UFC 257 Free Fight: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 1

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    Watch the first matchup between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor back at UFC 178 in 2014 when both fighters were featherweights on the rise. The lightweight rematch goes down at UFC 257 on Saturday, January 23 in Abu Dhabi.
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    1. Cathy A W

      Awesome Conor🤘🏻

    2. shadow king

      Round 2 Tonight 💪

    3. LuckyTechy

      lol staged

    4. Matthew Sunderland

      Get ready for the repeat tn

    5. Highlight Heaven

      People here on fight night 👇🏻

    6. Alex Fisher

      CLEARLY a flop. What a joke this sport is.

    7. Станислав Степаненко

      Нокаут - чистейшая постанова.

    8. Truth Hertz

      Conor hit him in the back of the head twice, which resulted in the bogus KO. He should have been DQ'd for hitting in the back of the head...TWICE in a row.....

    9. Bob Stone

      Predictions for tonight? I like Poirier

    10. Patrick Waring

      When one Irish man stands to fight all of us Irish men stand behind him Joe Rogan.

    11. Kay Baron

      Mcnuggets ain't shit had absolutely nothing for floyd Mayweather got his ass stumped

    12. jonathan lolo

      Dustin takes a 👊 on the shoulder and he falls, end of the fight ....!?!?! ??

    13. Redouane DZ

      Khabib is the real deal

    14. Sristam Maharjan

      who is watching this an hour before today's fight?

    15. Thesilverthunder777

      Took a fall for the green.

    16. Thesilverthunder777

      Fixed. What a shit fight.

    17. Art and Design

      McGregor the king of the rabat punch.

    18. Daily Stuff

      This ain't ufc 257 😅😅😅

    19. Sahrul Syam


    20. Anil Guha

      Was that not back of the head

    21. satar hasass

      Good show and now he knows how to respect too so he’s good

    22. New Roads

      Should have not been stopped

    23. gojokid 24

      played with him like a toy

    24. Sergio JR Martin Guevara

      He’s a cheater like Mayweather

    25. Sergio JR Martin Guevara

      He cheated

    26. David Matos

      Never hit him clean idk dat was a bad stopage

    27. pengangguran kelas berat

      Mc dangdut. Bukan mc gregor

    28. Yoezer Wangdi

      Tonight tonight

    29. Whisky Pete

      Mystic Meg! Lol hilarious 90s anglo reference that no American will know

    30. siddharth shinde

      Just realised it was a fixed match the way poirior fall down

    31. Joshua Chacon

      So who thinks Dustin threw this fight?? Jus saying you can't be training for months for a fight to get knocked out by getting clipped by a punch shit just looked a lil fishy

    32. Tony Castle

      If Dustin loses this fight tonight , it’s over for him 😕

    33. ShaShaSha Shadow Banned Bud

      And why tf is there a second match? So you sign up, get knocked tf out , get paid. Repeat steps 1 thru 3

    34. Kevin Angeles

      Illegal punch -_-

    35. aelxLv

      Connor winning easily tonight

    36. Noname Man

      Khabib could fight both of them on the same night...and WIN both fights...257 is predictable,Conor wins and makes Dana White smile 😁

    37. Stormy Jack

      a dive..

    38. AmB

      wtf did he even land that punch that put portier down?

    39. John Wolford

      That's the real deal are you kidding me he hit him in the back of the head two times so hard watch it and 0.25 playback he should have been disqualified for this 3:20

    40. Josh Ray

      boo MacGregor cant stand the little prick

    41. c g

      So low... Fq

    42. Romero viva dios

      Está es la última pelea que an echo?

    43. Luis Galicia

      Pourer was prolly gona go for the leg Mcgregor didn't clip him behind d the ear like Joe says. That was wierd.

    44. Charlie U

      Am I the only one that thinks McGregor is a shell of his former self and Poirier has gotten so much better?

    45. Carlos Silva

      fuckin lucky

    46. Chris Greene

      Wtf he didn’t even connect on the knockdown ... STAGED !

    47. Tavar Torres

      What the fuck actually happened🤔


      Has no one ever roasted McGregor for that spine tattoo because its brutal.

    49. You Dan

      That was a hit to the back of the head

    50. Uğur Bekteş

      Is it allowed to hit the back of the head like that?

    51. Anthony Young

      More like behind the head

    52. Robbie Smith

      Bet he cant whip nick Diaz

    53. SeeK Epic

      Can we buy the fight on CSsel tonight?

    54. 현아은설

      뒤통수 겁나쎄리기 뒤통수만 다섯대 쎄리네

    55. Victorious Victorious

      I just waisted 3:40 of my life which nobody is going to compensate me for 🤬🤬🤬

    56. Fiko 5000

      DP getting knocked out tonight

    57. Gilbert Gonzales

      Rogan any blow that lands Oooooooh!!! So aggravating..Stop it!!!

    58. master popit official


    59. master popit official

      I dont believe

    60. master popit official

      Binakaka fight

    61. Arturo Bandini

      he didn't even hit him and he fell! notorius is just advertising!

    62. Pengusaha Fingo


    63. zeidon 41

      Who's ready for the rematch tonight at 10:00pm?

    64. robfromtheblokk

      why was poirier going down and gave mcgregor the oportunity to smash his backhead? doesn't make any sense for me as i watch it right now!? i see no punch right before the action that might have hurt him (?)

    65. Critical mugz

      4:57 I like how he lost on Assassin's creed Unity, fitting since that game bombed XD

    66. Ishmael

      It's going to be a great fight tonight!

      1. A Unofficial 11

        I got my whole kfc menu ready to watch the hooker vs chandler fight as well as the conor vs porier fight 😂

    67. Alley Diar

      Looked rigged like the cowboy fight looking back

    68. Jaysun Santistevan

      Who got McGregor winning today

      1. A Unofficial 11

        Most people

    69. Curtis Graham

      Just giving Mcgregor a lay up here.

    70. Solomon Pew

      It won't go down like last time

      1. A Unofficial 11

        You sure 😂

    71. marklower007

      2.37 Conor "let's go pussy"😂😂

    72. Jimmy Dempster

      This is where you fall down...WHERE DO YA GET THESE GUYS !!??

    73. King Cubby

      Dustin Poyay is dangerous

    74. King Cubby

      Who is watching when Poirer vs Mcgregor 2 is today?

      1. Primotrez

        But why

    75. Joel Guacko

      Why are they fighting again?

    76. marklower007

      And Dustin was the more experienced higher ranked more established fighter in that fight. People like to pretend he was a little kid and this was prime Conor. That's completely false

    77. Anwar Lius nani

      As much as I dislike Conor, he probably the best fighter now. Khabib taught him respect. I want to see israel come up and fight Conor.

      1. PS5 & Stuff

        Mcgregor is different since he had kids

    78. Franks World

      That was not a knockout Conor totally missed Fixed fight!!!

    79. Alex Gleason

      Dont think Dustin will stand up with Conor this time, it's been proven time and time again that if you can get Conor down to the mat you've got a good chance. No point slugging it out with a top slugger

    80. Spactx

      Few hours before conor sleeps dustin again

    81. Cal 420

      After being embarrassed like that on National Television why would you want to do it a second time some people really are fucking stupid

    82. Ruben josue Guillermo sanchez

      K feaaa peleaaaa una estafaaaa

    83. Lazy Ghost

      Fake fight i wanna watch MMA not wwc

    84. Samo Veselo

      Am I only one who sees the three times hits beyond the head.

    85. Youssef Hamidi

      Mcgregor barely touched him and dustin went down. 🤨

    86. madeline Bañuelos

      Poirier's ears 🥦👀👂 🤣🤣

    87. How to Conquer

      This was Conor's worst haircut

    88. McGregor... though

    89. Hades

      Wow, nice clickbait by the UFC... UFC 257 in title and the video is from UFC 178 in 2014... so lame

    90. HipHop Reuploads

      This Night!!!!!

    91. SlickDangler

      I'd like to see some ass kicking happening tonight like this but I doubt it will be the same

    92. Winston Smith


    93. Brody Woollett

      Joe “He hurt him” Rogan

    94. Primo Bambino

      Man Goldie makes this feel legit classic

    95. Andy Eduardo Molina Velasco

      Fuck that, dustin touched clean twice, and Conor eat it like a champ, conor touched twice and dustin was in pluton.... That's the diference

    96. Elvira Hancock

      Dustin takes the 2nd scrap in the 3rd round by TKO.

    97. Gaya Pesona

      it's a drama fight 👎

    98. An Arriving Winged Hussar

      Dustin got bonked, but maybe this time he will bonk McGregor?

    99. talchemy

      Crazy how nice and respectful everyone is treating Conor now. Finally people have admitted he's pretty damn good. I think even his haters miss him at this point 😂 Looking forward to the fight

    100. Mohammad Shah

      None of those punches landed but the last hummer one and he was not unconscious he went of the leg