and Red Bull only did so because they ran out of young Red Bull academy drivers to promote. He got the seat, fine. But that's Max Verstappen in the other car which means he is as lucky as Barrichello was when he ended up in Ferrari next to Michael Schumacher.

    27. liam payne

      The fact he was so close to not having a drive this season as well this is awesome for him

    28. Joe Vega

      This s gonna be a nice season, Perez serious contender!.

      1. Wez Marauder

        First he's got to learn how to finish a race. If he doesn't beat Max Verstappen soon he'll be relegated to back-up driver duties. At Red Bull there's a very clear number 1-number 2 policy. Ever wondered why Ricciardo left the team?? Perez is at best looking at becoming a new Rubens Barrichello.


      I think he was happy with P2 but was angry he couldn’t punish Hamilton’s lost time good aggressive mentality excited to see checo in 2021

    30. SpocksBro

      Finally I won't have to read all the morons anymore that constantly blamed Red Bull for the underperformance of Verstappen's previous team mates.

    31. Ben Robinson

      Horner sounded upset when congratulating him, don't think he was pleased that he out qualified max haha.

      1. MarC

        haha then race happened

    32. Paul Grohmann

      Imagine getting Vettel instead of this guy lol. No offense to vettel but rn checo is better

      1. Paul Grohmann

        @Wez Marauder Yeah i see what you mean. But he also showed yesterday that he can be quick. And he's also new to the car. Same for Vettel, ofc. Season is still 21 races so i'm excited to see what comes up in the next races

      2. Wez Marauder

        When he wins 4 titles, 53 races and 57 poles you'll have a point. Maybe Vettel is past it but once he had it. Perez never even had it. After Imola i'd say Perez certainly didn't prove he performs well under pressure. Leclerc passed him in the Ferrari and it's quite a stretch to call the Ferrari as good as the Red Bull.

    33. Patrick Dwyer


      1. MarC

        lmao *speak the truth* ur ass

    34. Patrick Dwyer



      rooting for checo for the win tonight

    36. Patrick Dwyer

      SIR 7TON ,is driving the other drivers CRAZY man.

    37. Stephen Beale

      To think this guy was ever a doubt to have a seat this season... Crazy

    38. somesay somesay

      Best tyre management driver is the key to the race in 2021

    39. Lullaby fpv

      thanks to this picture, I'll be referring to the redbull as the wolwerine car, cant unsee that nose now XD

    40. MIDAS

      FUCK 🤬 Good improvement 🙂... mood swings

    41. mike portnoy

      Checo ready to take that number one spot on Red Bull.

    42. Nikhil Singh

      Perez will slaughter it today

    43. Ranjith Naren

      F***k we will get them tomorrow!!!

    44. Jeff Lewis

      Who’s got ur bet for the Imola race

    45. PwnUrBadCock

      0:11 Me when I am late for a school bus

    46. Lucas Souza

      It's funny because it's clear that after he screamed "F*CK", he started to talk nice things to the team, but he was really trying to convince himself that stuff to put his mental in order. So nice to see him having such high expectations on himself

    47. Hugo Chan

      We will get “them” tomorrow. Max and Lewis? Let see. 3.5 hours later

    48. Ibrahim Kuru

      0:10 after this verstappen out perez in

    49. Azrael Idris

      He wants it Whew !!! Gonna be a good season

    50. Beer Goggler

      It’s too early in the season to make any rash predictions, but to be able to best Verstappen in qualy in just the second race is a show of class. He should only get better from now. Wonder how Verstappen and Red Bull will react if Perez draws ahead in the title race. I don’t see him taking team orders or being phased by misapprehensions that Verstappen is unbeatable. We know he’s not because Riciardo bested him.

    51. Ong Christian

      Checo a killer! Mad respect!

    52. Marius Knudsen

      FUUUUCK! good improvement

    53. Efekaan Bengi

      the best place is p3 for this race

      1. Efekaan Bengi

        but now perez has softs, also hamilton and max has mediums

      2. Efekaan Bengi

        last year max started 3th place and overtook hamilton who is started 2nd place

    54. TheJokerit19

      0:10 You're welcome.

    55. Rifki Hakim

      lets go checoooo

    56. Varun Kumar

      Red bull were lacking reliability and engine power during Ricciardo's time. Now they have 2 very competenet drivers again, arguably the fastest car and better engine reliability. Hopefully its the end of Mercedes' dominance.

    57. Oscar Aguirre

      Viva Mexico Cabrones !! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    58. Daniel Gould

      Apologies everyone auto spellcheck error. I meant to say Checo.

    59. Daniel Gould

      Love this from Check! It's fantastic he has such determination and passion for pole. When you get the real driver response with expletive it makes it so real no filter. Good luck to Check in the race. Glad he is still racing and not out of F1!

    60. ً

      the way he said fck lmaooo

    61. Navi S

      The Redbull team will never be happy. Can understand by Christian voice. Checo will be a tough competition for max this season for sure

    62. danjalderturke

      To think that Racing Point/ Aston Martin gave up on this guy...

    63. JK Gaming

      its ´cuz he was so close to pole position.

    64. Pitch Arunsuwannakorn

      That’s passion! Not content with P2! Go Checo!

    65. TheRealHoltzy

      I really don't think that Verstappen is even a target for Perez, I reckon he wants to be the one to end Sir Hamilton's reign. He finally has all the pieces to the puzzle in his hands, I just hope that max can learn to support as well as likes to be supported

    66. ElObreque

      He sounds so ready to win the championship

    67. Scott Mercuri

      Looks a very interesting season, a lot of cars with genuine pace.

    68. Ragnar Wiik

      Max wanted the 2nd red bull to help him. He got it, but maybe more than he hoped?

    69. Zac Oros

      Champion mentality

    70. Luca Buckley

      Glad to finally see a second red Bull driver keeping up with the team

    71. Huero Town

      Perez taking your job mtf s

    72. Alan Zapanta

      Checo is on FIREEEEE!!!

    73. अमित त्रिवेदी

      Two seasons, RBR were looking for second driver for Max. Now Max wonders - "Am I the second driver?" (BTW this is an overstatement, RBR has the best lineup.)

    74. John Simon Wijaya

      RIP Albon

    75. Freddy Chale

      Fuc in (Mexican) Spanish means: “Get in there Checo!” _(Kidding)._

    76. forceinfinity

      Well this is exactly what Red Bull wanted; their two cars close together on the grid. It’ll give them way more options to work with for the race

    77. Anubhav Saha

      He is not satisfied with P2 because he is on the softs while both Hamilton and Vers are on Mediums.

    78. TropicalSprite 69

      Pls god let this be the year Perez gets a championship

    79. jj jz

      It seemed to be that from Horner‘s response that he wasn’t too happy for Sergio. I don’t think he wants Max whining or upset as he then might leave for Mercedes.

    80. ROB P

      its really going to be Checko V Lewis this season

    81. realistic delinquent

      Lewis has a lion and a Jaguar in pursuit. He’ll get eaten

    82. Tom Bystander

      I think sergio knows he can win it this year

    83. languis

      Ese FUCK! de Checo es claramente la actitud que les faltaba a los anteriores compañeros de Max, la mentalidad ganadora, no ese conformismo que tenía Albon con tener un P5. Esta será una gran temporada.

    84. Shorts Arreola

      That’s that Mexican warrior fighting spirit for you. Vamo Checo!

    85. Marl Kalone

      Imagine if Perez hits Hamilton trying to overtake and Verstappen inherits the lead.

    86. Khalil Ellams

      He's tryna beat Lewis.... not Max & I love it!

    87. FakeCoffe

      Max gonna have a fight like what happened with riccardo

    88. Baran Yavuz

      To those who think Perez needs 5 or 6 races to cope with Max...

    89. MM

      That seat suits Checo and that mentality is what Red Bull was looking for.

    90. Funay

      He's not unhappy lmao

    91. c4rlos

      Max beaten in quali for the first time since late 2018 in the Ricciardo days. Took Checo two races to do what neither Gasly nor Albon could in almost 3 years. Let that sink in.

    92. Kivo L.


    93. Joakim Kengo

      lowkey starting to believe checo could become world champion. He's in it to win and it shows

    94. Andrés Meza

      Meanwhile checo getting P4 with Racing Point SUPREME VICTORY

    95. Braga


    96. Toomuchdebt

      Checo has transformed into El Torro. Now Max has team mate worthy of his talents.

    97. Racingupt

      albon never made it into the top 3 in Quali in 2020 Checo did that and beat max as well in doing so, the seat os not cursed, the drivers were not ready for that car........

    98. Enrique

      "There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job." - Terence Fletcher, Whiplash.

    99. Samuel Wu

      Lol Christian be like , it's ok man its ok good lap good lap well done