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    0:00 Intro
    1:30 Our New Podcast!
    2:38 How Do We Do What We Do?
    3:44 How Much Money Do We Make?
    6:03 How We Want To Expand The Business
    7:05 Who Does What At Hacksmith
    8:36 How Do We Make Videos?
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    1. Hacksmith Industries

      Listen to our first podcast at ! Plus listen live TOMORROW at 4PM EST (February 19, 4PM EST) to learn about the future of Hacksmith Industries!

      1. Ceil Yurie

        Yes...but what if I want a complete engineering schematic for the chritical components one of those coilguns or one of those thermal blades?

      2. Maxwell Mburu

        Your videos are amazing

      3. Shital Chumbhale

        Hey you can make a iron man full armor with The hydrolic arm body ,the helmet,the jet engine, and the metal body please make this

      4. Bruce Banner

        Please create "Ultron's head"

      5. Henry Grant

        Make mandolrian armor

    2. James Williams

      OK become IRONMAN is there a problem with that build him and they will come I mean $$$ the new gods and IRONMAN. 👉🔮👈📲.

    3. Fabi Wuschka


    4. RaiRokun

      man i remember back in the garage where you were testing pneumatics for the exo-skeleton. crazy how far this channels come.

    5. Tomo Jr

      Where can i get some of these swords

    6. seeni gzty


    7. Tug Tornato

      Hey man please can you make hawk eyes arrows and have special stuff inside it and can tranceform into a staff it will be great

      1. seeni gzty

        This is why I want to be an engineer! You can learn engineering and not only apply it to your job but just do what ever the hell you want (that is if you have the equipment).

    8. Phil Coulson

      If you need someone to test things, let me know😉

    9. Kainalunauka

      Flashback intro

    10. XxRoryGameingxX BG


    11. johnlaurence transfiero

      make falcon wings flying hope to notice

    12. Francesco Cangemi

      You’re complaining about driving a Kia? Make a car. You guys are capable of doing it. Then get it approved

    13. clio pig


    14. Ginger Couzins

      Yo these guys are the future but Imagine if these weapons replace knives and guns Just someone flys down with an iron man suit and then mugs you with a proto saber then flies off as it leads into this iron mugger vs iron cops with captain america shiels, wolverine claws and even some guns

    15. Sam Rutherford


    16. Trent Egan

      11:55 No god don’t kill me! My Brain before I die

    17. Laurent m

      I think you guys should do an digital information product that teaches people engineering. Think you'd absolutely crush that and would make for a great revenue stream

    18. Zach Groves

      Y’all should make the thanos gauntlet or the iron man gauntlet

    19. Zynx II

      Build nanotech suit please

    20. Der Joke Berlin


    21. Jake Begley

      Can you make wolverines Red heart clause from Wolverine origins

    22. Valentino Sansone

      I remember that little garage you used to do things in and that backyard now you have a big warehouse

    23. Mr.KickYourAss

      This is why I want to be an engineer! You can learn engineering and not only apply it to your job but just do what ever the hell you want (that is if you have the equipment).

    24. Noah Rocks

      make falcon's wings :)

    25. Ralfs J

      meik minecraft sword

    26. Vanya Mee

      Make a black panther suit

    27. TheEggBoi

      he actually bought the rights to the marvel studios opening theme edit: spelling mistake

    28. See Sharp

      This is more like Hammer Industries than Stark Industries. Try making something that actually works and not just impress kids on the internet.

    29. Branden Brooks

      Can I have an iorn man helmet

    30. EliteLegend

      A dude had a flamethrower and was trying to burn someone in the background lol...

    31. mikolaj krawiecki

      Cool, but buying normal things with just some company logo is basically advertizing this company and paying for that instead of being paid. Although, wallets are actually dope

    32. Michael Kats

      Why don´t you auction off the stuff you build, at least the stuff that isn´t dangerous? You could donate 50% and pump the rest back into the buisness. Something like the ironman helmet or the hammer is sure to bring in some revenue back.

    33. Dennisysj

      13:50 “hacksmith only fans” 😨

    34. Spokepro Gaming

      i like this guy he wants to be tony stark but he forgot one thing about tony start hacksmith dont flex there money thats a good thing lol

    35. Ricky Sellers

      I bet if you made the actual building a bit larger, then you could probably host tours. Idk, it seems interesting to me.

    36. da boyben

      Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless u stay safe I’m struggling to get 1k with notis ❤️

    37. Robert Chapman

      what would be cool is if they made a star wars speeder bike or the sith trooper gun.

    38. Jay Dee

      So when will you be living the superhero lifestyle?

    39. Apl3x1

      I think ur becoming jesus with that hair

    40. Itsrabbit here

      Hacksmith:Becoming iron man Me:NO DONT DIE YOUR CONTENT IS SO GOOD AND INSPIRING

    41. nieooj gotoy

      All of his videos are educational and entertaining. And this is something special ❤️

    42. Angel Rojas-Garcia

      please sir

    43. Angel Rojas-Garcia

      i subscribed

      1. nieooj gotoy

        What is the secret project?

    44. Angel Rojas-Garcia

      can I please have a Tony stark helmet

    45. Tejas Bhagwat

      What the hech is happening behind these videos wow😨😨!!!!!!!

    46. BobNob Gaming

      title yourself as a real avenger not iron man

    47. Tharu

      There are lot of bathrooms 😂

    48. Riyon Jake Monteiro

      Make aot stuff

    49. Riyon Jake Monteiro

      Make aot stuff

    50. Riyon Jake Monteiro

      Make aot stuff

    51. Riyon Jake Monteiro

      Make aot stuff

    52. Riyon Jake Monteiro

      Make aot stuff

    53. Cross Gaming

      Him stops uploading Me it was Agatha all along

    54. Blake Newton

      I’ve kinda been watching his videos since his first captain America shield video

    55. Totally Nvidia

      Glad I've been here since less than 1 mil

    56. George OMG

      When are u going to upload a video about the "iron man suit build"

    57. stuart maher

      And now canada has the best millitary in the world

    58. T Raes

      What is the secret project?

    59. T Raes

      What about you teaming up with Elon Musk?

    60. T Raes


    61. T Raes


    62. EnderUV ROBLOX

      Slowly but surely hes becoming tony stark

    63. Miriam Guerrero

      I think Smith is the next tony stark -nikola Tesla together Like if you believe me 👇

    64. maniek 9

      New tony Starka

    65. Petar Gruevski

      What IF you get to ELON MUSK and get some investments and help from him ? Just saying.

    66. Lucas Barkmeier

      13:51 P_P Onlyfans?

    67. the_puzzlax

      "You'll see the majority of our revenue actually comes from our top-secret military contracts." Wait... Tony Stark has top-secret military contracts. Oh crap, you actually have top-secret military contracts!

    68. J Dominguez

      Build a Harry Potter wand

    69. soiung toiue

      Its supposed to be a 3 seconds video. "becoming iron-man?" yes

    70. David Huddlestone

      Dear Hacksmith: I am giving you a fun task. I am giving you 5 years Max to make the fully functional Mk 85 iron man suit from endgame It must fly have all the weapons and must deploy from the arc reactor just like in endgame. Basically a Nano bot suit. This will be really helpful because it will help you become the ultimate iron man. Ps: If you succeed pls email me . To get my email just reply to this comment and I'll give it to you when you are done. Kind regards:David

      1. soiung toiue

        Hey hack Smith you guys should make a giant thrower like the ones you get in clay target shooting and put a giant boomerang in it...cause why not

    71. Noah Langdon

      the secret project is a flying Bennie hat

    72. Noah Langdon

      great vidio

    73. Arioch II

      Are there some personal project that was not show in any video ?

    74. Ayuzawa Yukina

      Hacksmith I swear to God if you guys Become Real Life Superheros in a Few years because Technology is Evolving

    75. Yurex

      13:51 Hacksmith "only fans" 😂😂😂

    76. Andrej Kurtiniak

      Are you shipping to Europe aswell?

      1. Hacksmith Industries


    77. bilal hussain

      Please give me a Captain America new shield

    78. Ranbir Singh

      Please make god of war blades of chaos which burns

    79. Stick Figure With A Hat

      Not only am I learning about the hack smith I’m also learning how getting paid on CSsel works

    80. Deepika Pandey

      No talk video

    81. _.Fandom Productions._

      Sounds pretty sus at the end where he almost says Stark Industries instead of Hacksmith Industries 😒

    82. EDiggity08

      When he says master plan I am like so are we supporting a super villain but then I am like ohh yay his stuff is super cool he is not a super villain he is a super hero

    83. Sperm cell with Internet

      I think it would be pretty cool if he made a Wall-E robot that can cronch junk scrap into cubes and wheel around on the treads, not as cool as the other things he has made, but it would be a pretty cool thing to have.

    84. Nihilist Pudding

      Best shit I've seen on CSsel in a long while

    85. CronosHW _

      The Hacksmith brand's logo is actually an anvil but there's no anvil in the entire workshop xD

    86. Quickmore Weed

      Hey hack Smith you guys should make a giant thrower like the ones you get in clay target shooting and put a giant boomerang in it...cause why not

    87. saini kaur

      He looks like a mix of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth lol

    88. Marco Cucurullo

      *Elon Musk wants to know your location*

    89. Mohamad A

      I wanna patent my invention but don't know how to do . could you please help me a little ?

    90. Synth

      by 2060: In this video, we made the Megazord from the tv series Power Rangers last century.

    91. Joshua Jacumin

      Yall need to revisit the Ironman helmet with the eyepiece display and upgrade it. Make it voice activated with a built in mic and the display comes on when the face place closes.

    92. Abdullah Ismail

      You videos are awesome


      u ever need a peter parker hmu XD


      I was thinking he was quitting the iron man them thank fully not


      Off llesing is the worst you are paying 2 or 3 times the cost of the bilding

    96. Captain India

      Make ben ten watch

    97. SYYRIF YT

      Can you make levi Ackerman weopon it's a anime Anime title is attack on titan can you make or not

    98. Alecia Alves

      Tô até hoje esperando legendar

    99. M M

      I hope you will be iron men

    100. Evan Witt

      James: "The team is made up of 16 full time employees" Me: *Rewinds and counts*