VW T6 vs T6.1 - The Differences | Transporter HQ

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    A quick comparison video, to compare the differences between the brand new T6.1 and the T6 Transporter.


    'It makes me happy' by Dj Quads @aka-dj-quads
    Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs cssel.info/video/video/vaCNfZ3d2GuJroA.html


    1. Dolittle Campers

      Great video. Always great to see the difference with newer models. We have created a video tour of our T6 if anyone would like to see the inside of an original T6 conversion. cssel.info/video/video/vm2dlISVsG14fms.html

    2. High Ten!

      Does the cute dog come as standard with the T6.1? Great video.

      1. Transporter HQ

        She's kind of ugly cute but we love her :)

    3. marcducati

      Music is annoying

      1. Transporter HQ

        Thanks for you're feedback. Its noted for future videos.

    4. Tube Darren

      It’s basically a T5 with makeup and earrings!

      1. Tube Darren

        Transporter HQ I bet looks lovely

      2. Transporter HQ

        I've just driven it 2000 miles to Chamonix and back and I can honestly say it drives so much nicer than any of my T6's or my T5's.

    5. Dimtiri

      T6.1 ugly only dash is a great change!

      1. Transporter HQ

        Have you seen our video of it low. Its looks totally different :) cssel.info/video/video/q4GkrZiYqZCmkHw.html

    6. Mafia Pomorze

      What Are lamps led in vw t 6?

      1. Transporter HQ

        Sorry I don't understand the question

    7. Olda Pavlicek

      Ouuuuueeeee super ✌✌ 👍

    8. Do one

      Defo an improvement but i still see another facelifted t5

      1. Transporter HQ

        It feels totally different to driven. I'm really impressed with it and I've had and still do have serval T5's and T6's

    9. Biggsy1970

      What sort of price are the Startlines going for ? Just sold my T5 after 11 years and I'm looking for my next vehicle. Was looking at a new t6 highline dsg last year but £31k+ is rediculous for a work van

      1. Biggsy1970

        @Transporter HQ cheers looking at 6.1 now with all the incentives it's worth getting the t6.1

      2. Transporter HQ

        I don't actually know, we get a special deal with VW. I would think you could pick up T6's cheaper now though

    10. Man Stuff

      I'm sure the window switches are in a better position in the doors on the new van.

      1. Transporter HQ

        They are different yes

    11. Mark Robinson

      Went back to a t5.1 other than the engines t6 are shite, so much more you can do to the 5s and look so much better. What the hell is transporter going with the styling ?!

      1. Transporter HQ

        I don't know. I've had them all and still have several T5's and T6's myself. I can honestly say I'm really impressed with the T6.1. I've never had any engines issues with any of my T6's though. I wasn't a big fan of the T6.1 styling but it is really growing on me. Especially with the commercial bumpers

    12. Paul Traviss

      Has the engine changed from the t6 engine? My van is 3 year old now and has spent a lot of time in the garage under warranty :0(. Do you still have to use adblue?

      1. Transporter HQ

        Yes its changed a little but you will always have adblue now on any diesel.

    13. ALX

      Background music drowns out the commentary

      1. Transporter HQ

        Noted, we'll tone is down a little for the next videos

    14. bmx Beck

      What's going on with the exhaust!!!

    15. Davey Jones

      Front bumper even in the highline looks horrific, top part has that extra ugly unnecessary grill and the bottom is like something of a vw up. Also im not sure why everyone is jacking off over the dash, apart from the screen its a big lump of ugly textured plastic, if you have a t5.1 or t6 and put a flat bottom steering wheel and nice double din screen in then its just as nice if not nicer.

      1. Transporter HQ

        @Davey Jones The yellow one with the drop bonnet on Ferrari 458 Italia wheels. It was on the front cover of VW Bus in December.

      2. Davey Jones

        @Transporter HQ nice one, now that will be a proper test, thanks for your reply 👍 Which T6 tsi is yours ? iv probably seen it, but unsure which is your one.

      3. Transporter HQ

        Each to their own and I totally get where you are coming from. We've had LOTS of really nice 5's right through to 6's. One of our other current demos is a really high spec petrol T6 you may have seen on the front cover of VW Bus magazine in December. I'm not saying the T6.1 is a must have, but there are some really nice improvements. Although we've covered very few miles in the T6.1, it does also feel nicer to drive. I'm looking forward to a possible future "comfort dash" option. I'm driving this to Chamonix and back via Dusseldorf next week, so I'll get chance to really try it out then.

    16. Fizz Buzz

      Lovely dog! Great vid, thanks

    17. Tom Docherty

      Very pleased I got solows through your guys and you fitted them, perfect combination

    18. danhalski

      I still prefer T6 I will wait for T7 to appear

      1. Transporter HQ

        We did initially too but the T6.1 has really grown on us. I remember hating the look of the 6 originally. Time will tell I guess.

      2. Davey Jones

        Spot on

    19. fuch1971

      About 36 monthly payments in my case....well done lads!

    20. Richard Griffiths

      I tried to order my T6 trend line without a bulk head but it still came with 🤔 But annoying as I guess when I now take it out I’ll have a lip, right?

      1. Transporter HQ

        Yeah that is a pain. We had that with a T6 too. Yes if you remove it, you'll have a small gap in the headlining and also a frame that will need grinding out :(

      2. Davey Jones

        Yes, same happened to me, also seats were wrong 😫

    21. TheOtherGuysUK

      Keep the videos up guys good watching 👍🏻


      The colour looks great! Does the floor go all the way through the van as one piece? Dash is a winner for me :)

      1. Transporter HQ

        It stops at the cab and starts again. The same as a T5 / T6 that didn't have a factory bulk head.