Why Do F1 Tracks Have Kerbs?


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    We are so used to seeing kerbs (or curbs) on race tracks... but why are they there?
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    1. WTF1

      Thank you for 700k subscribers everyone and thank you for sticking with us through these covid times where we haven't been able to go out and do our crazy stuff in real life. You best believe we'll have some awesome content coming your way once the world goes back to normal (and before... of course!) :) Big love!

      1. Willem Fletcher

        @naildeath well, if not they would not be efective

      2. naildeath

        Kerbs should not be wider than the car as it makes track limits confusing for everyone.

      3. Willem Fletcher

        flat kerbs fast corners, raised cerbs slow, WHAT KERB/CERB Is IT

      4. Prisoner Monkeys

        I am proud to be a subscriber.

      5. simeunovicm

        Why some tracks have different start and finish lines?

    2. Twunny Bux

      I’ve never seen them up close and in person so my opinion shouldn’t matter.

    3. 101jir

      Curbs are like boundaries: you start off with a soft one and if it keeps getting violated or goes too far you have hard ones. In a manner of speaking, they literally are boundaries, albeit in a somewhat different context than the social sense. Flat curbs are the "that wasn't really that funny, but let's continue." Hotdog curbs are the storming out of the room. Or perhaps "this drive is over."

    4. Raum Bances

      What do I think of kerbing? Too damn random. Should be a standard on ALL tracks. Let the teams and FIA debate what that standard should be. Drivers have to deal with them. They should have a say.

    5. Tommaso Paniccia

      "Curb" is the American spelling, but for once, it's the original one. UK spelling changed to "kerb", to follow the pronunciation more closely (which is a weird thing to do for English). So go curb, death to kerb.

    6. Will Ramirez

      You mean curbs?

    7. Thomas Benton

      Why don't they just put a 10 inch raised wall around the track 12 inches past the tracks lines so no one can abuse the track limit

    8. Brent Jordan

      Kerbs vs Curbs is exactly like Tyres vs Tires. Until F1, I’ve never seen it spelled Tyres or Kerbs.

    9. Worlds Worst Musician

      If they did t have curbs, Yuki would just drive all over the place!

    10. Steven Yang

      i always thought the curbs were to help drivers with grip to allow them to make their turns safely

    11. Rob

      Just bring back gravel traps, no more ultra wide wide runoffs. or make the limit beside the track gravel, and then after maybe 10 meter width of gravel, nearer the wall, would be asphalt again where tires will grip, to prevent a high speed crash in the wall. And the gravel is there to prevent the car from being able to go back in the track again.

    12. Boerje69

      Good video but slideshow doesnt have to be so "funny".

    13. yannniQue 17

      I only watched the NLS this year and now imagine an F1 car hitting a curb on the nordschleife. I guess I just dicovered another way to go to space.

    14. michael lavery

      Their use should be curbed. (Kerbed)?

    15. Anthny Bsg

      kerbs look cool and are satisfying in games but lets just make the track limits concrete walls right up until the white lines.

    16. Osman Bin Omar

      Memes got more screen time than the actual kerbs wth is this shit

    17. Viclick

      Hello from the Czech Republic. Joke appreciated.

    18. AsHalt

      Bring back the Singapore Sling ?

    19. Lone Wolf

      install concrete walls instead. then drivers will absolutely stay on the track. nothing else will suffice.

    20. kimptos

      Why no more IBR???

    21. Piers Lawson-Brown

      Make the damn things large like street curbs, then lets see who cuts corners, while we are at it, get rid of tarmac run off areas, bring back gravel or sand.

    22. Link Scarlet

      I almost think it would be worth having a slight drop of a few inches at most with standing water outside of the flat curve. Nothing that would cause a car to crash or deap enough to drown in in the case of a roll, but enough to eliminate traction and force a tire (tyre :p) change. Great because during practice, said tires are not damaged.

    23. Eric Rickert

      It seems that there needs to be a way to prevent track extension actions by drivers. The obvious solutions is grass and gravel, but we do not want cars to crash because of being crowded by lap 1 chaos. This all goes back to track design. Tracks such as in Singapore have walls. Should all track now have walls? Also, many tracks are used for motorcycle racing as well. The raised curbing is an effective tool to keep this under control.

    24. Lurgutre Nalpak

      I like it when it goes GrGrGrGrGrGr when driving over them. Makes me think I am real pro racing driver

    25. Armouredfalcon

      When I did my first track day, I touched a few Kerbs just like I'd always seen racing drivers do and as I'd normally do in racing games. The difference in grip levels for those split seconds was insane, it was like being on ice. I very quickly decided to stay off them for the rest of the day lol.

    26. Matija Grbeša

      don't care about curbs one bit as long as they're next to grass or gravel and not another mile of tarmac runoff

    27. the ghostspider KGS

      Keep it pumpin buddy

    28. skadar

      Your videos don't need the stupid, quick-cut cutesy references. The content is good, but the editing turns a quality video into to something that is barely watchable.

    29. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

      to not do a takumi fujiwara kurb hack 😂

    30. Michael S

      "C" "U". You B.I. ""

    31. Aleks Kozakiewicz

      For Curb Boosting of course

    32. Sam Ash

      Wtf1 is my favourite youtouber

    33. Francisco José da Silva Pereira

      Could use a bit more explaining. Specially aided by more pics for better understanding :)

    34. formulafan

      Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    35. Rtfa Zeberdee

      They should be the same as the Goodwood track - keep them on the tarmac. No other sport allows you to leave the field of play without a penalty.

    36. Water you doing

      Americans spell it "curb"

    37. Daniel Krueger

      Still learning about kerburbs 🤣 Grew up watching racing a bit here and there but....... Just got into f1 this season because of the engineering marvels behind the cars and fell in love with the teams and drivers! Definitely here to stay as a growing fan of the sport!

    38. Danbeast007

      Triggering me so much seeing kerb misspelled haha

    39. Danbeast007


    40. Birdyy

      Why do F1 tracks have kerbs? Why do cars have tires....?

    41. electroborg

      They have kerbs so if you like to drive with eyes closed you can feel whether you're going straight.

    42. Jason Miller

      It's now just F1... 😐

    43. jerome silva

      It’s curb

    44. David Fernandez

      Kerb - European way of spelling it Curb - American way of spelling it

    45. juandhaltrich

      most of them are a disgrace now, just paint on the tarmac. Iconic kerbs have been degraded to just that. ridiculous

    46. Michael Reed

      Should we curb the use of kerbs?

    47. Shai Amir

      For make me slide in f1 2020

    48. Ludwig van El

      Not so much abour kerbs, but track limits. If a track is modified to allow cars to drive beyond the asphalt bits, don't penalise drivers if they do drive there: use the bits for what they are designed. If they want to keep kerbs (for safety), encourage drivers to avoid them, if possible. By making them uncomfortable to rtive on: rumble.

    49. Khaullan Fiddiyoso

      This channel is great. Subkerb everyone!

    50. Leonard Vaskevic

      bin ich der einzigste der erstens gelesen hat warum f1 krebs hat ?

    51. ikkeennigij121

      total newbie to the racing scene, what are the green zones next to some kerbs(curbs) and how far are you allowed to 'cut' a corner?

    52. FightingFalcon

      Really ran out of ideas lately with these videos

    53. jatd10

      please put spanish subtitle

    54. Juan Acosta

      Sausage kerbs started to appear after the standardization of asphalted run-off areas, in order to increase the penalty of making a mistake. Make gravel traps the norm again and see how no special kerbs will be needed.

    55. Joaoie Pascual

      Coming from Karting, I'm 100% for raised kerbs. For raised kerb you have the risk vs reward. You need to decide if it will save you time, the margin of error before it upsets the car, and how it might affect your tires. Flat kerb needs no decision making. Use it.

    56. shephen shumway

      Its for kerb boosting

    57. A R

      To make track limits even more confusing and inconsistent

    58. John Rodrigues

      British: kerb American: curb

    59. fattyMcGee97

      Sausage kerbs: exist Teams and Drivers: delete these before they delete me and bank accounts Circuit owners: don’t hit them then lol 🤷‍♂️

    60. Ape da 600cv

      1:52 Mr Aiden Rule on track.

    61. Boz 08

      4' high concrete wall/kerb/curb ...boundry defined😁

    62. Fall Line Japan

      I like the raised kerbs at Monaco. The 3m tall ones.

    63. Brian Jones

      Kerb and curb have different meanings but share the same pronunciation. We curb (reduce) our enthusiasm e.g.

    64. MrKelenek

      How about a progressive Kerb, that raises more and more the farther you go from tarmac, either linearly or exponentially... that way, a little wheel on it is fine but go too far and it gets way too high to be usefull (within reason ofc)

    65. Jakub Doležal

      I have Czeched your video and it very good!

    66. Darrel3000 - Darrel Ganesh Sukhdeo

      until I get to drive one of these tracks I DONT GIVE A FAT FFUCK

    67. Chris Pallares

      im not sure, to me motoGP is more entertaining

    68. Aditya Vardhan Ganji

      kerbs are a pretty good place to put some cameras. the eau rouge video is amazing...

    69. fws88

      put grass and gravel outside the asphalt and remove the track limits!

    70. no one

      it would cause a lot of crashes but i want to see the kurb/curb as high as the tires

    71. Vocas46LP

      i think turn 4 should have wall on the outside of the exit...that could prevent drivers to exceed the limits :D

    72. joesolis2

      It’s one thing to drive over the KERBs to avoid a collusion, but drivers who consistently drive over them should get a Pit lane penalty.

    73. Chris

      100% raised curbs as a track limit indicator. If you don't like it, don't drive on it.

    74. Ansa Pectoralis

      Just put a wall around the track

    75. Goldmasterx

      3:35 since raised kerbs are extremely dangerous I think not

    76. Andrea Giagnorio

      I'm a formula driver and I've always asked myself the origin of curbs.

    77. Tristan Lee

      Each Breach of track limits = 1 second added to your end of race time or pit stop. Which ever comes first.

    78. The Gemini God

      I don't mind small kerbs, when the track can punish track limit issues on their own. For example, if a driver goes beyond the kerb in Monaco, he's probably hitting a wall. But, after watching Bahrain, I feel the Kerbs should be higher as to punish drivers who would want to ignore the intended track limits

    79. Reece Jarman

      Aren't inside apex kerbs used in weight transfer to the outside wheel to help more aggressive turn in??

    80. Unsinkable Sam


    81. RPGMN777 Official

      Now I know what those red and white things are

    82. Dave Russell

      01:14 - You called the apex curb an entry curb. Are you trying to hurt the feelings of all the entry curbs around the world?

    83. Jorge C. M.

      in spain we call those pianos

    84. Jonnti Schnabel

      Kerb-conctete thing. Curb-your enthusiasm

    85. Max Goes Racing

      Entry kerbs, you know, the kerbs on the entry to a corner that can be used to widen your entry. Not like the apex kerbs that are in the apex of a corner.

    86. John Lever

      Make the curbs slower and you won’t have to police them. It’s as simple as that. There is no excuse for having drama over what IS and what ISN’T the track.

    87. Tyler Durden

      I like the monaco kerbs. You can survive them, but not very often. Painted lines on tarmac are a joke.

    88. PS4 Guy

      Let's Just Say, This Guy Is Good At Editing!!

    89. jeemse

      A meme or photo for every word you use is pretty damn distracting and annoying.

    90. 4-14 FAN

      Kerbs are a trademark of road courses

    91. Attila Somogyi

      Simply I love kerbs except sausage kerbs... I hate them!

    92. reddevil028

      UK spelling is Kerb - US spelling is Curb ... Rest of world does what they like

    93. Elijah Jamieson


    94. Jordan Wade

      Just subscribed... you’re welcome

    95. David Wright

      I think there should be an electronic way of measuring track limits ie if center of car is over the white line it triggers, and if u do it 3 times u get a 3 second penalty.

    96. Mytwistedvoices

      Put those little annoying dimples on them like you see at a grocery store (Walmart in the US)

    97. curtis grant

      can you explain license points. are they permanent or can they be taken away after a set time period

    98. Sebidkk

      I like the German version of the word. "Randstein" sounds like my favorit German band ;)

    99. wingsdesire1

      Put a wall where the kerb is. Nice hard limit 😁

    100. Thomas O'Hare

      It is kerb, but Americans use curb for both. Curb in England is like, to hold something back "curb your enthusiasm".