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    The sidemen slurp
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    1. Aswin Sudarsan

      Surprised jj didn’t cry

    2. jb slapit

      3:25 tobi had ptsd from the alarm💀

    3. Sempai

      I feel bad for Ethan for some reason

    4. Χαρης Ασλανιδης

      Do part 2 at this

    5. dean martin

      they are all balling and no one can afford a bottle opener hahaha

    6. Vedant Dandage

      36:11 Cutest harry laughter

    7. Lotfi boulahia

      #FROMALGERIA #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #Save_SheikhJarrah_neighborhood #savesheikhjarrah #Спасти_район_ШейхДжарра #ŞeyhJarrah_mahallesini_kurtar #Siehe_SheikhJarrah_Nachbarschaft #Sauver_le_quartier_de_SheikhJarrah #Salva_el_barrio_de_SheikhJarrah #Salva_il_quartiere_di_SheikhJarrah

    8. Kamrul Haq

      i dont wanna be that guy but tobi shouldnt be in these videos if he isnt going to participate properly

    9. Niall Mc Manus

      Keep liking, retweeting and commenting to keep #ShibaCoin trending 🚀🚀 #shiba #SHIBARMY 🚀🚀🚀🚀

    10. John Snow

      I love tobi but this video he was just jarring if he doesnt want to take part in vids like that we respect it but get him out of the video and sub someone like calfreezy who would love to be a part of it

    11. Katia Imperfect


    12. Ethan Devlin

      Bit late to watching this one but an actual banger😂

    13. Farhan Khan

      31:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Drink thaaaa lekhhhhh

    14. Ali Halemi

      Nvm tobi I thought u were smart enough to ignore them but u didint 🤦‍♂️ I take back what I said about u tryin to fast and come to god

    15. _ Phillip _

      Germans do the hole alphabet on their own😂

    16. Ronaldo Villa

      I Fucken love Ethan. No homo though aAaAa

    17. CourtenayHD

      JJ looking like Vector from despicable me

    18. CT83

      16:04 for later

    19. veycon

      Can anyone give me a link to the banana clip can't find it anywhere

    20. Zeyad Alabdaly

      Dude. Harry is spoiled lol.

    21. Ice

      I meannnnn Tobi's contribution to the drinking videos are minimal ..he shouldn't participate if it makes him uncomfortable !!!

    22. PillerThriller

      Best ending - ever hahaha

      1. soinu foig

        1:01:08 I LOST IT when he said this LMAOO. I love vikk HAHA

    23. aditya bagus

      when u try hide something but someone caught u 48:47

    24. Valkrie MW

      alcohol + sidemen = classic youtube video

    25. Hasan M.

      boys please dont drink out of broken bottles

    26. Triushiz

      35:25 What did he say???

    27. Vince

      31:11 🤣🤣🤣

    28. eshan sethungamudali

      57:44 dead 😂😂

    29. Connor Kwan

      Are we not going to talk about the fact that the video is exactly 1:11:11 long?

    30. ellie

      the only video where josh has a personality

    31. Betty Bop

      we actually have a londis called bossmans lmao ,hereford if u want to google

    32. PAC MAN

      Vikk was the MVP of this video.

    33. PAC MAN

      I loved this video LOLLLL

    34. LiFE of an OREO

      27:15 What did harry say 👀😂

    35. PAC MAN

      1:01:08 I LOST IT when he said this LMAOO. I love vikk HAHA

    36. Conor M

      7:53 there was literally someone right behind JJ when he did that XD

    37. JEBY WEBY

      Nobody can replace the side man

    38. Niall Mc Manus

      #shiba #SHIBARMY 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Shiba Cryptocurrency 🤑🤑🤑

    39. Mike Roussos

      sidemen do a drinking vid and forget to bring bottle openers

    40. JBPP Norman

      First really good sidemen video in ages


      Yall just finna ignore ethans hickey yeah💀

    42. Ryan hoffmann

      20:32 best part of the video 😂😂 "innit"

    43. ekeyッ

      simon is just lanky


    45. Ihoihhjhhi Yes

      Very soppy moment but at 1:10:00 it fully made me realise that they are getting older and we won’t be having sidemen Sunday’s in a few years.


    46. Devin H

      Tobi is my guy. Goals to have that kind of conviction in this environment.


      2. Devin H

        Welp so much for that :D

    47. Reecey Rascal

      13:45 Ethans already drunk lmao

    48. Fat x Udoti

      when vik say ive just realised the time is 11:11/1:11:11

    49. Jc Santos

      Pause at 55:31

    50. ああ

      Sidemen is one of the reasons why I dont watch tv anymore lol

    51. SpamPingsYouMuted

      why does Tobi do drinking vids when he don't drink xD, watching this for the fiftieth time but still bangs

    52. JBPP Norman

      After 15 min Ethans Gone

    53. Frick Frog

      omg absinthe like the song by the band i don't know hoe but they found me

    54. I Am Kyran

      Can we talk about how Ethan seems perfectly fine after that much booze 🤣

    55. Crazy Tikz

      0:46 ethan's face tho rofl

    56. SillySampson 101

      Can we take a moment to appreciate how satisfying 1:11:11 is cheers boys

    57. Sokrates Neslow Knutsen

      Are we just ignoring the fact that this video is exactly 1:11:11 long?

    58. Jay Duk

      Harry and Josh trynna vortex 🤣🤣

    59. Dale Carlin

      What’s the red drink josh had

    60. Haizadd

      We are fasting😔

    61. nikolas miko

      Best video ever

    62. james hoskins

      imagine seeing this on the street

    63. barberk3012

      Vikk was a champ 😂

    64. Alex Ramirez

      This better not be the last drinking video 😂😂

    65. Tommy Kopman

      they can’t let toby stop drinking tho...

    66. Oluap 15

      Yo what hoodie is jj wearing in this. It’s fkn sick

    67. Abdalla El Ghamry

      the camera girl "wtf"

    68. Matthias McFarlane


    69. Brodie Wilson


      1. Brodie Wilson


    70. Brodie Wilson


    71. Callum W

      go to 27:43 ksi deapthroats a bear bottle lool

    72. Piyush

      so no one will talk about 7:54

    73. JustKarli

      The way Tobi and Simon look at eachother when JJ starts doing the accent😂😂

    74. Brave Who

      Are we all just going to avoid the fact that Josh is really big josher because my guy just sat on 11.6 million people

    75. Hannah Carney

      Ethan is me when my friends have work the day after a night out n they won’t do shots

    76. Draven Fajingler

      I can't find that tiktok

    77. biggest stepbro

      ethans hickey lol

    78. kostas 007

      20:46 Did Ethan say f0ck the turtle bruv

    79. Reeshan Hope

      What do Ethan's dad and Nemo have in common? They both can't be found 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. MhadiRaw

      The facts that this man JJ just casually sent Simon 2k just to take one shot ..... I need that type of wealth lmao

    81. Ruby Goodwin

      Anyone else notice the hickey on ethans neck round about 13:47

    82. Jack Whittaker

      Best bit of the video! Ksi "white people" Simon "in it" 😂😂 did anyone else laugh at that.

    83. HRH jr

      27:45 Next Reddit video is gonna be fireee🔥🔥🔥

    84. niduoe stre

      I really appreciate vik joshes and Harry's commitment to this video It makes me so happy

    85. Mate Szabo

      In Hungary we have 44 letters.

    86. Luke Simkins

      Body guards r like I cba 😂😂

    87. MLG Legolas

      Next up is (Hosted by Harry) A-Z Snorting challenge

    88. ZIACO

      ethan has a fat hickey

    89. Faiz Hisham

      how did vikk hold the kales down lol.... was hoping they would have told JJs team. The laughter haha

    90. Reece

      So they do a drinking video but no one brings a bottle opener

    91. Emn

      5:49 is that Yung Blud on the wall? lol

    92. Sleppey _

      this vid just reminds me of a normal day in Denmark

    93. Lalat Fly

      Is tobi Muslim?

    94. Tea

      simon cheated

    95. Olivia goldsmith

      Why didn’t they do a qf

    96. Olivia goldsmith

      Appreciating Simon and jj picking on ethans lech. They are so best friends and the moment just goes to show.

    97. Denisse

      I literally just started watching sidemen and the content is just UNMATCHED, I love everyone’s energy 😭🥰

    98. K O

      Poor Harry