slowthai, A$AP Rocky - MAZZA


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    My new album TYRON OUT NOW →
    Produced by slowthai and SAMO
    Additional Production: Kwes Darko
    Directors: THE REST
    Producer: Andy Picton
    DOP: Pieter Snyman
    1st AC: Josh Tue
    2nd AC: Kitt Sullivan
    Trainee: Ishraq Baig
    Gaffer: James Duffy
    Spark: Sam Crook
    Steadicam: Tommy McMahon
    Stylist: Daniel Pacitti
    Costume Design: Hollie Peck
    Prod Design: Froude Studio & Analogue Space
    Hotel Porter: Nathaniel Williams
    Casting: Bardha Krasniqi @ Road Casting
    Post Producer: Athene Xenia Aristocleous
    Grade: Jonny Thorpe
    VFX: Jeremy Ngatho Cole
    Motion GFX: Sifagul Keser
    3D Artist: Spirit.View
    Producer: Jeffrey Shroeder
    Coordinator: Evan Lane
    DOP: Ben Carey
    1st AD: Mecca
    1st AC: Carey Hu
    2nd AC: Jade Alexia
    Stylist: Matthew Henson
    Steadicam: Austin Castelo
    Gaffer: Rome Petersson
    Spark: Alex Felder
    Spark: Swing Daniella
    Spark: Carmel Berg
    Tech Coordinator: Joshua Douglas
    Production design: Izzy Garcia
    Leadman: Malcolm A Davis II
    Art Direction: @xjermsx
    Set Dresser: @milena
    Set Dresser: Dena Winter
    Set Dresser: Mario Alonso
    Set Dresser: @bank.roll34
    Set Carpenter: Chris Toro
    PA: Ben Wiseman
    PA: Andie Rapavy
    Casting Director: Jonny Problem
    On Set Stylist asst: Crsytal Geller
    Special thanks: Sean Whalen, Konduit NYC & Be Electric Studios
    Executive Producer: Rik Green
    Production Company: Pulse Films

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    1. Archie Law

      This gotta be in 2k22

    2. fuck


    3. Christian NoShowLetsGo

      Jesus, tupac is turning in his grave.

    4. Big Merlo

      Bro this whole video and song a vibe let alone a BiG MOOD🤧💯💯

    5. x xkidsav13x x

      POV ur here frome Indra frome 60seccondrap

    6. William Rodriguez

      This the type of video to make you lose your drug test.

    7. Spencer

      Thumbnail lowkey sus

    8. brittenofficial

      he really got the london look tho💀

    9. Travis Incognito


    10. Jamal Abdi


    11. prod. lotuz

      damn 🔥🔥🔥

    12. Humble Pie

      Who's this crack baby

    13. Lee marvin hitchman at INSTAGRAM

      Getting chubby there thai...eating socially distanced food

    14. Joel West

      People so sleep on this

    15. Jourdan Brasil

      I gotta go 2 da uk

    16. zach zentzis

      That line about drugs should have been part of the hook it's so good this song is designed to listen to at least 2 times

    17. risyad rinaldi


    18. Jose Moreno

      Rocky rock's 🔥

    19. equator.

      Ok but imagine this at a festival

    20. Dennis Morgan

      Add this to the list of videos I’ll never watch on acid

    21. Samurai Cop


    22. beanieboola

      Fear and loathing vibes

    23. melique chavez


    24. Wll Gre3n

    25. TadNer

      Fuckin dope yo!!!

    26. Marc Lazenby

      What a load of bollocks this shit is. Give up mush

    27. Allison S

      Didn’t know I was gonna try mushrooms today 😭

    28. Haidyn Jon Owen

      people seriously listen to this and go; thats a bop add to playlist

    29. Madhulika Sarkar


    30. SCARS2014

      X vibes ??

    31. Andrés Veramendi Lema

      anyone else feel playboi carti's influence in this track?

    32. Centherion

      slowthai be dummy thicc

    33. Adrian Garcia


    34. stefvn

      The only reason I listen to this is ASAP Rocky

    35. Elyjiah Pittman

      THE BEAT IS 🔥

    36. Amy Smith

      Slowthai: *freaks the damn fish out* Fish: 👁👄👁

    37. MilkDudd

      i just caught the trainspotting reference

    38. Emma Smith


    39. Panty

      Fuck this song, is stuck in my head now...just kidding i love it!

    40. OT Fluffy

      The baby on the ceiling is off that heroine movie T2

    41. Davey Ward


    42. Mochi UWU


    43. pimp a bitch

      fuck man I just found u, man me are my GF pissing out here.. fucking legend!

    44. Tammy King

      I... I can't stop listening to this 😍

    45. Rafał Skalson

      He is one big mess, so annoying!!!!

    46. Lil Plump

      A friend of mine showed me this after we took acid and honestly I didn't know if I was tripping hard or if it was just the video hahah

    47. LuigiTheGreat64


    48. OBREY _

      Every time I hear this song, I like it more

    49. Vandal Gruff

      I’ll be looking for this track on GTA 6 online one day 👀

    50. Wrld On drugs

      This is kinda shit ngl

    51. NORBERT Leon

      damn rocky s versatile

    52. Mica Heaton

      Trainspotters reference with the baby on the ceiling?

    53. Trilla

      I wana see slowthai on breakfast club

    54. Steven Jean


    55. ResinLip B Face

      Rocky bodied that verse

    56. Daniela Madrid

      the song that got me into slowthai

    57. Tyrone

      Who's here after Tyron is Number 1 📈📈

    58. Donovan Davila

      Get fear and loathing vibes with a slowthai twist

    59. SKRMZ

      scared them fish tho

    60. Floris Vester

      How is nobody talking about these face expressions, wow, they perfectly describe how you can feel during a trip, from the good parts to the bad ones

      1. K Ratu

        it’s literally top comment bruv

    61. Kyle Rochez

      I have never had a video make me feel like this. Amazing

    62. Humperdoo

      наркота до добра не доведет...

    63. James Tabbron

      Very nice.

    64. Alan Huerta

      Should've got Cole Bennett

    65. Karl Marksman

      stroll in like a old man like i popped like four zans. Love that line been stuck in my head

    66. salahs sweet dreams

      When is ASAP gonna be in a movie frrrr

    67. BooBeeBants

      That's a lot of PCP bro, you good?

    68. Youngboi Venus

      Bruh add this song to Amazon music

    69. Max Hedges

      Slowthia to the top!!!

    70. Declan Wright-Barker

      Never not on full blast 🌶

    71. don sean

      Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas inspired much?

    72. Berlin Music Video Awards

      Good job at direction! 👏

    73. Ryan 587

      This is cold 🥶💯

    74. Uncle Duff

      Yeah, yeah Jesus Christ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (huh, huh, huh, huh) Mazzalean (Mazzalean) When I'm pulling up, muddy dungarees Ayy, make the place look like a murder scene (murder) Ayy, when I make moves, I'm a money fiend (money, yeah) Suicidal tendencies, what's up, man? (bang, bang) Feel like I'm down, I say "What's up?" Way too, way too, way too gully, give me money (give me it all) Cannot trust me, no one ever fuckin' buss me change (Buss me, buss me, buss me, buss me, buss me) Look how shit changed Feeling like these drugs made me better than I was But I never felt love before the drugs So, now I say "What's up? What's up? What's up?" Say "What's up?" Feel to revert to my old ways Cricket tickets, wraps of cocaine Sticky fingers, shoplifters We got tools like homebase Lift a finger, dug his own grave (yeah) Same, same with the same name (yeah) Closed case, red wine, no rosé Do genocide for the whole gang (gang gang) You're telling lies, now I'm energised, I'm more precise Walk in, made a big bang (yeah) Propane with a Roxanne (brr) Gin and tonic, I'm a bigger topic (yeah) Bigger pocket, can't close my wallet (blah) Quicker blotting, like my name's Sonic Glass home, we stone chucking Yeah, yeah, yeah Mazzalean (Mazzalean) When I'm pulling up, muddy dungarees Ayy, make the place look like a murder scene (murder) Ayy, when I make moves, I'm a money fiend Ayy, make the place look like a murder scene Ayy, when I make moves, I'm a money fiend Olive, body shaped like a bottle Popeye off of spinach Pop a model 'til she swallow, dropping Tyler off, damn Light a flame, toss a Molotov Drop it off, then I Mazel Tov Pop a whole god dang champagne bottle cork Still might find me in a mosh pit And I still ain't even corporate Walked in with who I worked with (yeah) Yeah, run up on you while you're jogging Make you listen to my Walkman Mixtape shit, streams never seen make a whole boat sink (yeah, listen, bitch) Watch all the hoes pay attention when I walk in (yeah) Stroll in like an old man (damn), like I popped like four Xans (yeah) Niggas acting like close friends (yeah), fame, don't even know mans (nah) Tell the kids I'm a grown man, pop two steps, slow dance (yeah) Uh (woo, woo) Got jokes uptown, Harlem world, New York like I'm Pop Smoke Riding 'round in the drop rolls, watching rats in the pot roast Finger polish with the topcoat, the bottom platinum but the top gold Bling, bling, that's barcode Ring, ring, that's a smartphone Beep, beep, there your heart go Slowthai, here your part go Yeah, yeah, yeah Mazzalean (Mazzalean) When I'm pulling up, muddy dungarees Ayy, make the place look like a murder scene (murder) Ayy, when I make moves, I'm a money fiend (money, yeah) Different goals On the street, play different roles

    75. Vicente Salinas


    76. zostazgia


    77. Lucy Lu

      A$AP slayed this woooot

    78. Ari


    79. Aamer Tahseen

      ok but like ASAP rocky's verse made literally no sense, even by modern rap standards lol

    80. Mike

      first time i tripped, on the comedown ppl had some dumb shit on the tv. was basically 1:57 lmao

    81. Isaac Ezac

      album was dope


      Damn Thai's killin it 😤

    83. spit.

      I’ve been on acid 11 times and I have never tripped this hard geez mate

    84. A Davis

      Bro this would have been legendary if the late great Mac Miller got to bless this track with these two

    85. 민동환



      10x better without the video

    87. Chris Mitch

      dont do drugs kids

    88. Ollie Roper

      Trainspotting got babies on ma ceiling

    89. Mohammad Rxbi

      next level beat..bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    90. Хеличам Батталова


    91. Alejandro Sanchez cuenca

      ketamine yuhu

    92. linsi


    93. Mike RM

      Who seriously listens to this crap lol

    94. Russ W

      Slow Thai you was killin it. But this is just pure shit!

    95. Jem Ryan

      This is such a track

    96. gemor __

      This fucking beat 🥶

    97. Ye

      busta rhymes vibes

    98. fokin Puche

      2:12 payin' respect to Pop Smoke, gotta love Rocky man

    99. yung jose

      When you drink tea instead of water