UFC 257 Free Fight: Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez

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    Conor McGregor became the first person to hold two belts simultaneously after he defeated lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in 2016. On January 23, McGregor returns to face Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257.
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    1. Hitler Putin

      9:48 said eddies getting better then connor just ends it


      calderwood,chandler, and mcgregor for the win.

    3. Botir Qo'chqorov

      conor no 1

    4. bkohler89

      out of all the fighters in the UFC, Connor McGregor is without a doubt Dana's boy. He's the face of the UFC right now in my opinion

    5. Ryan Ashley

      That was so satisfying

    6. user

      Everybody: Eddie's wife shouting. Me: Conor seems a bit discipline to me. Reminds me of Legend Khabib beat his ass.

    7. 오시주고시끼

      어처피 둘 다 하빕의 밥..ㅋㅋ

    8. Coconuttexe

      the ref looks like big adam sandler

    9. Sebastian Cabrera

      A qué hora es la pelea ?

    10. k j

      Conor is a sniper .

    11. Gaimei Panmei

      Eddie dance will not make him win

    12. lee jhon rey estubo


    13. Rare Hecate

      7:17 look at the footwork

    14. Nicole Hayman

      Poor guy no one was shouting his name 😭

    15. Yusuf İslam Akbulut

      Conorun teknik iyi ama boğuşma sıfır khabibede bu yüzden yenildi ve çokta iyi oldu khabib adamdır kraldır💪💪

    16. Sasha Fox

      этот с непонятным черепом договорилсяс макгрегором

    17. Short guy Impowerment

      The moment he step in the ring he knew ....he fucked up!!!!

    18. Arthur Morgan

      Conor might open his mouth a lot but he can put up...well not always of course

    19. Brad N

      This guy is going to continuously disappoint his deniers. He persistently puts up incredible wins against fighters people say he would never beat. Khabib was his one bad bout. Diaz is excusable given the weight classes he had to jump to do it. He’s going to absolutely smoke Poirier. And Poirier is a tremendous fighter. The dude’s just at another level, and it’s not because of his mouth. His standup skillsets are simply unmatchable.

    20. Сергей Безносов

      Conor izi

    21. efogg3


    22. Петр Вахрушев

      I want to see the rematch of Khabib and Conor

    23. Felix K

      Lol, watched this fight many times and this is the first time I noticed Eddies wife :D Guess Im lucky

    24. Dan Smith

      Alvarez: Connor has 8 minutes of fight in him then he gives up Connor: proceeds to knock him out on the 8 minute mark.


      Who the fuck is screaming like that yo

    26. Thomas Mcvaigh

      Why is some one screening

    27. Dylan finglas911

      Eddie's wife's a weirdo

    28. YDINO

      Who's here after he knocked out Dustin again

    29. marklower007

      Imagine how clear you can hear Eddie's wife now on one championship with the polite quiet Japanese audience😂😂

    30. PradaShwaii

      Is Eddie 5’9 or is Conor 5’11?

    31. Karma

      Conor m destroyed him, Eddie might have been champ but he wasn’t the best 3 in that division, he was lucky he got the shot before Dustin khabib or tony or else Eddie wouldn’t have ever been champ

    32. SymPhaTyc


    33. Jesse Pinkman

      Alvarez's wife sounds like a nazgûl wtf


      Макгрегор красавчик

    35. Alphonse Dubreuil

      Brother McGregor has a good to excellent mind game. Which most . . if not all opponents are susceptible to. That along with his wide beam and Superior muscle fiber makes him nearly invincible ! Peace'n Love yal ! ! !

    36. Сергей Наянзин

      дали какого то новичка на растерзание? ни бороться ни боксировать не умеет незачет

    37. Ok Ok

      His striking is just so smooth

    38. bighit

      Did anyone notice Joe Rogan call big John Dan Miragliotta?

    39. talchemy


    40. Eric Schaaf

      7:37 *When you finally start to figure out the PlayStation buttons...

    41. Александр Семанин

      смотрел через силу ,после Нурмагомедова смотришь как на цирк ,как он уделал его и все его понты сдулись

    42. Sports Bro

      Eddie had no defense for Conors offense

    43. Vicente

      7:37 when you press wrong button

    44. gavin chapman


    45. june dela rosa

      Wanna see manny paquiao enter the octagon soon to fight mcgregor hit like😁

    46. Prateek Shetty


    47. SymPhaTyc


    48. Chloe Cooke

      2:30 how did he fall, Connor didn't touch him

      1. Rory Colwill

        chloe please go back to the kitchen

    49. Murad Dadasov


    50. Blue Spirit

      I really wanted to hear someone scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP” because EDDDDDIIIEEEE

    51. 12 MaY

      Blom apa² kena mental ajg

    52. dfgntzfjgyhmghbndfnghcm sfrthrdgfbahtgjmhbhbfb

      1:37. 2:47. 7:18. 9:48. 5:46. 5:47. 5:53. 5:52. 10:31. 10:35. 10:46. 10:45. 10:48. 11:02. 11:07. 11:06. 9:20

    53. Eric Grimes

      Eddie looks legitimately scared.

    54. Rasul

      O'lgan buvisini yaxshi ko'radiganlar layk

    55. 불독

      밥솥보러 왔습니다

    56. bcvbb hyui

      "I'd like to take this chance to apologize... to absolutely nobody!!"- Eddies wife

    57. Dubrav4eG

      Чем мне Конор нравится , то что он просто так не бьёт на похуй. А всегда старается давать точные удары . Очень зрелещно , не то что любитель понюхать очко в обнимках.

    58. A Iyas

      What happened at the end there between Connor and Dana?

    59. Harrisey 101


      1. bcvbb hyui

        So gay

    60. Thomas _ TK

      9:47 yaowwwww, Conor fukn smashes Eddie with a four hit combination

    61. Radawi Dawi

      Klo aku milih Conor miqregor

    62. Il_brandon_lI

      Who the hell took a baby goat to the fight

    63. The Elegant Iguana

      Why mcgregor always seems like he wants to hold his opponent's hand?


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    65. Белка и Винокур

      Скоро сниму рецепт виски Конора , заходим и подписываемся

    66. GeizigAdam

      khabib should change his face. Again.

    67. Onu nix

      The IQ of cono's though the way he pretends to throw that left and not able to reach Eddie was a masterpiece he literally sets traps

    68. Lane Shaeffer

      9:47. Just wow

    69. серега НЕТ


    70. Вредный Тип


    71. يزيد البلوي

      He play play with little brother 😂😂😂😂

    72. Rodger Dalton

      Difference with Conor and everyone else is he is soooo good and calculated that I don’t think there has ever been a better striker in the ufc

    73. Jacky Depaz

      Moi je veux Conor VS Khabib et la Mcgregor va le pulvériser

    74. Roger Rabbit

      So gay

    75. TheKYLN Prod.


    76. TheKYLN Prod.


    77. Friendly Neighbour

      07:16. Wow

    78. Allan Simard

      I don't think that Jon McCarthy likes Conor @11:47

    79. Dianne Marife Alcantara

      Alvarez getting better getting loose in this round.... until now. Lmfao

    80. Kaine Quarter

      Alvarez isnt a fighter, poor pick of fight Danna.

    81. john doe

      its still crazy they didn't have his 2nd belt ready. they were so hyped on how much money they were going to make they didn't even bring a 2nd belt.

    82. Zaine Carbally

      I got no money...

    83. J H

      McGregor's combos are deadly, so quick

    84. Conry Rdz vlogs

      Alvares really scared

    85. Iv E36

      8:39 Damn Mirgliotta looking a lot like Mccarthy in this fight

    86. 3Xcollasso

      too early stoppage, Eddie got robbed

    87. Conor Smading

      the first combo he threw eddie got dropped and knew he was fucked lol

    88. Austin Brown

      Love eddie, but this might be the worst game plan of all time. Conor is known to have crazy KO power in his left hand. Eddie continues to circle right , right into connors power.

      1. NUK 3

        He tried to take him down like once or twice but Conor stopped it. If Eddie tried the takedown more he maybe would've got it and maybe could've done something. But i dont see Eddie winning this fight in any way almost, Conor just looked so much better in every aspect.

    89. LJSomething

      9:48 to 9:49 ,Connor threw and precisely landed 4 punches in 1 second then ending this mans immediate reality.... Fucking legend. With a capital P

    90. Dylan Hall

      seriously who was the girl screaming so loud

      1. NUK 3

        Eddies wife lmao

    91. Dexter Haven

      UFC screwed up by not having two belts ready. Total SNAFU by Dana. Conor demanded they get his second belt. They needed the optics of him holding two belts. They would have missed it without Conor's demands. Now it is a valuable shot.

    92. Alex Romo

      Damn that lady needs to stop screaming

    93. papa jhon

      The pressure of Conor is terrifying

    94. Sarmad Shah

      Alvarez tried to play Khabib but failed terribly.

    95. Escape Velocity

      Counter ability second to none.

    96. James Johnson

      Crazy that Eddie had a decent gameplan until he boxed with Conor

    97. Deke Rohlehr

      Slow flat footed fake looking fight

    98. Ex Ex

      Херня кака-то! Не бой а подстава!🤨

    99. ๑๓อิสระ 13GLORY

      1:39 min. BIG SHOT ! Untimate shot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥