To All The Boys 3 is actually kinda good?

Alex Meyers

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    Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one
    Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb
    Bridgerton is a kinda dumb
    The Winx Saga is the dumbest show
    Riverdale is already a mess again...

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    1. Roberta_.Gaming

      How to watch movies for free and understanding what it’s talking about because this nice guy / Alex is explaining to us

    2. zunia


    3. Nina Zenik

      In the book she never lies about College and the way the Uni choosing happens is much more realistic/organic. Also Josh drifts apart from them in the books. She sees him a few times but it’s weird. Also they don’t break up entirely because of college there are many other factors.

    4. SlyD33r

      The other boys that doesnt became LJs bf choosed ✨non existent✨

    5. Amrita

      I just wanna break up with lockdown and have my College experience 😭

    6. Kaloyan Petrov

      Well my prom will be in luxurious restaurant withe panoramic view over the capital of my country so sorry that your prom experience wasn't that dreamy.

    7. We are bored

      Her stepmom looks like a man with a wig.

    8. Mackenzie Jackson

      Well you do jessie

    9. Jr Villantes

      5:05,wait a that Aerith theme?

    10. Claire Fung

      *After I finish the video How did Alex find this good? All he did was complain.

    11. celiaxx

      The first and second movie is still okay but the third one is just terrible

    12. Artixell Animations

      Bruh high school dances are the worst

    13. Artixell Animations


    14. Eva A

      Book Peter=ideal boyfriend Movie Peter= “so hey don’t do anything for yourself and follow me around as I do something dumb with my life”

    15. Candy Hofs

      I thought for the longest time that “Beats By Dre” were called “Beats By Drake”. I literally thought that Drake made headphones and stuff. Hehe...oops

    16. Thomas Haddix


    17. Nora File

      So true

    18. Jordi Zierz

      11:30. Uhhhh, naw, I'm thinking more about the fact that both of ya have already had massive issues with staying faithful.

    19. IZoheret

      She wanted to study literature but said: We won't be one of those couples that breaks up because- Gurl might as well take advanced quantum psychics cuz your English slaps

    20. Cookie Playz

      Nobody else saw that she had tik tok?

    21. Cookie Playz

      Me when sees the title:kinda good!?!I don’t think I’ve ever seen a title say kinds gooddd! I love that movie

    22. Tolu Olaniyan

      the first to all the boys came out in 2018 not 19 smh

    23. Chocco Foxxo

      Thanks to Alex I now only refer to Noah Sentenial as "Mr. Store Brand Mark Ruffalo"

    24. Thomas Haddix


    25. Suleman Toosy

      Bro this girl has netflix on her phone

    26. Star Song

      I thought it was horrible! The worst of the three!

    27. GROOT_ 2005

      11:23 cracks me uppp😂😂

    28. Kathy Victoria

      Why doesn’t LJ have a tv in the living room

    29. Master The Giraffe

      Lara Jean is literally the most boring person ever. No personality whatsoever. I don’t know what Alex is talking about..

    30. Danny Villaseñor

      Dude Alex who hurt you while you went to college

    31. Aaliyah Monique

      She really said “we’re not like other couples”

    32. nica pangilinan

      i agree with dylan. it isnt good. people didn't watch the movie trilogy expecting for something to be relatable and realist. people got hooked of how absurd and cheesy it is fulfilling their teens fantasy getting the attention of the most popular guy in school to being in a love triangle with perfect guys and all that. and the final movie didn't do that at all

    33. Sarah Phillips

      How do you call everything except cringe Netflix movies bad-

    34. Rose Clark348

      Im sorry but this is bothering me. Its lAra jean not lOra jean

    35. Ovz D

      I just love how Alex shares the same thoughts as me about John Ambrose and Peter

    36. Eliza S. Hamilton

      The amount of break ups and get togethers makes my brain hurt

    37. JD Diggy

      All I'm a say is I've seen people try to the long distance thing and everytime it does not work out but for the I actually really want it too!!!!!

    38. Amanda Melo

      I always tought Josh left for college lol it just makes sense doesn't it?

    39. Thalia Kalli

      Agreed with everything other than that it’s good lmao it’s horrifically bad and predictable

    40. Christiane Braga

      heard another FF7 song

    41. Venus Gin

      I love how I am a senior in high school but I don’t have relationship bc I always thought it’s too much work and not enough worth. And I am going to college and I know I will be the biggest nerd there somehow bc I have always been the biggest nerd everywhere and I am spending almost 12 months in school bc my program doesn’t have the summer break- just like am I ever gonna get a social life? Nuh.

    42. me

      there's so may plot holes,, this wouldve worked better as a series

    43. Ellen Fields

      For all the teenagers reading these comments, people make way too big a deal out of long distance relationships in college. I went to school far away from my SO and it’s really not bad. People act like long distance is a relationship killer but it’s not that hard. Video chat every day and visit each other every so often. Trust each other and talk a lot. Freshmen in college don’t have a ton of free time anyway, so not living near your partner frees you up for studying. If you’re right for each other it’ll be the easiest thing on earth. If you’re not, it wasn’t meant to be and that’s all there is to it.

    44. Yugoxgc

      College experience you get Promised in media is a sham. Either go there for education & focus on that or dont go. The whole American Pie idea of college might be the most self destructive thing you project out to your youth. All made horrendously worse by the student loan deal. "Time to explore & discover yourself" my ass. Your risking, alcoholism, unwanted pregnancy, drug addiction & get life debt afterward. Which I bet will feel nice if you fail & drop out. ( a very likely out come if you go in just thinking about getting laid & parties) Want to explore & discover yourself? Travel. Travel ANYWHERE outside your region. Its gonna be cheaper

    45. Denise_201

      he bashes WandaVision but praises this crap?

    46. Maellis Wingi

      He’s juste so toxic like he’s saying she doesn’t love him enough just because she decided to take the college she like the most ?? She cannot waste her future for one guy cmon 💀💀

    47. Sophie

      this movie was awful. AWFUL. every scene made me question why i haven’t turned it off yet so so so cringe at least with the first movie i wasn’t cringing at every single scene. SO CORNY OMG 😭

    48. Gemma Matthews

      Could you do Lemony Snicket’s a series of unfortunate events movie

    49. Jennifer Harrison

      This movie was my least favourite. I think Laura Jean should have gone to Berkeley to be closer to her loved ones and Peter. When you really fall in love someone you try to be as close to them as you can

    50. Cian Davila-Flynn

      Peter lookin like he aged 5 years since the last movie

    51. Sidoryková Sandra

      lmao, worst movie I've ever seen

    52. Elie Adjei

      why does he keep on saying "Laura", it's lara😭😭😭

    53. Nadia Schrage

      "steponmedumbledore@..." wha-

    54. jesse rutherford

      In the whole movie I was waiting for someone to give lara Jean a fricking brush, girl what is that hair!!!

    55. Belle

      am I the only one who finds the whole concept of the movie irritating? because like, the "problems" are so stupid. yeah sure, its "relatable" and happens to everyone. but many problems happen to everyone, not all of them are appealing enough to make into a whole movie... like, the fact the whole conflict the first half was literally just telling him about not getting accepted, and not knowing what to do, and then she told him, and in one minute he gave the most obvious solution we all thought about... the movie just shot itself at this point.

    56. MzVirgo

      Mi a lose off a yuh

    57. lacagna saiyan

      why noah is always whispering😭😭

    58. Donna

      I like how Peter just assumed that they will break up. I live in WA, my bf lives in FL 2979 miles away. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years while living so far away from each other.

    59. fareedah ibrahim

      btw her name is lara not laura

    60. fareedah ibrahim

      I feel like their relationships just revolved around them trying to prove that they're not the type of couple who breaks up either before or after going to college. So clingy and there were a lot of eek moments for me. As a teenager, I have a older mind sometimes so I picked up on a lot of weird unhelathy things in the show. At least this is the last one so.

    61. Luca S

      WHAT IS THE PIANO SONG AT 11:01 TO 11:08

    62. heather

      I feel like she should’ve chosen John he was so much better for her less arguing and less Jen

    63. Catriona Lachance

      Wu..Wu..wait... Did I just hear some Nightwish in there?!?! 🤩🤩

    64. Funny video

      The thing that bothered me was that she never even toured UC Berkeley. She just went to NYC and had a fun night by moving couches into buses, it felt v impulsive to me

    65. Senator Poopypants

      Does Peter have inflated tonsils or is he finally hitting puberty, like why does he sound like a young Darth Vader

    66. Senator Poopypants

      Who's watching this instead of watching the movie

    67. ella kathleen

      me and my friends only watched the film cause kitty got a boyfriend and we thought it was sweet and we waited the whole film to see if they would meet again but they didn't so it was kinda a waste cause we hate peter so much and just spent the whole movie yelling at him and telling lara jean to fall in love with jen and move to nyu so ??

    68. TheGrandRevo

      You bring up your old highschool life a awful lot, combine with most of your reviews being Teen RomComs taking place in a school setting makes me think you need to see a therapist

    69. Lari Rodrigues

      People complaining about Peter, I get it, he was wrong, but they literally showed us where it was coming from: he has abandonment issues bc of his father, they showed his conflict and that he started to fix that and it changed the way he was felling about everything including LJ, he is just a teenager, he doesn't have to have the maturity of an adult

    70. Vexlation -RAWX-

      The humorous raft concretely sprout because quiver conversly hook past a grumpy jeep. spotless, unwritten maple

    71. President Trump

      11:22 a legend returns

    72. R P

      Lol “Aerith’s Theme” at the rejection

    73. Marielle

      I hate how in these teen romcom movies, the girls are always like "omg look at how many hot guys there are here!1!1!" As if that isn't objectifying men... if a guy said that "look at how many hot women there are" we would be slitting their throats and calling them misogynistic sexist objectifying disrespectful men 🙄

    74. Chromatics


    75. Nikki Gachanja

      Lara* not Laura

    76. The Kiwi Kid

      Whats up with Cal Berkeley and Stanford thing HSM3 used that too?

    77. Álvaro Mota Lechuga

      2:03 Lara's gestures jajajajajaja

    78. Rumaisa Khan

      The story wanst there.... it wasnt a plot, it felt like an episode “in this episode they argue about not going to the same college” :/

    79. Jaden Nguyen


    80. Abby Q

      LOVING the longer videos😭really appreciate the time and effort😌

    81. Lily Alexander

      PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON MOXIE!!!!!!!!!!

    82. Jocy aguilar

      Has he made any videos of the avengers movie

    83. h e h

      they are doomed

    84. JJ LaRosa

      It’s Lara not Laura

    85. Ace Fraze

      Josh is gone the other 2 movies because he went off to college, I think? He was a senior in the first movie, so

    86. Suhey Alvarez

      Sooo good and entertaining series are actually dumb but this is kinda good? *confused*

    87. Kelsy Nicole

      Peter having a naked phone with no case is the most unrealistic portrayal of a teenager ever

      1. bzuku art

        nope i don't have a case

      2. Mawley

        I have friends like that, it’s horrifying but very real

      3. corinna


    88. Oikantika Nath [35]

      *I think the 1st movie came out in 2018 (?)*

    89. Safir Aksel

      Can we talk about how pretty the movie is? I love the cinematography and the colors so much

    90. Safir Aksel

      They talk about getting in these ivy league schools like it's a community college damn

    91. Elizabeth Flynn

      I didn't like this movie, I thought it would have been encouraging healthier relationships, and made it more realistic, if they ended with them breaking up and just being friends. The way Peter treated her when she said she wanted to go to NYU was terrible, and there were so many red flags.

    92. Sonny Chavez

      The little sister was easily BOTH the best and the worst character throughout these movies lol

      1. Sonny Chavez

        @Megan Jones Yea yea of course. I don’t hate her it’s just there are moments in these movies where I am like wow why she gotta be like that lol

      2. Megan Jones

        I love her. She's just soo............ You know?

    93. Victoria Hatzson

      They are all so so bad and cringe

    94. Mora Hernandez

      the breakup was so frustrating like peter literally got mad cus she chose what she liked and wanted. And Lara didn't get mad or said anything to him for being so selfish and not caring about what she likes???

    95. Katelyn

      dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋stay safe!!

    96. Your_Math_Teacher

      LJ getting afraid of telling Peter that she didn't got accepted to Stanford shows that she doesn't feel comfortable with him.. a big NO NO

      1. fudgecake76

        No she was just scared of hurting someone she loves? It’s not that deep

      2. Alisa Ze

        She felt comfortable enough practically cheating on him in the second movie though

    97. Gabriela Centurion Neumann

      DUDE, YOU SAID EVERYTHING I THOUGHT ABOUT WHILE WATCHING THE MOVIE! Specially the stuff about Josh!!! I was like "Wasn't he her absolute BFF???" 😐

    98. Megan Juntunen

      Peter making the "welcome home" sign: "I KNOW HOW BIG LETTERS SHOULD BE"

    99. Max W

      Anyone else think Lara Jean was lesbian with the party and the lady singing? It looked like she was falling in love lmao.

    100. alexandra watson

      OKAY I HAVE TO GET THIS OFF MY CHEST. I AM PISSED. I live in the city IN VIRGINIA where the book takes place, charlottesville. They changed UVA a school with an amazing lacrosse program that people actually could get into to Stanford. William and Mary, another VIRGINIA school to Berkeley, and UNC, another good school to NYU. I am pissed that they changed my home town to california