Washington Capitals | Road to the Stanley Cup 2018

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    The Washington Capitals road to the stanley cup 2018: All previous eliminations and full cup run highlights. Thanks for watching.
    Rag'n'Bones Man - Human
    Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
    X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons - Jungle
    Desiigner - Panda
    Migos, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj - Motorsport
    Mumford & Sons -I will wait
    Infringement not intended I do not own any of the songs in this video.

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    1. Bigok Anbals

      Vegas had chemistry but that's it. Like having all 85 on nhl 20 but having +5 chem

    2. Bigok Anbals

      4:57 8:03 Legit the same goals

    3. Анатолий Хоров: Вечное Движение

      Приключение русских в Америке

    4. D4RK F1R3

      Ovechkin is gonna win the cupppppp

      1. Bigok Anbals

        Maybe. Gotta get past the bruins probably

    5. Он Самый

      I always wan t to Russia and USA became friends!

    6. Juiced Gas

      16:11 bjootifool pley

    7. GS Zylo Amusement

      Not a caps fan but I wanna say ovi dang

    8. Cat Needham

      This was so well done. Native Washingtonian here, and I remember how crushed I was for Ovi and the team on all those playoff runs *especially* the years they won the President’s Trophy. My favorite moment (not captured here) was when Ovi passed the cup to Backy. “Where the heart and the brain meet” I wrote when I posted the pic. As joyful as I was for the Great 8, I was equally happy for #19.

    9. Dayn Budyach

      Do Tampa Bay Lighting, pweaseee

    10. Joe Mack

      I hope that the Capitals can bring home there 2nd Stanley cup win this season.

    11. Colin’s Weather Buzz

      Congratulations on 1,000 subscribers!

    12. Mittsa Tha Snagga

      trash music ruined it

      1. Mittsa Tha Snagga

        nvm rap music saved it

    13. Braden Overgaard

      I think I’ve watched this 20 times. And i always look at the like button to press it and it’s already pressed😁😁

    14. NC Trickshot

      13:00 Those hits were literally Kunitz and Paqquette

    15. Beaux Foofer

      I love how you captured just how physical game 6 vs Tampa was. Great vid!

    16. Pankace L CaptainSeth L

      Devante smith Pelly was the quiet MVP

    17. Jean Leloup

      One of the best playoffs in history, how’s still watching this in March 27 2021

    18. Cardinal & Gold

      Slava Malamud sounds like a fucking idiot

    19. Nick Barnes

      The irate join fundamentally stop because teeth radiologically mine past a brief plane. useless, fresh pillow

    20. RonnieJimJim

      Les go caps

    21. Rj

      As a Los Angles Kings fan Thank you!

    22. Amad Mak

      The clumsy tip functionally blot because wedge sequentially skip from a peaceful copyright. nippy, minor michael

    23. Poop In a sock

      Can not lie Ove deserved it and deserves more

    24. Xd Pulsed

      Imagine the finals went to game 7 and ovi scored the game winner

    25. Viktor Z

      Hey I have a question, is everyone here a Washington Capitals Fan?

    26. Aram Chan

      Its hitting 1mil

    27. Sean Breen

      Stupid fcking shite music ruined it

    28. MagenHildreth MagenHildreth

      The rambunctious motion explicitly long because chest histopathologically frame like a flashy quart. quirky, remarkable secure

    29. Colin’s Weather Buzz

      I’m a caps fan and when i saw ovi raise up the cup i felt so happy.

      1. Bigok Anbals

        I was cheering so hard for ovi, legitimately happy to see him get the cup

    30. mack r

      His english isn't that good. When he said we would be fine, he meant they would win the Stanley Cup

    31. Taurai Zamchiya

      18:50, That's effort.

    32. Baylan Mackellar

      2021 anyone?

    33. Jose Thegoat

      No one ever Tom Wilson : I get paid to fight people

    34. Calvin Dea Lance

      2:57 dont talk to ovi like that u monster

    35. Andrew Pitas


    36. Andrew Pitas

      when the kuzi part hit u just disrespected that moment because u played music u disrespectful bitch

    37. Andrew Pitas

      y did u add music it ruins everything

    38. Living Room Cinema

      Sharks fan. How can you not love Ovechkin hoisting up that Cup? Dudes been heart and soul of the Capitals since they got him.

    39. Frig off Ricky

      Music ruins the video

    40. TSPCapital70!

      whole vid ruined by ads

    41. DAN THE MAN Sup

      Alex has came so far from just a boy in Russia to holding the Stanley cup after beating the jackets the penguins then the lightning then finally the golden knights and comment down below if you ware amazed when you heard the golden knights made it to the finals in their 1st season WOW 😮

      1. DAN THE MAN Sup

        Oh and by the way this video is awesome 👏 JUST WOW make another on a different team you have earned your self a sub

    42. Ethan Rishor

      14:01 PEW PEW

    43. Ethan Rishor

      Bye the picture of Amalie arena is looks sick

    44. Ethan Rishor

      TJ killed Kris Letang let’s goooooo

    45. ridgely Weible

      they play for you osh i play for you

    46. Hej Hej

      I felt nervous when i played the stanley cup finals in NHL 21, how nervous would you be playing in the real stanley cup finals?

    47. Sean Theobald

      It's 2021 and I still watch it I have watched like 8 times it's so good

    48. Belinda Klue

      stil missing a tooth but has a stanley

    49. Montauk

      im a rangers fan, and ive seen this video 5 times. its amazing seeing OVI lift the cup is sick

    50. SHOWTIME

      I’m a caps fan and T.J oshie is an aboriginal from Minnesota but his speech made me tear up 👏

    51. Pamela Sands

      Good for them but now the suck ovchkin carry

    52. Tutube 123

      As a caps fan i Watched this a lot of time

    53. Jeremy Weisstub


    54. Olov Saxin

      Lesgo caps we win this year

    55. Ashton Burritt

      That speech from shoe gets me 🥺

    56. lightweightbaby

      Is the music louder than before?

    57. nickfresh29

      I come here every year on the day the season starts to re live the moment and hope it happens again

    58. Taylose6

      Makes me cry every tim 🥲

    59. Brian Richard

      Due to political unrest the Capitals will now be called the Washington Hockey Team.

    60. Paul G

      music sucks

    61. Maria Canton

      16:21 look at Ovi’s face. Lmao

    62. Conner Martineau

      16:23 Ovi’s face 😂

    63. Calvin Dea Lance

      is it just me or is anybody else confused by the goal at 7:25

    64. Glenn parent

      ace fellow hockeyplayers world wide-----and the women with all hockey------guys we love you more then a great slap shotstickside

    65. Glenn parent

      what a hockey team

    66. ExoticFishy

      And the knights round

    67. ExoticFishy

      The song you used for the lightning round what is that song called

    68. Seth Barker élève

      Murray’s glove is terrible

    69. Taeoh Seong

      what are music names can you tell me?

      1. Glenn parent

        fk yopu

    70. Hudson Bursey

      Man I’m not a caps fan at all but watching ovi lift the cup man that was good

    71. AJ Yu

      16:24 ovi's like "damn dude you killed him"

    72. GeNetiC ProDiGy

      Smith-pelly was so underrated in this run

    73. Garry Nakrayko

      I love seeing Chandler with them, he’s my trainers brother.

    74. Agent Veemo

      The Washington capitals win standly cup. Me: YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Remembering they took away the vegas golden nights first standly cup in there second year in the nhl. Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    75. Oliver Owens

      Watching this after the caps won the cup hurts me it’s just pain man

    76. Lamar Davis

      I Loved 2018

    77. Harold Mcliggans

      Greatest moment I’ve witnessed in sports in my lifetime

    78. Nicholas Szlapak

      I love this video but i hate the rap music

    79. TW Games

      I was at game 5 of this series it was so loud... well its Vegas after all I was so happy they won the cup I cried of happiness I remember seeing smith pellys goal and all I hear I yes!!!!!

    80. Мечтатель Гдеоав

      I think that Washington Capitals is the greatest team. I like capital’s game!!!



    82. Nate Greenberg


    83. spectre trash

      Finally a highlight vid with hits. I have been looking for vids of those hits vs Tampa games 6 and 7. The caps physicality this playoff series was a big reason why they won.

    84. thomm morits

      Never Give Up Hockey:) cssel.info/video/video/mX-OpqrQk693bWs.html

    85. Anthony A

      i became a caps fan in 2016 and i was waiting for this moment😃

    86. Luke Beaty

      Amazing video! So glad I watched the entire thing 👍🏻


      Sweet, sweet victoryyyyy

    88. Harry Larry

      Damn caps fans must absolutely hate the rangers

    89. Brysonwm YT

      Not a caps fan but I’ve watched this thing 5 times over, unreal video

    90. Simple Stats Studio

      Check it out!! NHL Stanley Cup Champions!! cssel.info/video/video/moBrh5vKuap1p4g.html

    91. kolp

      9:52 - 9:59, oh yeah

    92. Linda Goldfarb

      F you watching this in 2020 see you later holtyby

    93. Ryan Lauzon

      As a pens fan watching ovi lift the cup was pretty epic

    94. NerfDude

      I have a signed puck from TJ oshie I got in 2018 wow

    95. Sebastian Lindblad


    96. ryanisntasweat

      I’ve watched this 10 times I love this video

    97. bbullet14

      Did anyone else get goosebumps watching ovi lift the cup? Or just me?

    98. sixty nine

      16:45 not enough attention to that

    99. White

      Best year of my life so far for many reasons. This being a big one. LETS GO CAPS ❤️

    100. Simon Naylor

      Thanks for this. I’ve been abroad most of the last 10 years and missed a lot of hockey. Great recap of the Capitals Stanley Cup championship season!