The most important day of my life

Jake Paul

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    It's time.
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    1. Andrew Aguilar


    2. Brenda and Antonio Beserra

      Fight Ricegum next



    4. Exotic butter Boy

      Stop ducking ma6ic

      1. Aaron hernandez

        Who is that

    5. Dexidol


    6. ValiSemyazza

      Connor McJakePaul!

    7. markamber0102

      Somebody snuck into your fight

    8. S4M_ 0993

      Fight Tommy fury and last more than 3 rounds and we will see if you are a boxer you big dosser

      1. Prometheus

        @S4M_ 0993 sure KID

      2. S4M_ 0993

        @Prometheus who you calling kid I'm probably old enough to be your dad you melt

      3. Prometheus

        stfu kid

    9. fancy octopus

      You have changed which is very good Im proud

    10. USMC Counter-Terrorism

      “Next up, Jake Paul fights professional chef Mario Batale!”

    11. Nub Doberman

      Fight Canelo

    12. Nighthawk Viper

      You know that Megatron behind Jake put the muscle on Askren and his family b4 the fight LMAO

    13. Richard Díaz

      What a trash of video

    14. Mike Wasowski

      Yeah man let’s get mcgregor for one more fight

    15. PoloIsValid


    16. Rashida Porche


    17. Rashida Porche


    18. Rashida Porche


    19. I Made You Triggered

      ᑭ ᑌ 𝖲 𝗌 𝚈

    20. Regie Matunog



      jake on fk with ohio no mo

    22. abodiii 100

      People are here for some reasons dislike:done report:done remove from history

    23. Qvelt

      Man made like five videos saying it was the biggest moment in my life.

    24. Get_ ClapzYT

      I liked that robot that Jake had I know someone Was in there but it was cool

    25. Humidity

      And yet you didn’t care about Logan’s on his most important day

    26. Lea and Jude Chanel

      You were cooler now just nothing make pranks plz

    27. eddie _the_beast

      Ur a disappointment to boxing

    28. Only gaming


    29. Raj Sharma

      Jake- “My security guard passed away” His bot- 💃💃💃💃

    30. Michael

      the quicker he fights a real boxer the quicker we can see jake paul laying on the floor

    31. jake landay

      definition of work ethic

    32. goores hitms

      chleba bro xdd

    33. Brady Vanderpool

      So your telling me the biggest day of life is beating a ufc boxer with the biggest dad bod man looks like a butterfly lmao biggest night of his life my ass

    34. normalpsychology

      Jake has beaten three men in the boxing ring. One of them was a professional fighter. He's got more than $1 million in his personal bank account. I think he's doing pretty fucking good.

    35. Cristobal Baez

      Jake robot is danceing

    36. Raymond Kearney

      Get rid of that stooped beard

    37. Summer and Snow

      Imagine jake Paul is a fighter come on you know after corona virus staff it’s normal to see jake how was dancing for Disney channels been inside a ring devil pray staff

    38. Sidharth R Menon


    39. PMA

      jake: “this one’s for you guys know my security guard past aw-“ problem bot: 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

    40. Mickael Faure

      “i’m gonna take his hat”🤣

    41. cxrvic X

      me: scrolls down to free years ago also me: finally some good content

    42. Detiex

      If we get this to 1 like? will you fight the Robot next?

    43. APOORU


    44. New gen 1v1er

      Enjoy this bro cuz you finna be feeling floyd in this may weather

    45. Hilton.S

      Jake: my security guard passed away.. this fight will be dedicated to him Robot in the background: CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH

    46. Arthur Laflamme

      Fight my baby brother next pls

    47. Iam MoralesTorres

      bruh i left watching jake paul for like 4 years i came back and 20M subs O_O

    48. THE GHOST


    49. Sera

      Jake Paul vs Eddie hall 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Makayla

      I will save you 1:24

      1. Makayla

        @Zellior Your welcome

      2. Zellior

        Thank you kind sir..

    51. S Espinosa

      Jake ik u may never read this but I just wanna say! YOU IMSOIRE ME TO DO SO MUCH IN MY LIFE TAKEEE MEEEE UNNNDERRR YOURRR WINNGGG! I wanna grow up and be JUST like you! 😏

      1. Zellior

        Oh god..

    52. JJ

      Is that a robot

    53. Matthew Llewellyn

      Dutch why you posting cringe again

      1. Makayla

        1:24 that will save you

    54. Khloe Rabnta

      Why is he making up that landscape story bruh you been a CSsel creator your entire life

    55. Itz_brian 209

      Wtf your robot doing

    56. Drew John

      Floyd Mayweather

    57. Drew John

      Floyd Mayweather

    58. cj garcia arenas

      Lol you noob

      1. Makayla

        1:24 that will save you

    59. Canadian Ballers

      You beating Ben Askren is like a high school swimmer beating Usain Bolt in a swimming competition

      1. best gamer

        Already seen this comment but they said and they think there the best athlete

      2. xXDSTN lXx

        Shut up

      3. T H

        Such a dumb comment, you have to acknowledge askren is a professional fighter, Jake is a CSsel star, it’s fair play to Jake

      4. DJRozairo

        He ain’t beating anybody tho

      5. Jack Moore

        I’d still pay to watch that tho 😂

    60. Osama BIN BIDEN

      I did research on this body guard and nowhere can I find out how this in shape young guy passed anyone knows how he passed

    61. callum perry

      rip shadow

    62. Makai Simonton

      Bro nice fight blew my my but I knew you would win

    63. Nolan Rogers

      Okay I’m sorry, but does anyone notice this mans nose

    64. Peyton Jones

      You got this let’s fuck go

    65. Peyton Jones

      Jake I’m sorry for your security guard but we love you and you got the jake paul

    66. IcyUncleChris 76

      That’s quite sad to be honest

    67. Michael

      Talks about security guard dying ...robot dancing in the background

    68. Soap Dish

      Most important day of our lives will be you being 6 feet under the ground

    69. H.I. Training

      You should have your name and picture more frequently and prominently placed in the background, bro.

    70. Eren Yaeger

      0:42 jake tryna be Khabib

    71. TJ Watt

      Hi Jake

    72. Omar Fathalla



      Get Good Kid

    74. smoke up

      Still doing videos for 8 year olds

    75. The Doh Bros

      Bless YouTrust God

    76. Jose Melgar

      How old are

    77. Tara Adam

      Jake Paul

    78. Jack_is_ Cool

      Out of all the places he chose right there

    79. Catguygamez the ice king

      No one likes ur new beard

    80. yasio bolo

      I felt scammed watching this fight even tho I watched it on CSsel for free-

    81. Bad Boy

      F%%% you

    82. snapTivityz YT

      Damn why couldnt it just be jake that passed away god u missed and hit the wrong dude lol

    83. progameing556

      Who's in that robot guy can you make a video about that

    84. Coach_Suave Rico Valentin

      Stop being a pushy and fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️

      1. yasio bolo

        accept your challenge. If you dare.

    85. Bryan Arndt

      😭😭😭😭😭 rip your body gard

    86. Aiden T


    87. Shadow

      Jake: this is for shadow, my security guard passed away Robot: 💃

      1. Shadow

        @FreeksGG cool

      2. FreeksGG

        Stolen conment

    88. Koi koi

      Mr security guard died Robot at the back: dancing

    89. Dayton Stevens

      Let’s go Jake congratulations on the win

    90. JC Barcial

      Why is he ducking tommy fury?? CSsels biggest clown 🤡

    91. Kaitland Goodwin

      I bet an important day in Justine's life was you SAing her. Important for different reasons but I'm sure she thinks about it daily.

    92. Lung Yu Yuan

      You little bit

    93. ben cruise


    94. Jaczel Beltran

      Love you jake to its sad🥺🥺🥺🥺

    95. Miriam

      rest in peace to the security guard🕊

    96. Omar El-Rasheedy

      Biggest moment, bouta box a washed up, post hip surgery wrestler. Next is the bowling champion. After that probably cristiano ronaldo. Then he'll def be ready for conor

    97. Dastin

      You’re a waste og life

    98. Fil Necati

      Challenge someone of your own size like Mike Tyson, Gokhan Saki, Francis Ngannou, Alistair Overeem, Mirko Cro Cop, Badr Hari, Rico Verhoeven. They are all stars, and would accept your challenge. If you dare.

    99. Austin Keller

      You truly aren’t a good fighter

    100. Michel Cuh

      Box Michael b jordan