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    From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
    RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
    DIRECTOR: David Lowery
    CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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    čas přidán Před 7 měsíci


    1. sarah m

      TT when are they going to release it ? Please release it as fast as possible

    2. MISH WISH

      A24 we need this movie we are ready

    3. AvatP5

      This is how I would expect the tone of a Dark Souls movie to be.

    4. Jonas Music

      It's September and the movie still isn't out. What a bummer! I can't wait for this movie! David Lowery made one of my favorite movies with A Ghost Story and this trailer looks extremely promising.

    5. sharknado blood

      When is this coming out

    6. Uri Flo

      looks like dark souls with dev patel

    7. Жикс Мик Викс

      So an Indian/gypsy man plays a hero inspired by the Arthurian mythos? Great, so can Black Panther for example be played by Travis Fimmel next? Also good job on the whole "unintentionally making white people look bad by antagonizing them (Midsommar) or excluding them from their own mythology/history (this)". Now, i did like this trailer, because i don't like "regular" movies and like weird ones (and still like A24), but Travis Fimmel should really have played this role, but ohh well

      1. Aaravos

        Travis Fimmel is too epic, this is a story about the fears of Gawain. Travis doesn´t look like a fearful man, he is a total warrior.

    8. mark

      A24 is prolly my new favorite ig you’d call it (movie makers idfk).

    9. Tobi Wan

      Can we have a release date please

    10. Bruno Bucciarati

      2020 cucked us all.. this was one of my most hyped films this year.

    11. JMD Productions

      Why you gotta make King Arthur scary man?

    12. George M. Enache

      Is it just me, or A24 only fucks with top-notch movies?

    13. Cerys Williams

      Is this based on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? Because if so, early english poetry nerds unite!!

    14. The Cinematic Auteur

      The Night King got a cheeky upgrade there! It looks amazing! Blending Medievil lore with Norse Lore also.

    15. John Liu

      Live action Zuko?

    16. YoshiEaterX

      I'm guessing this was delayed?

    17. Danilo Rangel

      A24 has restored teasers and trailers back to what they should've never stopped being. I have no idea what that movie is all about. Looking forward to watching it though.

    18. River Styx


    19. A.K. Glumstubble

      Howling fox why????!!

    20. Samuel D

      Anybody else get Zelda: Twilight Princess vibes at :26 when that weird background movie starts?

    21. eivom

      I'd be fine with this being the only trailer for this film

    22. Ritual Sounds

      the ambient sound at the beginning reminds me of david lynch rabbits

    23. E S

      In a time when honor was everything and courage made kings ... I wish it was that time now.

    24. ROCKER19943

      Where's the movie ? its autumn already

    25. Henrique Lamenha

      I'm here six months later still waiting for a release date.

    26. abibailwatson

      Release the film. Stop having it be not released.

    27. samricketts666


    28. BOYwonder 66

      I just found this after reading the original piece

    29. marshal bass

      Oh hell yes. Dav Patel is a phenomenal actor. I'll watch this just to see him.

    30. Y3ll0w K1ng

      The monster is Cernunnos?

      1. Astro _

        The green knight is the antagonist

    31. Waaday Forrester III

      Best I have researched, is that it was supposed to come out in May but Corona stopped that, A24 released a tabletop RPG game to keep hype for the movie alive among fantasy fans. Given the assumed production values they are probably waiting for early 2021 to release it in theaters to make as much as they can on a independent movie. No doubt once word of becomes a factor this movie will blow up! Either way A24 and the director has no commented beyond the release of the RPG board game that was released. These are all logical assumptions...

    32. Chris Graboski

      So the new green knight movie is a Arthurian legend fron england yet an east Indian guy plays the lead? Isn’t that cultural appropriation? I thought only the real cultures of that period can play said parts. Like the Simpson’s and family guy pulling white actors voicing East Indians ?

      1. Astro _

        It doesn’t bother me

    33. Ahmed Rafi Omar

      If we are going to have Dev Patel play all British heroes as a revenge for a century of white-washing in movies, how'bout we just get him to play Winston Churchill? That oughta wind up those right wing twats.

    34. Pete Smith

      acclaimed director? He has done like 2 full lenght movies and both are terrible.

    35. Anton Situmeang

      Release February 2021

      1. Astro _

        Stop the cap😣

    36. Firelight

      Now, what we all want to know is when we get to watch it. Obviously, take the time to make sure it is flawless... but at least give us some kind of news.

    37. Dream Estate

      this observation has nothing to do with the movie but the movie has the word knight in it and so it makes me think of a personal issue i have with movies in general - but nothing to do with this movie, it simply reminded me of my own personal issue. in all of these movies with the word knight in them, I always imagine in my head a fully armoured to the teeth shining bright white knight with expensive white robes with gold trimmings, and armour so shiny that it looks like mirrors. I expect to see this in a knight movie in a similar way that in any samurai movie, there is always scenes of a fully armoured high class samurai with the most expensive ornaments and demon shaped face mask - although very contrary to real life since that battle armor was very rare and only worn by the one percent. however, regarding knightly armour, I find my fantasy goes unfulfilled because in many medeival style movies, the main character often wears current day clothes, no helmet, no armour, just joggers and a sword.

      1. Astro _

        Well sir Gawain was always a side character and was the weakest of the knights of the round table so to me it makes sense. I see what you mean tho it’s very rare to see a main knight character with full clad armor but I’m making a knight story where there’s armor on everyone. I look at this trailer daily for inspiration

    38. walter gross

      guardian of the threshold

    39. kyle gray

      Any news on release yet?

    40. Johnny Clash

      Yet another useless woke film with an Indian guy in a European tale...thank God LOTR came out at a time where all of this wasn't so prevalent or else we would've had Idris Elba play Frodo.

      1. Nicholas Holder

        Seriously? Who cares what race the lead actor is?