TJ Oshie Mic'd Up for Practice

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    TJ Oshie wears a mic for Phase 3 return to play training camp.

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    1. BeeRam

      Оши балагур)

    2. elle

      if we don’t protect this guy i will cry

    3. Angela Bernhardt

      Love this boy so much

    4. K Reagan Brown

      The first part made me wheeze

    5. scrythis1

      Please let TJ come to Seattle

    6. cj davidson

      might be going to Seattle smh

    7. XWEEKND 12

      Why are the Crapitals on my feed 😒 Let’s go pens

      1. YSK Entertainment


    8. Krotiz

      Oshie is literally a human golden retriever

      1. thebirdee

        He is. He just cheers people up when he's near them. My friend has a Golden that she named Oshie, after TJ.

    9. Nigel Mansell

      I need a more mic'd...)

      1. thebirdee

        We all do! I can't get enough of them.

    10. Tim Taylor

      One of my all-time favorite Blues players. Was sad the day he was traded but was happy for him when he won the Cup. Wish he was with the Blues when we won.

    11. ALLCAPS • 92 years ago

      Plays with Heart and passion. You don’t get a lot of players like this and that’s why he helped us win a cup. Love that guy

    12. Винценто Пухалес

      Super Team, Forward to Victory Washington!!!!!!!

    13. T-Bone Johnny

      Oshies my favorite player up there with Ovi Kuzy Wilson Backy Eller and Holts

    14. VANcouver Vixen

      Ok that was hilarious. And that jump!! 😂👍🏻

    15. Jacob Eberhardt

      "Remember who got you boys hats!"

    16. Nicholas Mull

      This exactly what I needed after a rough day!!

    17. J D

      I really need to get an oshie jersey.

    18. Devin Harris

      Country roads take me home to the place I belong West Virginia Mountain Mama take me home country Roads

    19. Jacob Hardman

      Who was the goalie at the end

    20. Bonediggidy12

      everyone looks winded lol

    21. Bill Hunter

      Let’s get that cup again boys! Can’t wait!!

    22. Benjamin Cross

      You can tell he’s missed hockey lol

      1. YSK Entertainment

        I've missed seeing you in the comment section bud, hockey is back!

    23. Константин Токарев

      Oshit is usless but funny.... What a garbadgo...

      1. Brian Wymer

        Константин Токарев ok I was clarified that your a bandwagon caps fan Not a real Caps fan. If your a real fan you wouldn’t go to any other team. Your a bandwagon fan. The worst kind of fan

      2. YSK Entertainment

        Константин Токарев yup, no more post game antics from ur canes, we'll see how that goes

      3. Константин Токарев

        @hyde81 See ya then July29 vs Canes... Rock The Red folks...

      4. hyde81

        @Константин Токарев okay 😂😂😂😂😂

      5. georgino7

        @Константин Токарев lol you are confused and dont understand the sport..without those 3 Washington still would have no cup..I'm a die hard caps fan close to 15 years now..when my caps go..I watch the rest of the playoffs to understand where my boys went wrong. Clearly your understanding of the sport is flawed

    24. Flaskpost Capitals

      my heart sank at 0:12 that couldve ended very badly for Osh! luckily it ended well. :)

      1. Allison Ladage

        I know right? When they both fell, I was like ouch lol!

    25. FrostBytePhantom Gaming

      I love Oshie, he's one of those guys that are just so full of energy and emotion you cant help but smile!

    26. Cheri

      Can't say "fucking" but can say "suck it" hahaha

    27. Snake Eyes

      One of my most well respected players. Can't wait to see these guys and the other 23 teams come back.

    28. Zazzaro703

      Please let everything go smoothly and safe so we can have hockey back in two weeks.

    29. Cletus Biggum

      Hockey is back!

    30. Tim Nguyen

      Man vitek is just getting fed😂

    31. Cletus Biggum


    32. everydaycaps


    33. Yoni Schecter


    34. Yusuf

      TJ Sochie

    35. Emily

      I love Oshie. He's amazing. I think this just made my day.

    36. BENDYTENDY35

      Let’s go caps

    37. Keith Olympia

      My favorite team love you caps ❤️

      1. NEON Gaming

        @YSK Entertainment no one likes the caps

      2. NEON Gaming

        @YSK Entertainment what

      3. YSK Entertainment

        NEON Gaming weirdo

      4. NEON Gaming

        EWW who likes the caps