Slavia Prague vs Arsenal | Watch Along Live


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    Slavia Prague vs Arsenal | Watch Along Live
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    1. Pablo Orozco


    2. ___ NORMZ ___

      34:05 Everyone: Penalty!!! Ty: WHERE’S THE CARD?!

    3. bcvbb hyui

      Pipa is such a hater she didn’t celebrate Pepe’s goal and when it counted she said Europa is Pepe’s level🤦🏽‍♂️

    4. Ailsa Ni

      Pipa is such a hater she didn’t celebrate Pepe’s goal and when it counted she said Europa is Pepe’s level🤦🏽‍♂️

    5. Am Bidin

      Aftv so trash- bellerin

    6. libbaT

      Chamois at the ready!!!

    7. ceerw buty

      Claude would be proud🙏

    8. fizz113

      38:40 what's Charlene doing to Ty?

    9. udcaps

      please someone tell me why the ever righteous TY hates allardyce so much

    10. udcaps

      40:22 LAKA BLOOD CLAAT ZETTE my g

    11. oiuet souiu

      He’s really funny.

    12. Yudi Kartika

      NICE ARSENAL FROM 🇮🇩indonesia🤝🔥🔥

    13. John Mcdonald

      Yes indeed well done arsenal

    14. Rodney Walker#14

      1:14:27 DEJI!

    15. Jardin Jumat

      1:14:28 best donation ever lmao. Comedyshortgamer

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Ty’s trim >>>

    16. Ken Delaney

      Rangers fan here.Well done Arsenal. Making sure them racists were sent home packing .Hope you win the Competition now . WATP 💙

    17. Ondřej Matějka

      I checked phone, it was 0:0, I just refreshed page and it was 0:3. You just totaly destroyed us. :-D

    18. Ty Infra

      Brill watch along. Come on Arsenal!

    19. PixelStacker

      Goal timings: 100%!

    20. Satty Singh

      Kelechi taking cocaine through his eyes not nose?


      Thanks for 5 subscribers Please do 10 subscribe guys😓😍

    22. Ali C


    23. Bean VIII

      The girl on the far left is soo annoying..she does not fit in well.

    24. ɪsᴍᴀᴇʟ

      40:14 Troopz 🤣

    25. JAcK fAsSuM

      the 1 things that you shouldn't do is support arsenal the amount of stress these man have caused this season

    26. Markus Oakes

      lee judges needs his own show....talent!!

    27. Kalei

      Is that Troopz screaming his balls off in the background at 35:04?

    28. Evmit 200

      Look at how much AFTV celebrate when Arsenal score? It’s so funny cuz it’s salvia plague in the Europa League quarter finals!

    29. Yuri Nameem

      Robbie, can you please please ban food from being eaten during these live streams, it's so ignorant and the sound of rattling plastic wrappers and the clacking of heathens eating with their mouths open leaves me heaving, it's bad enough putting Ditty at the front of the screen without us having to listen to him chomping away all game, it's horrible and you need to address it, oh and how on earth is that fool Tyrone still on AFTV? his other (better) half has gone, he's a deluded fool on his own rather than just a fool when he was with his boyfriend Clawed.

    30. Red and Whites22

      When is Troopz going back to America or have I missed something?

    31. harish mehta

      Watching the crew talk about away games and about those all those memories is so amazing ❤️

    32. Vandalle

      Wtf 40:27 DT has hair? He's so paranoid about his hat I assumed he was goin bald

    33. Richard Hawke

      This was a very enjoyable episode, lots of laughter and fun stories. Well done team 😎

    34. Jack Pea

      Views so low means Arsenal won lol..

    35. Pj Pj

      Arsenal could be the first team to finish 13th and win the super cup 😎

    36. Pj Pj

      Our best games have been Xhaxa playing left back could that be the new thing we just needed at the back

    37. danial danial

      Lol, the comments section 🤣


      Get rid of kelechi please !!!

    39. Mohibur Rahman

      Respect to the people who put the reaction times in the comments. Life savers lol

    40. Mike Denton

      For Glen Kamara

    41. Ricky Lester

      Tottenham fans right now. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. netweed09

        Arry Bloody Claim in the mud forever

    42. Roberto Nice

      You're totally wrong DT, (9:47)... The song *Stressed Out* featured *Faith Evans* not Mary J!😳

    43. Adam

      41:21 Lee Judges: "Go on. Go on! Let's be ruthless! Let's be ruthless!! LET'S BE RUTHLESS!!!" 😆👌🏽

      1. Abubakar Sarwar

        Lee is soo meee while watching Arsenal! All emotion! :D

    44. Dan Kat

      Depression will kick back in soon lol

    45. SletSlatSlitSlut

      Great stream! All positivity for once. You can see the relief on everyone's face at 0-2. After that it was all fun and jokes. Good win, COYG!

    46. Preshhd

      Other comedy short gamers are available 😂

    47. John Walters

      Pep Gaurdiola the Quad father.

    48. nothingmuch44

      Kelechi and Ty be doing the most. Lol

    49. K.ALI

      Soo embarrassing lol it's only a Europa and your saying u can't belive your eyes when your playing a club called Slavia Prague in the Europa 😭😭🤣🤣 we United fans didn't even get gassed today or when we won it back in 2017 it was dead to us.

      1. Snatc !

        @K.ALI ohw yeah one thing we are better than spuds and i am not going to explain that again

      2. Snatc !

        @K.ALI you are right we really suck this season. good luck to man utd

      3. K.ALI

        @Snatc ! u called Villarreal farmers yet u couldn't beat them over 2 legs lol u had 2 attempts to beat them and couldn't beat them once 🤭😂 I feel sorry for u lol gone horribly wrong for Arsenal this season and no European football next season lol Ole>Arteta. Oh Chelsea in a Champions League final and u think your better than Tottenham and Chelsea lol both reach finals this season while Chelsea reached 2 finals this season 😂

      4. K.ALI

        @Snatc ! I love proving people wrong lol thought u said u can't wait to get a pen against us in the Final and win it? Like I said first beat Villarreal and first get into a final u spastic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I see our name in the final but wait, I don't see banter FC name Arsenal 🤭🤭🤭🤭

      5. K.ALI

        @Snatc ! It's still not over peanut? It is now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 only dumb Arsenal fans thought they had hope, delusional fans 🤫😂

    50. Teletextpear

      DT, ROBBIE, LUKE, TY, and all the team. You're making it entertaining for the lot that don't support your crap football team. Best of luck.

      1. Raphael J_09


    51. MrMessyb

      1:08:24 why does Ty lick his lips like that!!! DISTURBING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. Ilene Chatrie

      Who are those guys? It’s The ARSENAL.Well done guy’s I’m so Proud .A job well done 👍🏽👏🏽🤛🏽🖐🏽❤️

    53. geoff goold

      See the joy when we are winning.

    54. Kami Champ

      Pipa is such a hater she didn’t celebrate Pepe’s goal and when it counted she said Europa is Pepe’s level🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. ceerw buty

        Well done boys!!! That’s all we ask for really, a good performance and result! Thank you. No night sweats tonight ❤️💯🤪

    55. Oberyn Martell

      Good Ebening

    56. Nick Muratori

      Ty looks like a new man

    57. --

      Anyone get baited?

    58. Gooner

      Love how we can here Troopz and co. below shouting all the time 😂

    59. L D

      Bird on the left needs to go home

    60. En Kaan

      From a Liverpool fan we done you a favour in champions league beating tiny TOtts . Do us one and win this comp.

      1. netweed09

        @fel b 👍👌👊👊👊👊👊👊

      2. netweed09

        M8 thanks we'll try but you know our bipolar players lol Ceballos and Pepe could turn into Shrewsbury Town players the next day, it's hard m8

      3. fel b

        Will always be grateful for Liverpool winning the CL over Sp*rs!

      4. Adeel H

        @wonderful human being with a great character only if City or Chelsea win the CL

      5. wonderful human being with a great character

        What if we finish 4th my fellow red? Then Arsenal would steal our CL placing

    61. Ebiegberi Adonkie

      You never know which arsenal will turn up

    62. Ishayat Ishty

      Good ebening is coming back😅

    63. Em Kay

      Kelechi such a beg! 🤦🏼‍♂️

    64. Pavel Kubicek

      As a SLAVIA fan, I have to acknowledge the quality of the arsenal. We cannot match you, but we are proud of our team, which has done a huge amount of work in Europe in recent years. Our whole team gets paid as your one player. There has to be the difference, it would be very sad if not. Unlike rangers, your players behaved like gentlemen. Fair matches. Fair result. We wish you luck. Deserve the cup, because the arsenal belongs higher than it is now moving.

    65. Pritom Kumar Podder

      ARS vs MANU in SF.

    66. Saurabh Salimkumar

      Troooopz entry at 40:14 🔥🔥🔥 Love that, my broda!! ❤️

      1. ɪsᴍᴀᴇʟ

        I’ve missed him so much

      2. Mike Denton

        That moment is the season

    67. NoRestTV

      Vibes were in full flow tonight

    68. Billy B

      So refreshing our black players did the damage to them 😂

      1. Ryan Fernandes

        Yes very refreshing 😂😂😂😂

      2. LT

        From a Rangers fan. I'm glad you smashed the backward czechs

    69. Shiraz Ghafour

      Full support from the aftv team until the inevitable weekend loss

    70. A9

      Am I the only 1 who doesn't like kelechi? gets more and more annoying

    71. Gooner 300

      Aubameyang was not late he had malaria

    72. Chloe Singh

      Nice of dt to mention of hilsbrough x

    73. Yvng Ricky

      Those memes from last week look stupid now

      1. helicoptersrkool

        Type @Mrjamieohara1 into twitter. Get some pop corn. Sit back and enjoy him getting destroyed by Arsenal fans after he mugged us off after the first leg. 😂

    74. AEM 07

      COME ONNN. We can win this, COYG!

    75. Lee Maïtuerø

      So the final is going to be Villareal vs roma then,isn't it?.😉

      1. Captain Obvious

        @Marc yes

      2. Marc


    76. Sibonelo Mkhize

      When they perform like this, I want to kiss them all, COYG!

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Troooopz entry at 40:14 🔥🔥🔥 Love that, my broda!! ❤️

    77. Samuel Stanley

      man like hippo on steroids

    78. Grizzah

      Arsenal actually look better without Aubameyang! Glad that martinelli's getting the playing time he deserves.

    79. George Karmis

      If Villarreal goes to the Final, it would be ultimate revenge for Unai Emery

      1. helicoptersrkool

        Getting to the final wouldn't be revenge, winning it would.

    80. Walter C

      Did TY use Manscaped before the game?

    81. Sovinhou 12

      Unai Emery Next...

      1. netweed09

        The El Boogeyman

    82. Ismail Baba Aliyu

      The unpredictable team ever

      1. netweed09

        That's our Kronekes,,, I mean, our Arsenal!

    83. ivan kaloferov

      Win Europe League for Claude👋

    84. antek m

      1:58:28 great martinelli run, but misses it

      1. antek m

        @netweed09 yeah the finish was disappointing but if he keeps creating himself chances like that he's gonna score one of them

      2. netweed09

        So annoying. Hope he doesn't next game he needs to prove himself

    85. PrometheusTV

      LET’S ALL LAUGH AT ARSENAL Gooners: But we won But you have to play Unai Emery next. Gooners: 🥶

      1. netweed09

        @The Croydon De bruyne Well you say that but what if We mess up? Haven't you seen how inconsistent our players are??

      2. The Croydon De bruyne

        Not you again with your delusional comments

    86. Habib Salihu

      Their fada!!!!

    87. J Doyle

      Kelechi wants to be the star too often . What a muppet

      1. Kalyan Maity

        @Croppers FC change your name to zebrachester zoo fc..aka semi final bottlers fc suits better ....😎😏

      2. Croppers FC

        He pisses me off so much. He overreacts to everything

    88. aftv ty

      40:25 troopz hugs dt and knocks his hat off

      1. Captain Obvious

        @Tropical_ Kill thumb 💀💀💀💀💀

      2. 3nR.I.P

        @Tropical_ Kill looooool man said a thumb

      3. Tropical_ Kill

        @3nR.I.P yh man look at judges, he is a thumb but dont cover it most of the time. I think dt said he ”just like wearing hats”.

      4. 3nR.I.P

        @Tropical_ Kill whys he so paro. His hairs actually decent

      5. Tropical_ Kill

        😂😂 I swear he did that on purpose

    89. Paul Mccullough

      Claude would probably say "let's not get carried away" 😂

      1. Captain Obvious


      2. H Ali

        R.I.P ❤ CLAUDE

    90. Alex Lacazette

      Brilliant show, Robbie. Cannot wait to welcome you back to the Emirates.😃

    91. Jurgen Hasani

      40:26 dt's hat falling off haha

    92. Keith Deakin

      This live stream actually makes me want to see an English team get knocked out of a European competition, which I should never want..... Unless of course it's Blackburn.😀

    93. Straight Shooter

      Kelechi's dramatics are unnecessary and a little annoying now

    94. Nacho YRN


    95. David Riddick

      Congrats Gunners from LA !

    96. Illinois Mapping and Soccer

      Let's go and beat Emery! COYG

    97. one luffy


    98. Nickuletz

      28:41 disallowed esr goal 32:24 nicolas pepe goal 35:09 laca pen 38:35 saka goal 1:49:19 lacazette goal

    99. C.squared π

      Kelechi coming like a witch doctor with the white eye 🤣🤣🤣.

      1. oiuet souiu

        Pipa is such a hater she didn’t celebrate Pepe’s goal and when it counted she said Europa is Pepe’s level🤦🏽‍♂️

    100. simplyrecommended

      Rivals were ready for that arsenal loss Aftv and chill Popcorn and liquor in the storage for Emery Good ebening