Zdeno Chara fights Evander Kane 2/26/19


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    Zdeno Chara fights Evander Kane after a high hit, on February 26, 2019.

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    1. Ted Colley

      Edward is the BIGGEST POS in the game!!

    2. Hauser Homestead

      Boston Commentators are the worst, bunch of dramatic homers.

    3. California Oakland

      CHARA Rocks!

    4. Totem Gunn

      Chara is a coward, never fought anyone worthy of his size

    5. Totem Gunn

      Chara always third man in, Bruins always third man in

    6. Andrew Fleming

      refs let chara get a few in......love it

    7. P Mark

      It looked like Chara went for the head on that hit that's why Kane was pissed. That was his second fight of the game too, he took a vicious hit got up and took it to Chara. Kane tapped him on the shoulder when Chara got up to try to end it, you have to be extremely strong and have really good stamina to do that, especially vs Chara.

    8. Dean Martin

      Chara is a bad man. You have to be nuts to fight Big Z. Can't believe he is in a caps uniform.

    9. Руслан Шифрин

      Zdeno Chara - Evander Holyfield 🙏🥊👍

    10. Chino Man

      Damn he is dominant

    11. Christopher Mullaley

      Calm down Jack. It didn't even look like any of Chara's punches landed.

    12. Jimmy Jones

      Boogard would have destroyed Chara.

    13. Dominik Ciliak

      Krásna robota Big Z!!!!🇸🇰 💪

    14. DmitrijPALYCH

      *добрый дядюшка Хара вложил немного ума тупой бабёнке))*

    15. derek crymble

      Everybody's got a plan , until they get punched in the face ...........Iron Mike Tyson .

    16. J Bear24

      You can see the open wounds on Chara's knuckles when he is in the box.

    17. big shane little shane


    18. Jason F.

      Coloreds have no place in hockey Period.

      1. Anonymous

        Fuck off ya idiot.

    19. Waa Mwaa

      Awesome! Hillsdale College should not receive one penny of Federal government support because they completely suck!!! They should receive support from Franklin Grahamn and his ilk.

    20. SkunkWorX

      Soooo according to Kane he got kicked out of the game cuz he's "Black"??? You could read his lips.... poor baby

    21. SkunkWorX

      Don't know what Kane was thinking he's a pussy he doesn't stand a chance against Chara it was like a MAN beating up a boy...

    22. Vlastenec Navždy

      Black face typical from behind...

    23. Anonymous

      The two most badass player in the league.

    24. Griffin Holland

      Kane has nuts .. anyone to go with chara is a certified psycho path

    25. Erin Carolan

      I was at this game I remember it

    26. Matt M

      Kane turtling like a bitch after starting the fight. How silly of him.

    27. Private Jets

      LOL ,..Kane is an idiot

    28. John Blze

      I hate everything about bruins hockey the GOONS the announcers what a bunch of coward's

    29. John Blze


    30. Jim Logan

      I just love homer announcers

    31. Peter Kruzenga

      kane cant afford to pay his dr bill, broke little bitch....

    32. Aaron Spurgeon

      Chara would have got the shit beat out of him if he wasn't 7 ft tall.

      1. Thomas Blazej


    33. Shane B

      He made a bet that he would get his ass kicked on this night. He finally won one

    34. The Monster Under Your Bed

      Fk i hate Chara. Dirty fkn goon.

      1. The Monster Under Your Bed

        @Charming Carter he never deserved the Norris. The only thing he has is a big body and a hard shot. He can't skate for crap, he has no hockey sense, he's a dirty player that constantly does cheap shots on others, but can't take any without dropping the gloves.

      2. Charming Carter

        Yes the Norris winner is a goon

    35. FuzaKabooza

      Shark fans are weak like their players 😂😂😂

    36. Daniel Nelson Highlights

      If this happened in a basketball game everyone would act like you just murdered someone.

    37. Matthew Arnold

      Don’t poke the bear!

    38. nmuzaic

      Kane gambles, Kane folds. 🤑 And yes that is a poke at his current gambling probs 😁🤷‍♂️ Pick ur battles son!

    39. Philippe deblois

      chara cross check king.useless fuck.

    40. Anthony Meoli

      Kane is a hell of a fighter, but he picked the wrong dude. If someone is 13" taller than you, well, maybe not the right guy.

    41. Cyrus Sheets

      Backes like "oh I'm gunna fuck you up for that" Chara like "nah...IM gunna fuck him up for that" Backes like "ima back up so I don't get knocked out on the wind up."

    42. Paul Lee

      Love the chutzpah on Kane. Yeah, he jumped him from behind, blah, blah, blah. They'd been going at it all night, and Chara gave him the elbow high, then skated away, so what was Kane supposed to do, race out in front of him before dropping the gloves? Kane doesn't back down from anyone, not even 6'9" 250 lb Chara.

    43. Johnny Lawrence

      Welcome to Washington Big Z. We're glad you're here.

    44. Alex Baird

      If Chara wanted to fight me I would run right off the ice

    45. M. S.

      what a mismatch

    46. Martin Pribojsky

      Look at thoose three possesed idiots behind plexi 0:35.

    47. Otto Metzger

      "OOOhhh, what a hook!" LOL, calm down buddy.

    48. Craig Gagnon

      NESN is just unbearable to listen to

    49. Shawn Reems

      Kane must have lost a bet

    50. Will Sterry

      You sucker punch Zdeno Chara you'd better knock him out punk!!!

    51. Sean

      Oof. Muting this video makes it so much better, Edwards is unbearable.

    52. Kyle Pawlowski

      Boston fans in any sport are the absolute worse.

    53. killerbaits

      hope kane did not bet on himself for this fight

    54. Brian Bailey

      Didnt land a punch announcer is acting like the second coming of tyson

    55. Lenny Saß

      The commentator is the best.

    56. Can Conservative

      Chara is in another league in the "toughness" business...

    57. Joey Drakeward

      The Boston and Pittsburgh announcers are the worst. Kane did a pretty good job. And for the dumb comments below, I think Kane was pretty aware of what he was getting into.

    58. Dan

      Another Ottawa throw away. Any wonder they're in the bottom of the league.

    59. Glenn

      Kane's a little bitch & I'm happy to see Big Z smash his face - And this is coming from a die-hard Habs fan.

    60. John Crawford

      I love Chara and I’m a Flyers fan- he’s a monster

    61. Hauler24

      Respect to Kane for welting that dude up!

    62. delta_tz

      i'm as big a bruins fan as any but jack edwards' voice is like sand paper on my eardrums

    63. Petr Kotab

      Fuck you Kane. This is karma asshole 🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰💪💪💪

    64. G H

      No wonder Kane’s Bankrupt.😂🤣😂

    65. Encyclopedia Brown

      Vancity boys don’t scare!

    66. kalaupun

      chara elbowed kane in the face and did it in a way so that the ref wouldn't see it

    67. kalaupun

      he didn't actually punch him when he was down, stupid boston announcers making stuff up as usual

    68. Chris Magnarelli

      STOP STOP!!!! Hes already dead

    69. justsayin3000

      If Chara got called for every elbow he throws he'd never leave the box.

    70. zam200864

      In today's style of fighting in the NHL, fighting anyone like chara is stupid. He can hold you at arm's length all day and throw bombs on you.

    71. Joe Pershing

      Kane can definitely hang with anyone in the NHL...unless they have a foot of reach on you then you're FU@%ED 😆

    72. Andrew Malinnikov

      we need the announcer to join Joe Rogan

    73. Štefan Antol

      The referees definitely save that little kiddo shark :D :D

    74. Dana Black

      Хара - мужик!

    75. skip win

      damn I've never seen one guy get dumped so many times by another player

    76. D

      Good for the gambler, Chara elbowed him

    77. Teddy Pendagrass

      Chara hit him with a head shot you fucktard homer announcer...goof

    78. Andrew Joseph

      Loved every second of this. I actually stood up and applauded!

    79. Lizard

      big z man love to see him do this in washington

    80. Cedericoco Santorini

      We all know why Kane is stupid.

    81. vi key


    82. Rob Z

      You can always count on the NESN announcers for an unbiased call

    83. Fender Guitars

      Chara looks just a little like Bill laimbeer,..

    84. isadore Crutch

      Aren't you glad sports announcers nowadays are totally unbiased. I mean, you can't even tell.

    85. Twin Brook Acres

      Kane's nose and Chara's knuckle have matching cuts!

    86. Consciousness

      They should have just let Chara punch him until he went down so stupid how they stopped it.

    87. pan pilot

      Zdeno Chára is from my country. 🇸🇰

    88. Lemon Dishonor

      That big. Cave man crushed dude.

    89. DoctorDemon666

      And as we say in eastern europe : dostal po papuli :D

    90. Darien Lechner

      Bankrupt Wannabe Nigga Kane is such a dirty opportunist like every other of his ilk. Watching Chara dumpster him is great.

    91. BUBBA

      Kane is a punk BIg Z was a great Bruin

    92. robin Tikkanen

      everybody gangsta until chara pulls up

    93. Boquaa

      Lmao charas face on the thumbnail 😂

    94. Mass Fireworks

      At first I thought they just got tangled up, and Chara bullied him... but on the replay he actually picks a fight with Chara and pays for it XD

    95. C Gladden

      dummy bets on NHL games, what a absolute dummy, bankrupt, crappy gambler

    96. Al Hends

      Evander kane turtled so bad. Just like when he went 30 mill in debt

    97. dana carney

      I was at this game. Kane wanted smaller player. Chara engaged him . Kane hits chara while down. Gets schooled by chara

    98. Amanda Roth

      Love it

    99. Mr DMc

      Love all the comments from loser Boston fans who don't even know how to tie up hockey skates

    100. Mr DMc

      Chara and Boston players always get a blind eye from the refs. It seems they can never do anything wrong. This is just another example. Chara targetted Kane's head and the ref just looks at Kane like "Yeah I saw that, what you gonna do boy"?